Prime Minister Jeremy May
Biographical information
Full name Jeremy May
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Personal information
Nationality Flag of United Kingdom British
Residence London, England, UK
Profession(s) Prime Minister
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #6: Rain on Your Parade (s2)

Prime Minister Jeremy May was the victim in Rain on Your Parade (Case #6 of Save The Europe).


Jeremy was Prime Minister of UK with short brown hair, beard and blue eyes. At the time of his death he was seen wearing a white-collared shirt underneath his black suit with a white handkerchief in his left pocket, a red bowtie and a medal.

Murder details

Jeremy was shot five times with a shotgun before being threw on goodwill parade. Autopsy result showed that the killer left traces of strong sleeping pills on his clothing.

Killer and motives

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Case appearances


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