Joe Warren
Biographical information
Full name Joe Warren
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1984
Nationality United States of America American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Family Gerard Warren (brother)
Partner(s) Hasuro Haku (boyfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #0: The Murder of Maura Hernandez: Live Action Game (S1)

Joe Warren was a suspect in the murder of Lucille Limonade' in Life is Short (Case #9 of Grimsdale). He also appeared as a quasi-suspect in Dead Bombshell (Case #6 of Grimsdale), and Holy Shoot! (Case #8 of Grimsdale), and Work It Out! (Case #10 of Grimsdale. He then appeared as a suspect in Super Bowel (Case #29 of Grimsdale), A Gut Feeling (Case #30 of Grimsdale), Exhale All You Can (Case #47 of Grimsdale), Goodbye, Dear Leader (Case #60 of Grimsdale) and All Evil Comes To An End (Case #62 of Grimsdale). As well as a quasi-suspect in I’m All Ears (Case #48 of Grimsdale)


Height 5'8"
Age 34
Weight 165 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

The Murder of Maura Hernandez: Live Action Game

Joe is seen in a meeting room with Charles Rayman, and Athena, waiting for Rozetta. Once Rozetta arrives, they all start discussing about how they would put an end to a criminal organization of demigods called “The Anoterous”.

Dead Bombshell

After the team helped Julian and Victoria, he visited their layer. Hasuro went to kiss Joe immediately, after that Diego recognized him as the Deputy Mayor. Joe then told the team he will make them an official justice unit, and hired David Jones as the chief.

Holy Shoot!

Joe asked to see the player, after he was informed of the team’s discovery that Nodoka was not the robber and was just an accomplice to the real threat. Where he told them that what happened is more serious than it sounds, and that some citizens are starting to become homeless, due to the money they invested in the banks being lost, and that they have to find out who the robber is, and find where they hid their loot.

Life is Short

Joe became a suspect after the team found a picture of him talking to the victim. He said that he and the victim were acquaintances, and that she was sweet and it’s a shame she died.

He was later interrogated again, after Diego and the player found the victim’s bra, which Joe attached a note telling her to stop. He said that the victim kept stalking him, wanting to get under his pants.

Work It Out!

The team went to speak to Joe, to inform him of Hamida’s plan on how to find the bank money. At first he considered tge idea as crazy, but after thinking anout it, he gave the team permission to perform the stunt.

Super Bowel

Joe became a suspect after the duo found his name tag, in the victim’s apartment. There, he revealed that Charles, the victim, and he, were friends back at high-school.

Joe was interrogated again, after finding his threat to the victim. He revealed that the victim discovered about his relationship with Hasuro, and he feared that he’d tell anyone, duo to how scandalous it would be, if people knew, he is dating a minor.

He turned out to be innocent after Tinette was incarcerated, However, he asked to talk to Diego and Hamilton. Diego and Hamilton went to talk to Joe Warren, there he told them that he suspects Charles is hiding something from him and Rozetta, and he would like the duo to search the victim’s apartment, to see if he left anything behind.

A Gut Feeling

After Hamilton and Hamida found Charles’ dead body, Joe came to the food tent, in the intentions of talking to the duo, where he saw the body, and the duo made him a suspect. Joe was saddened by his friend’s death, and was asked where he last saw the victim, which was at the election podium.

Joe was spoken to again, after the duo learnt of his feelings for the victim, after sending his diary to Yoyo. He knew then the team read his diary, and explained that he used to have a crush on the victim, but got over it. He was revealed to be innocent, after Katherine was arrested.

After the discovery of the other cult, Joe came to the stage, and announced that the winner of the elections is: Sarah Cardwell. People started clapping for her, and Hyrum even shook her hand. Joe then called the team into the stage, where he gave each one a medal, for their service in Grimsdale, where everyone started cheering for them.

Exhale All You Can

Joe became a suspect at the murder after his tuxedo was found at the victim’s mansion, where he revealed that he just came from a meeting from Provence a to decided to pay Jacinta a visit.

Joe was spoken to again over his message to the victim, telling her she has no special treatment from him. Joe revealed that the victim thought that by being his friend, she has the right of being treated differently, and expected him to accept her plead of reducing her taxes.

I’m All Ears

Diego and Hamilton went to talk to Jones where he explained that Mayor Cardwell is planning to build back Autumn Springs amusement park. This sounded like a good plan; however, Chief Jones believes that the area may be inhabited by dangerous species which have to be dealt with. Diego and Hamilton decided to imvestigate the waterpark as it seemed like the most likely place to find dangerous animals, and there they found a dying cat. Concerned, the duo sent it to Hasuro, who managed to save the cat, and explained that it was bitten by a demon fish, a specie of fish which once surrounded Grimsdale after a flood break through. After hearing the presence of those fish being there, Diego and Hamilton went immediately to Joe Warren who told them that he’ll inform Cardwell of this straight away, to send animal control to this area.

Goodbye, Dear Leader

Once Mia, Rozetta and Hamilton arrived to the skyscraper, they shared a happy reunion with Joe before they all went up to the penthouse to investigate Sarah Cardwell’s murder. When Joe was asked about the murder, he claimed he simply came to Sarah’s room to check on her, where he was surprised by seeing her dead body and suggested that Mia and Hamilton look in the dining room, as most of the inhabitants here, met up there.

Joe was spoken to again over his presidential run for 2021. Joe claimed he never spoke about it as he saw it unimportant and told Mia and Hamilton that Sarah wasn’t a threat to him as he was more popular among the people and more likely to win.

Eventually, Sarah Cardwell’s killer turned out to be a giant called Orion, disguised as Christian Bateman, meaning Joe was innocent of the Crime. After the giant escaped, Rozetta assured Mia and Hamilton that the giant had left the city, according to her fellow Xerdans. Mia then decided to go to a bedroom and rest, where she caught Joe in a phone conversation, where he was horrified when he saw Mia, and told her that he has to leave the skyscraper for something important, and left his briefcase behind. Mia was suspicious about what was going on, and was about to check the room, when suddenly Hamilton came to her and told her that Mandy wants to speak with them.

Suspicious of what Joe Warren may be hiding, Mia decided that she would search the bedroom, and grabbed the suitcase from the the bed. After grabbing the suitcase, Hamilton saw her and asked her what she was doing, where Mia told him she wants to know what Joe is up to and searched the briefcase. When the duo finished searching the breifcase, Hamilton acted shocked, Mia wondered what he had found and he showed her medical files of Diego, Sploder, Randall and David....

Joe was about to enter the hospital, when o his surprise, he heard Mia, Rozetta and Hamilton calling for him. When he looked behind, he saw them all angry, and Mia showed him the medical files of their friends and demanded that she speaks with Diego. Joe looked at her with sadness in his eyes, and told them all to come in. Joe led the trio to a room, where they saw Sploder sleeping on a hospital bed. The trio spoke to Sploder who explained that after the regime started, David hid him and the others in an underground bunker at the station, where they would be protected from the New Olympians, but with food and water, which could last for a little over a year. Unfortunately, a week ago, Skye and Asbjorne managed to find them and attacked them. Luckily, Joe managed to find them after a couple of hours and he took them there to be taken care of, but the wounds along the hunger they had left them in really bad shape, that it became unlikely for them to live. Mia was horrified when she heard the story, and immediately begged Joe to take her to Diego.

All Evil Comes To An End

While Vicky and Hamilton were recapping the case, Mia approached them and spoke of a guy who helped Galinda and Marisol while they were being arrested for Sam De Witt’s murder, revealing that she saw him enter Autumn Spring’s amusement park. There they found a mayoral stamp and so they decided to speak to Joe who revealed he came to check on the pagans.

Vicky and Hamilton decided to have a rest from the investigation, and take a walk in the park, where they came across a voodoo doll of the victim surrounded by exotic ingredients. They decided to ask Elvira about it where she revealed it was a hex made by Joe Warren which she help him at. The duo decided to confront him over this.

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