Joe Warren
Biographical information
Full name Joe Warren
Alias(es) Mayor of Honesty
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1984
Nationality Flag of SpainFlag of USA Spanish-American
Residence Townsvile USA

Spain (formerly)

London (formerly)

New York (formerly)

Past profession(s) Vice Mayor
Family George Warren (father) Stephanie Warren (mother)
Partner(s) Hasuro Haku (Great Detective) (boyfriend)
Affiliation(s) Mayor
Game information
First appearance Deadpool or Waterpool
Ah so you are the detective I have heard alot
—by Joe Warren

Mayor Joe Warren also known as the boyfriend of Hasuro Haku was suspected in the murder investigation of scuba diver Veronica Salter in Deadpool or Waterpool (Case #25 of Townsvile). Due to events, he made a minor appearance in Sleeping In Dreams (Case #26 of Townsvile). Later, he made appearance in the murder investigation of Dreamlife Police Barb Bellamy in I Lost My Heart In Dome (Case #28 of Townsvile). Later on he appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of photographer Carl Ackerman in Stepping on a Muddy Water (Case #31 of Townsvile). Later he made appearance in the murder investigation of previous Mayor Howard Johnson in A Shiver to the Spine (Case #36 of Townsvile)

Early Life:

Joe was born on 16 August 1984 in New York. His father was a mechanical engineer and his mother was a famous doctor. He studied his primary school and middle school in New York. Later he went to London to study High School, after completing High School he got admission in famous university of Spain. Joe was very much intelligent in his English and Mathematics. He came to Grimsborough at the age of 23 and he became the friend of Hasuro when he was 26 and when Hasuro was in Middle School. In Grimsborough, he was a famous teacher of Mathematics but he retired at the age of 29. He knows Spanish, German, Italian , Latin and French. He is a famous writer about 2 to 3 lines story. He loves Pasta, Lasagna and much more things.


Joe is the 34-year-old city mayor with black hair, brown eyes and a five o'clock shadow. He wears a white collared shirt underneath a dark blue checkered blazer. He is also seen wearing a yellow tie and a blue, white and red badge with the letter 'G' on it. He is the biggest enemy of Dreamlife.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Joe drinks orange juice and is a scuba diver.

In his second appearance, it is discovered that he eats caviar and drinks mocha.

In his third appearance, it is revealed that he practices acupuncture, uses jump rope and knows sewing.

In his fourth appearance, it is noted that he is a trained fighter and speaks Spanish.

Case Appearances:

Death has no Value (Case #19 of Townsvile; mentioned)

A Black Death (Case #21 of Townsvile; mentioned)

Heading Towards the Road (Case #24 of Townsvile; mentioned)

Deadpool or Waterpool (Case #25 of Townsvile)

Sleeping In Dreams (Case #26 of Townsvile)

I Lost My Heart In Dome (Case #28 of Townsvile)

The Scientist of Death (Case #30 of Townsvile; mentioned)

Stepping on a Muddy Water (Case #31 of Townsvile)

A Legend Never Forgotten (Case #34 of Townsvile)

Fish Eat Fish (Case #35 of Townsvile)

A Shiver to the Spine (Case #36 of Townsvile)

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