Jeffrey Rosewell
Personal Details
Full name Jeffrey Rosewell
Gender Male
Status Alive (in MFF Era)
Age 47-48
Nationality Avantian

Aviation Engineer (formerly)

Computer Engineer (formerly)

Prime Minister

Known family members unnamed father †
Game Information
bringing good to the people is hard,very hard..especially when these swallowing machines (he means the big influent companies) are still among us,and these wild monsters who are lurking outside to suck every drop of the people's blood (means VEGA and their undercover governments and international companies)
they are poisoning your food!are brainwashing your minds!the consumption culture they olanted in your mind didnt made anything good!it just turned you into just a consumption machines!avantia,get up from your sleep!

Jeffrey Rosewell is central character in Avantia,as he is the avantian prime minister


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His character is known to be somewhat sly,strict,bold,short-tempered but not cruel..he can be considered as one of the strongst character in avantia,as he had a good influence on president rutherford (rutherford character isnt weak,its strong,sly, and very patient,but he is just too forgiving and merciful,while rosewell is a bit stricter)

Height 6'1
Age 47-48
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB+


Born and raised in the misty deserts region as the 3rd and last child to 5-membered family,his father died when be was at the age of 7..he was known of his insurgent character since his youth..studied engineering in a university in his region..worked in aviation engineering and computer engineering,he is famous for one project:Science of the Humble,an online semi-encyclopedia like wikipedia (its diffrent from wikipedia in:

  • only talks about knowledge(all fields),so it dont have articles about movies,games...etc
  • in the scientifical and economical articles,it only tells the truth about thses things
  • not anyone can edit but only the ones who are truthers and specialist who really willing to slread knowldege
  • expanded simified articles that anyone can understand

...etc )

which he founded saying "this is for people to know and realize",and as he said,the purpose of that is to spread the awareness along avantia and the world..this site consists of many chapters and articles in all fields of knowledge..and he put most of his knowledge in computer science and mechanics explained in simple methods so anyone could understand it,he also invited truthers from all over the world,such as the economic theorist-now WEP chief,Huang Chi Feng,who wrote some expanded economics articles and explanied in it how the international banking system works,and the economic conspiracy on the people..etc in simple way..also,after he became prime minister,he never knew raymond ruthrford personally,he just knew that he was a truther who writenn about science in this online encyclopedia, newspapers and magazines before he became president).

This project has brought to him some fame as many people liked it (although it got blocked and demolished many times by milton's government) it was fully free online for the people. When raymond rutherford was elected as president,he was looking for someone suitable and honest enough to take the prime minister job,after he saw that rosewell is really known by his honesty and intellegence,and acquired respect in all universites he visited or lectured in,raymond nominated him for the prime minister job,and the suitable candidates was he won.

TBA:his reformings in all fields,shedding lights in some of the minsters and ministeress' in his new government...etc




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