Janet Van Ness (nee Vernon) is the wife and murderer of media magnate Gavin Van Ness. She appears in case 47, “Sentenced To Death”, where she one of the suspects in his murder.


Janet is the 27 year-old magazine editor for Acropolis Scroll and the wife of its CEO, Gavin Van Ness. She wears a black sweater under a pink shawl. Janet is adorned with golden hooped earrings, a golden locket around her neck, an Acropolis Scroll badge, a silver wedding ring on her left hand and a diamond ring on the other.

It was known that Janet is a marksman, drinks cappuccino and uses skin moisturiser during the events of "Sentenced To Death".

Age 27
Weight 120 lbs
Height 5'3"
Eyes Brown
Blood A-

Events in Justice Department

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Case Appearance


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