John Ballinsky
Biographical information
Full name John Ballinsky
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2019
Cause of death Stab wound
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Patriot City
Family Stacy Ballinsky (wife)

Jack Ballinsky (son)

Partner(s) Gordon Vansey (boyfriend)
Game information
First appeared Case #1 The House of Murder

John Ballinsky was the victim in The House of Murder (Case #1 of Patriot City)


John is a resident in Greeny District. He has green eyes and short black hair. After the time of his death, he wore a light blue shirt and a access badge. It is known that he plays Candy Connect.

Murder Details

John was discovered by Tyler Armstrong, and later David took his body to Lucy for an autopsy. John's body was found dead in his house with a stab wound. Lucy determined that the victim was stabbed by a knife, she found that the killer grabbed him by the neck first before stabbing him. She also found out that the killer used their left hand for grabbing the neck and used their dominant hand to stab him. So that meant the killer was right-handed

Relationship with suspects

Years before, when Tyler rent a house in Greeny District, he called him a witch and was a Naxi, he also told the team that he was following him with a cross and bible, like he was a devil. After getting angry at him, Tyler gave him a ransom note saying if he was following him again, he would put toxic waste outside his house. Later, Heydi got in an argument with him on camera, after the video cut off, he punched Heydi in the face and got her knocked out. Heydi remembered that she was in the hospital with a black eye on her right eye. John also got into a confrontation with his wife when she saw a lot of notifications of men and women she never heard of, she was heartbroken when he didn't tell the people on the notifications.John told his son, Jack, to rob a jewelry store, when he did that, he was caught by the police and told them that it was his dad's fault. John also have a secret lover, Gordon Vansey, they would have sex in the basement.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be the victim's neighbor, Tyler Armstrong.

Upon admitting to the crime, Tyler said when he moved to Greeny District, John dislike him. Tyler explained that John was stalking him when he was in the house. Angry at John, he broke in to his house, grabbed one of his kitchen knives, and stabbed him to death. Judge Peterson sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

Case Appearances


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