Jacob cockran was a suspect in the murder investigation of land owner, Sebastian Doofensmertz in Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde) prior to which he made a quasi suspect appearance in Checkmate(case 3 of St

Jacob Cockran
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Biographical information
Gender male
Status Dead
Birth 1959
Nationality American
Residence St ronde, U.S
Family James Cockran(brother)-Deceased

Patricia Sanders(sister-in-law) Saundra Sanders

Partner(s) Saundra Sanders(fiancée)
Game information
First appearance Checkmate(case 3 of St ronde)
Ronde) before getting murdered in In the line of duty(case 6 of St ronde)


Jacob was a 59-year-old Army lieutenant he dons a camo outfit along with two blade scars on his forehead and chin respectively and a bullet on his neck along with a badge with the word 'lieutenant' on it.

In his suspect appearance it is learned that Jacob takes antidepressants, drinks moonshine, and has a criminal record

in his victim appearance he is seen wearing a scarf

events of criminal case


After arresting Janah grims's killer the team wanted to talk to Jacob because they though he was the one who knew everything in the Pd which Jacob said that wasn't him. The person they were looking for was his brother, James Cockran

Homeless Death

Jacob became a suspect after the team had to investigate his house because of Sebastian's murder. Jacob said that he did talk to Sebastian mainly because Sebastian was a ex-army man

Jacob was spoken to again after he came into the station claiming he is responsible for the murder he said that Sebastian had insulted the military and their bloodthirstiness and as a result Jacob strangled him

Despite claiming responsivity for murder Jacob was found innocent of murder. While Seikoh Wolf was arrested for murder

Relationship with suspects

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Killer and motives

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case apperances

checkmate(case 3 of st ronde)

A senatorial crime(case 4 of St ronde: mentioned)

Homeless Death(case 5 of St ronde)

In the line of duty(case 6 of St ronde)

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