Jadmine Peperroni was a suspect in the murdwr incestigation of Ashton Redfeild in Learning To Murder (Case 15 of St ronde) before killing student council member Brandon howard in Comedy Gold (Case 16 of St ronde)  Prior to that she was a quasi suspect in School Days (Case 14 of St ronde).


==Events of Criminal Case

School Days

Once Zoe Dawson and Jasmine's aunt, Susan Yerkes came to the police station saying that Jasmine was missing.

The team found Jasmine being arrest by Branson DuBray. Whom Jasmine thought was a pedophile and was actually about to attempt to blind him.

Learning To Murder

Jasmine was made a suspect when the team managed to place her at the scene of the crime. Jasmine said that she did go to tue civics classroom, but there was no bloody body. Just some student that was sleeping on the ground. Jasmine then said she was only in the classroom to find her E. Cigarrettes. Even though she hates smoking anything it's a bad habit of hers

Jasmine was questioned again when the team found she was in Ashton's school gang. Jadmine said that, while she was in the gang, it was sepperated into male and female branches. In fact the worst the female branch did was steal lunch money.

Jasmine was found innocent when Gage Zust was found giulty for murder

Case appearances

School Days (Case 14 of St ronde) Learning To Murder (Case 15 of St ronde)

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