John Cameron
Full name John Nicholas Cameron
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1963
Nationality Flag of United Kingdom.png British
Residence Canterbury, England
Profession SIS Agent
Affiliation(s) SIS
Appearance(s) For Whom the Bell Tolls
Lesson Learned
Sons of Anarchy
Stabbed in the Dark
Take a Last Breath
Sewn to Death
The Road Less Traveled
The name's Cameron. John Cameron.
—John Cameron

John Cameron (also referred to as Agent C) was suspected of six murders in the World Edition. He also made an appearance as a quasi-suspect in Stabbed in the Dark (Case #10 of the World Edition).


John Cameron is a 52-year-old secret agent who dons a pair of sunglasses with a fancy black suit. He also has a badge for the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service).

In his first appearance, It is discovered that he eats lasagna and rides a scooter.

In his second appearance, he dons a black tie, complementing his appearance. It is discovered that he eats escargot.

In his third appearance, it is discovered that he plays the piano, drinks wine, and eats caviar.

In his appearance as a quasi-suspect, he ditches the tie.

In his fourth appearance, he dons the tie once more. It is revealed that he can fight with swords, eats chakhchoukha, and eats kanafeh.

In his fifth appearance, it is revealed that he can sew.

In his sixth appearance, he wears an emerald brooch. It is revealed that he drinks mint tea.

Height 6'6"
Age 52
Weight 215 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB+

Role in Case(s)

For Whom the Bell Tolls

John found himself involved in the murder investigation of Cardinal Grimaldi after technical analyst Mako Speltz performed analysis on a briefcase belonging to the Secret Intelligence Service at the Villa Borghese, one of the crime scenes, as the briefcase belonged to him. Max Storm then decided that it would be best to talk to him about the deceased cardinal's slaying. Before they left, Speltz told that due to the Bureau having a treaty with the SIS, they could not address him by true name, but by the alias of Agent C.

When told of Grimaldi's death, he was shocked, saying that the cardinal was one of the last people he ever expected to be killed. He then asked Storm if he could see a photo of the corpse, resulting in the cooperation of the player's partner. When Cameron finished his examination of the picture, he said that the style of the murder seemed rather messy. He then made the prediction that an anarchist slew Victorio Grimaldi.

The agent was once again interrogated when a security camera revealed that John had a rendezvous with the victim minutes before his death. When interrogated about this, John refused to reveal his reasons and drove away in a scooter.

Despite his suspicious behavior, John was found innocent of the cardinal's murder.

Lesson Learned

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Sons of Anarchy

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Stabbed in the Dark

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Take a Last Breath

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Sewed to Death

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  • John is the only character to be suspected six times.
    • Additionally, he was once placed under quasi-suspicion.
  • John is the first non-WPA character of the World Edition to appear in more than one region.


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