Bet you that you can't lift that body as fast as I can!
—Jackson Walters

Jackson Walters is an agent of the Rocksfellow Police Department. He is one of two partners assigned to the player in their tenure in Rocksfellow.


26 years old, Jackson sports messy, black curly hair and has dark brown eyes. He wears a beige vest over his white polo shirt. He has a medium build, and according to him, has impeccable abs. Other than that, he is known to be fiercely loyal, flirtatious, and efficient.

Notable Events

Jackson ended up being the player's partner in New Kid in Town after they found the dead body of Christian Johnson. He found two clues on the nearby dock, independent of the player. Later, he advised the player to check the aforementioned dock in order to break the case.  

Jackson was incapacitated after Rita Lopez committed suicide via surgically implanted explosive device. The blast injured him badly but the player was able to make it out safely.  

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