Jason Stern was a suspect in the murder investigation of warden Jayden Harroe in Land Ahoy! (Case 34 of St ronde) and the killer of his grandoon, Jonathan Stern in Under Water (Case 38 of St Ronde)

Captain Jason Stern
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1925
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, Texas, United States
Past profession(s) Soldier
Family [[Jonathan Stern]] (Grandson)
Affiliation(s) Navy (Formally)
Game information
First appearance Land Ahoy!


Jason Stern is a 94 year-old ship captain, he wears a white and blue sailors' outfit, he has a white beard and he has half of his left ear that he lost in World War 2. it is known that Jason drinks Gold Stag and reads the Bible

In his second suspect appearance, Jason has leaves in his hair, as well as a cut accross his left cheek, it is discovered that Jason makes bombs, can fight, and is pro gun

Events of Criminal Case 


Jason Stern is slightly based off Captain Edward Smith, the captain of the Titanic.

Case Appearances 

Land Ahoy! (Case 34 of St ronde)

Under Water (Case 38 of St Ronde)

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