Jarno Vuorela
Full name Jarno Kevin Vuorela
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 29th February 2016
Nationality Flag of Finland Finnish
Residence Helsinki, Finland
Profession Sommelier
Appearance(s) Pint of No Return
Jarno Vuorela was the victim in Pint of No Return (Case #21 of the World Edition).


Jarno was a sommelier at a bar in Finland. Shortly before his death, he had bought batrachotoxin from Mergen Ibragimov for unknown reasons (this was later revealed after Henrik inspected Emanuel's files; to gain some additional cash by trading it with the doomsday machine's creator). He has brown hair, a light stubble, and blue eyes. Before his death, he is seen wearing a dark brown shirt underneath a brown coat with a sommelier's pin.

Murder Details

Jarno was burned to death by a bottle of overdosed gin that he had drank. His autopsy revealed that the killer gambles due to the double headed coin inside the gin bottle the victim had drank, symbolizing that the victim lost the gamble.

Killer and Motives

Jarno's killer was the owner of the bar he worked for, Armas Kallio. When the bartender found out that the victim had sloten from him in the form of both money and drinks, he had decided that murder was the best option. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.


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