Jane Riley
Full name Jane Riley
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Nationality Flag of United States.png American
Residence Egypt
Profession Cartographer
Appearance(s) All Bases Secured
When the Sand Falls
Sewn to Death
The Road Less Traveled

Jane Riley was a suspect in the murder investigations of British ambassador Paige Dawnes in All Bases Secured (Case #9 of the World Edition), rich socialite Iris Rahnain in When the Sand Falls (Case #11 of the World Edition), Tunisian politician Mariam Acar in Sewn to Death (Case #13 of the World Edition), and crime writer Abdul Rahman Qazi in The Road Less Traveled (Case #16 of the World Edition).


Jane has short brown hair which goes down to her neck. She wears a black and white paisley bandanna in her hair, a white vest and brown sunglasses. In her first appearance, it was revealed that she knows botany, eats pickled turnips, and speaks Aramaic.

In her second appearance, it is revealed that she eats grapes.

In her third appearance, it is revealed that she drinks wine.

In her fourth appearance, she wears an emerald brooch. It is revealed that she drinks mint tea.

Role in Case(s)

All Bases Secured

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When the Sand Falls

Jane was spoken to when a map of hers was found with her initials on it. Jane seemed happy to see the team, after Max and Jane flirted for a bit, Max remembered to ask Jane about the map. Jane said that it was just a normal map to navigate her around the desert.

When the team were recapping, Jane burst into the room, and said someone had broken into her office and was going to attack her. Jane didn't have time to explain, and ordered the team to get to her office.


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