Jenny Poldon
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Biographical information
Full name Jenny Poldon
Gender female
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Queensville
Profession(s) Teacher
Affiliation(s) Conner King Middle School

Unnamed high school (formerly)

Game information
First appeared Case #1 First Case

Jenny Poldon was a suspect of victim's friend and office worker, Lisa Rosenburg  in First Case (Case #1 of Queensville)


Jenny was a 45-year old teacher and friend of Lisa Rosenburg. Jenny has long blonde hair with a ponytail. Jenny wears a green dress with tropical flowers. She donned a ID tag with her name "Jenny Poldon" in black words. It is known that Jenny drinks cocktails, reads Prince and plays Fortlite.


Jenny became a suspect after James identified her classroom number on the note. Jenny told the team that she was friends with the victim. Jenny said that they became friends in high school.When the team told her about her death, she was sad and heard about her murder. She also said that she will be going to her funeral tomorrow.

Jenny was spoken again after the team found a dead rat in the victim's purse. She explained that the victim called her and said that her job was too boring and the kids in her class didn't know anything. After the call ended, she snuck into her room and put a dead rat inside.

Jenny was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated her friend, Amanda Wyoming for Lisa's murder. Later, she called the police and said that one of the kids fell into a drain. When the team came to the school, Jenny ran right to them and said that the teen fell in the parking lot right next to the brewhouse. After they went to the sewers to save the boy, the team called an ambulance if the boy's alright. Later, the team ask Jenny if she saw anything, Jenny told the team that he was pushed by a male teen, the team ask her if she knew the teen, she revealed that she knew the teen and said that his name is Jeffry Lore. When they end the conversation, they incarcerated Jeffry for pushing a teen into a drain.

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