Dr. John Hampton
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Biographical information
Alias(es) The Prehistoric Savior
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1981
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, US
Past profession(s) Intern
Game information
First appearance Science Experiment
John Hampton was a suspect in the murder investigation of Science Benefactor Vinchenzo Gallardo in Science Experiment (Case 40 of St Ronde) and comedian Joey Ashley in The End is Nigh (St Ronde) (Case 59 of St Ronde)


John Hamption is a 38 year-old Radical Scientist, he has black hair, facial hair, clear scientific goggles, and a green shirt. t is known that John understands the laws of physics, eats bacon, and rides a bike.

In his second suspect appearance, he is covered in dirt from all the hiding he has done. It is discovered John uses pens, knows morse code, and is right handed

Events of criminal Case


John Hampton is based off of John Hammond from the Jurassic Park series

Case Appearances

Science Experiment (Case 40 of St ronde)

The End is Nigh (St Ronde) (Case 59 of St Ronde)

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