Jean Richardson
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Biographical information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1990
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Game information
First appearance A neighborly murder

Jean Richardson is a main character in Criminal Case she is the now-former police commissioner and the new chief of police she appeared as quasi-suspect in A senatorial crime(case 4 of st ronde) prior to that she had a minor appearance in A neighborly murder(case 2 of St Ronde) and Checkmate(case 3 of St Ronde)


Jean is 28-year-old former police commissioner and new chief of police. She wears the standard blue polie outfit with in addition to having a black top hat which is where her badge is located

Events of criminal case

A senatorial crime

after arresting James Cockran's killer and firing Jackson O'Neil from the police force Kane Cartwright and the player asked Jean if she'd like to be chief of police. Jean accepted, but said that they need to instate a new commissioner in her absence and she suggested Jason Longbottom.


Originally, Jean was going to decline the offer to be chief and in despair the team would have to rehire Jackson O'Neil because there would be no other option.

Case appearances

A neighborly murder(case 2 of St ronde)

Checkmate(case 3 of St ronde)

A senatorial Crime(case 4 of St ronde)

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

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