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Jamin Family Company, settled in Townville, is a company that dedicates to agronomic production as well as scientific research.


They were prominently featured in the first season of PetersCorporal's series, which takes place in Townville, more precisely in the CountrysideTown Outskirts and New Townville districts. They were main plot lines and also antagonists throughout those districts, since the company had shown to have a questionable working ethic. The CEO at the time was Robert Jamin, and kept his position until his murder, after which Ashley Jamin (his daughter) took charge of the company. After Ashley started managing JFC, the company's researches became less questionable and dangerous, as well as its relationship with other companies less agressive.

Known members

Note: Stephanie Queen is a member of the Jamin family, but has never worked for the company.

Role in cases


Jamin Family Company was mentioned for the first time in this case, after the dead body of lawyer Jacqueline Ramos was found in a field belonging to them. Jacqueline was a friend of Ashley Jamin and also assessed the company in legal matters. Ashley helped the police during the investigation and afterwards was thanked for her co-operation. After talking to her, they discovered that the company had been willing to buy the Oak Valleys from a land buyer called Steve Zasts (whose reputation was as questionable as that of the Jamins). However, Jacqueline knew that some irregularities would bring troubles to the company if the deal was made, so she tore the contract up and the fields were never bought from Zasts. This ended up having more consequences than Jacqueline had expected, as seen in a later case.

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