Jasper Coldwell
Image0 (6).png
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Nationality American
Residence Eurrera, California
Family Clyde Coldwell (father) †
Profession Weapons Expert
Affiliation(s) Eurrera Leisure Kilo Corporation
Appearance(s) Case #1: Hitting The Hay
“This bad boy can fire through the walls of cement we have piled up here! Of course, that’s only happened once!... Yeah..”
—Jasper, after meeting the Player

Jasper Coldwell is a main character in the sixth season of Criminal Case, serving as the weapons expert of the Eurrera Leisure Kilo Corporation. He was also a suspect in the death of his father, Clyde Coldwell, from Volt From The Heart (Case #11 of Eurrera).


Jasper is a 27-year-old weapons expert with blonde hair and green eyes. He wears gloves, a walkie talkie and a radio, a police badge, a grey and white patterned scarf over a red jacket and black shirt with dark grey suspenders.

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