"I always remember what my former lead officer when I was still in the academy told me: Sometimes, feelings can be more than just the undercover romance!"

Jacqueline Crystal "Jacky" Lazonfrez (First introduced as Melanie Coppersmith) is the WPD/IPD Liasion Agent of the International Police Department. She was a suspect in the murder of Lee Hongwei in Thai Hot Death (Case #8 of PIE).


Hailing from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Jacky is the 27-year-old WPD/IPD Liaison Agent. She has red, long hair tied up into a mid-bun, and brown and blue eyes. She wears a red sweater under a blue and white low-parted waistcoat, black jean-like trousers and a pair of red knee-length boots. She also donned a red pair of glasses on her face. a black lattice-like hair band and two hearing-aids, blue in the right and brown in the left.

Age 27
Height 5'9.5"
Weight 140lbs



Blood O+

Events of CutePets95's Version of Criminal Case

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