Jesse Lewis was a suspect in the murder of his wife, businesswoman Claudine Lewis, in Death in First Class (Case #1 of Hidden Missions).


Jesse is the 27 year-old husband of the victim. He is of African descent, has short black hair and brown eyes, as well as a five o' clock shadow. Jesse is seen wearing a grey-and-black checkered shirt with his phone in the left breast pocket and a varnish stain in the left shoulder. Furthermore, it is known that Jesse eats W&W's, is epileptic and uses hand cream.

Height 6'1"
Age 27
Weight 179lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-

Events of Hidden Missions

Jesse was flagged as a suspect when air marshal Scott Emery mentioned that he frequently visited his wife in her first class suite. Jesse explained that he usually accompanies Claudine in her international business ventures. Upon being asked about why he did not stay with his wife in first class, Jesse simply claimed that he wanted to respect Claudine's personal space.

However, Jesse was spoken to again after police technician Reed Rothman found numerous angry messages in Claudine's phone. Jesse explained that he was upset over Claudine not giving him any real affection anymore, she was treating him as a boy toy rather than a real husband.

In the conclusion of his wife's murder investigation, Jesse was found innocent after Ryan Warner was unmasked as Claudine's killer.

Case Appearance

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