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Jack Princeton was a suspect in the murder investigation of high schooler Caleb Millhouse in To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood) and his co-worker, high school teacher Darcy Keller in A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood) and his former employer, convict Gerald Deckerton in Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood).

He later returned as a suspect in the murder of his colleague, home economics teacher Brenda Reynolds in Fitness For Death (Case #8 of Toomeswood)


Jack is a 48 year old science teacher with short dark hair underneath lab goggles with a moustache and blue eyes and a bruise on his forehead. He wears a light blue buttoned down shirt underneath a white lab coat. He is also seen holding a science textbook. It is known that Jack eats protein bars, visits saunas and works out.

In his second suspect appearance, his bruise is gone. It is discovered that Jack knows chemistry, uses anti-bacterial soap and is hypoglycemic.

In his third suspect appearance, he replaces his lab coat with a brown leather vest. It is known that Jack watches horror films and is physically fit.

In his fourth suspect appearance, he is seen wearing wearing a white and yellow tracksuit with a black t-shirt underneath

Height 5'11"
Age 48
Weight 175 lb
Eyes Blue
Blood O-

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Jack became a suspect when Vanessa Moody and the player uncovered a sheet of faded paper revealing him as one of two faculty members who attended a disciplinary meeting with the victim, due to the latter's disruptive behavior (the other teacher being Brenda Reynolds). Jack revealed that the disciplinary meeting was to no avail as the victim's mother decided that her nail appointment was more important than attending the meeting.

Mid-investigation, Jack as well as Vanessa and Jonah became furious with vlogger Brad Ryder for causing a blackout as he used a GPS to track down the team with bullying allegations against the victim. Jack's reasons being that his students were conducting a physics lab experiment and feared that the blackout could have caused harm to the students. However Brenda intervened and asked the three to listen to Brad.

He also permanently removed the victim from his class, damaging his credits to graduate as the victim intentionally caused damage to materials that could harm or endanger others via lighting a bunsen burner with sparklers for thrills; Jack also prioritized the safety of the student body over the wrath of the victim's mother.

Later on in the investigation, Brenda reported a physical altercation ensued between Coach Brock Rothery and Jack which was ended by Principal Gerald Deckerton who without allowing Jack to explain his side of the story, automatically decided that the coach was in the right which infuriated both Brenda and Jack.

Despite his contempt towards the victim, Jack was ultimately innocent when the team arrested Brock for the murder.

A Fallen Hero

Jack became a suspect when he was woken up via smelling salts by Vanessa after Brenda Reynolds told the team that he had fainted upon discovering Darcy's decomposed body in the abandoned bathroom. Jack told the team that he discovered the body when was informed by a student of a rancid smell in the hallway and went to check it out.

Jack was spoken to again when the team found the victim's snack bag laced with pollen in which the victim had a mild allergy to. Jack didn't hesitate to admit that he hid the pollen in her snacks. When Vanessa grilled him for an explanation, Jack explained that the victim's actions were causing more harm than good and that Gerald Deckerton was cracking down on the faculty. He felt that he needed to stop Darcy before she made things worse, no matter how noble her intentions were.

Jack was once again found innocent when the team hunted down and incarcerated Gerald for the murder. However, he needed help when he was among the rest of the faculty who was taken hostage by escaped convict Julianna Gideon, whom Gerald had broken out of prison. He then thanked Vanessa who had shot down the disgraced ex-principal.

Lies And Deceit

For the third time Jack became a suspect when the team found Gerald's cellphone containing arguments between him and the victim. Jack told Jordan and the player that the kids in his class were growing more violent by the day, with one going so far as attempting to throw a Bunsen Burner at the science teacher. After the attempt on his life, he suspected that Gerald had been involved with making the students violent but Gerald had managed to decieve the entire staff til he was caught for Darcy Keller's murder.

Mid-investigation, Jack returned a bag of money that was revealed to be the money that Gerald had embezzled to Jonah for safekeeping as he felt it wasn't safe yet to return to the school board.

Jack was spoken to again when the team found explosives such as dynamite and fireworks registered to him. He admitted that he had planned to blow up Gerald's office as he had been fed up with the victim's secrets and lies. But when he put his plan into motion, he changed his mind as doing so would make him no better than the victim or Brock Rothery.

Jack was ultimately found innocent when the team incarcerated Otis Hausen for the murder. The science teacher also explained to the team that he feared that if he returned the money to the school board instead of Jonah, him and any and all members of the faculty would be murdered in the same fashion as Darcy. His fears were confirmed by a burned flag found in Gerald's office, prompting him with Jane's help to convince school psychologist Warren Beaverdell to help put the school at ease but to no avail as Warren resigned due to being on edge himself.

Fitness For Death

Jack returned to Columbia Heights and soon found himself flagged as a suspect when the team found his contact information on Brenda's cellphone. When Jordan informed him of his colleague's murder, Jack tearfully broke down as having his close friend standing by him was his only comfort amid the chaos that ensued in the once peaceful family and school community.


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