Case Case Script


Laurean Ohdie - A gemstone cut his throat and he died from not being able to breathe.
Identified during: Chapter 1 (after investigating Jewellery)

Murder Weapon

Identified during: Chapter 1 (Autopsy result)

Forensic Examining

  • Collect: Laser engraving machine (Shop floor), broken window (2 clues)
  • Find the same: Fingerprints, molecules, ring with jewel (3 clues)
  • Reveal: Gemology book, laser engraving machine (Wade's office), faded price, open safe (4 clues)
  • Restore: Torn card, broken video projector, torn pages (3 clues)
  • Find: Trash bin, drawer, safe content (3 clues)

Forensic Analysis

  • Daniel Mossle: Laurean's body, jewel (2 samples)
  • Sabrina Stone: Laser engraving machine, hair (2 samples)
  • Lindsey Vain: ID, card name, fingerprints, video projector, Will's designs, fingerprints (6 samples)

Killer's profile

Profile Identified by
The killer has knowledge in gemology. Autopsy result
The killer's name starts with W. Forensic analysis (jewel)
The killer has laser engraving skills. Forensic analysis (jewel)
The killer smokes. Forensic examining (molecules)
The killer is 6'00" tall. Forensic analysis (hair)

Suspect interrogations

Murder investigation:

  • Trent Wilson (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Will Ohdie (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Wendy Ohdie (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Wade Naff (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Paulie Qaz (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)

Additional investigation:

Killer's arrest

Gemology Name starts with W Laser engraving Smokes 6'00"
Trent Wilson Yes No Yes Yes Yes Innocent
Will Ohdie Yes Yes Yes Yes No Innocent
Wendy Ohdie Yes Yes No Yes No Innocent
Wade Naff Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guilty
Paulie Qaz No No Yes No Yes Innocent
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