James Robbast was one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. He was the victim in Riverside Slaughter (Case #2).

Murder details

James was found lifeless by the riverside and the autopsy report revealed that he had been stabbed numerous times very agressively, having the killer even injured themselves accidentally.

Relationship with suspects

  • Martha Janders: She was James' ex-girlfriend, a woman from South Africa who had come to Townville to meet him after having known each other via Internet. They had been happy together until James left her to start dating Rita Jouse. After that, she started holding a deep grudge against both of them but still missed James.
  • Rita Jouse: James' girlfriend at the time of his death. She had broke up with Martha to start dating her, but their relationship slowly devolved into a toxic one after their heated arguments became more and more frequent. It was later discovered that some of these discussions had been staged by Rita in exchange for money, as someone was trying to frame her for the murder.
  • Troy Lancer: James' workmate, hated him ever since he started dating Rita since he was also in love with her. Became more suspicious throughout the investigation as his obsession with Rita was worse than the player had initially imagined. He had sent a threat letter to James, asking him to break up with Rita unless he wanted trouble.
  • Tristan Roberts: James' boss and project manager, had no apparent motive to murder him aside from the fact that he was deeply angry about the quality of James' work and how little effort he was putting in, since the construction site had a lot of security hazards due to James' irresponsibility.
  • William Robbast: James' brother and only living relative. They lived together and did not have any type of grudge against each other. James left the house under his name in his last will.

Killer and motives

The culprit behind James' gruesome murder turned out to be Troy Lancer and the motive was of course, his relationship with Rita Jouse. Troy denied having killed James at first but ended up blowing his cover when Evan Day mentioned Rita. After having threatened James to leave Rita alone, he decided to pay Rita anonymously in order for her to fight with James publicly so that she couldn't deny their agressive relationship later when she was interrogated for the murder. He said that if he was not gonna be able to "have" Rita for himself, he'd rather see her in jail instead of loving somebody else. He was sentenced to 50 years in jail.

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James Robbast
Biographical information
Full name James Robbast
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Nationality Flag of United States American (Townville)
Residence Townville
Occupation Construction worker
Family William Robbast(brother)
Partner(s) Martha Janders(formerly, ex-girlfriend)
Rita Jouse(formerly, girlfriend)
Game information
First appearance Riverside Slaughter
Victim in Riverside Slaughter
Game stats
Height 6'1"
Age 25
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
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