Jessica Trimmle is one of the main characters in PetersCorporal 's first city, Townville.


Jessica was a woman who died around twenty years ago prior to the current storyline. She was poisoned with cyanide, but her death was arranged to look like a tragic accident so that the killer wouldn't be caught. After the team learns about this, they try to find the truth behind her cold case.

Role in cases

The team arrested a mason called Dany Jafar for murder, and explained in court that his murder motives were related to Jessica Trimmle. The Flukes had brought down a wall of a soccer stadium, which crushed Jessica to death many years ago. However, Evan Day noticed some blind spots in this theory, because Jessica was supposed to be inside the stadium, sitting on the wall that fell. If this had been true, she would have been found near the top of the debris heap even though she was find buried under the debris. Lindsey Vain was asked to investigate this case and later ended up making a connection between Jessica Trimmle's death and Dr. Cyanide.

Lindsey called the Hades leader, Ash, and accussed him of being Dr. Cyanide. This was because Ash and Jessica had been a couple many years ago and Jessica had been poisoned with cyanide, so she associated both events which each other. She also said that Dr. Cyanide might be targetting Linda Farren because of an article she wrote on Jessica's case, saying that she "was a stupid woman". This was mysteriously unusual, because everyone thought she had died at the stadium though Linda knew the truth. Lindsey's research brought as a result the fact that Jessica had died from cyanide poisoning after eating the vegetables she had planted herself.

Lindsey kept investigating Jessica Trimmle's cold case and discovered that she had had a son called George Framel. She couldn't find George's father, but she arranged a meeting between George and the player to discuss his mother's mysterious death. This meeting was never held because George died in an accident before talking to the team.

The police found a suicide note in Harry Clover's cellphone after his death, in which he claimed to be Dr. Cyanide and Jessica Trimmle's son. To find out whether this was true or not, the team asked Ash if he had anything from Jessica like a memento. He said he had a strand of hair inside a medallion and gave it to the police. Sabrina Stone would later analyze this sample.

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