Jack Ballinsky
Biographical information
Full name Jack Anthony Ballinsky
Alias(es) The King of Earth
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 2000
Death 2019
Cause of death Bullet wound to the chest
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Patriot City
Family John Ballinsky (father)

Stacy Ballinsky (mother)

Partner(s) Heydi Gemini (girlfriend)
Affiliation(s) Unnamed high school
Game information
First appeared Case #1 The House of Murder

John Ballinsky (2000 - 2019) was a suspect of his father, resident John Ballinsky in  The House of Murder (Case #1 of Patriot City)


John was a 18-year-old high school student and the son of the victim. He had short brown hair and black eyes. He wore a light blue buttoned shirt with dark blue and maroon badges on both sides. He also had a round light red and white badge with a maroon "G" on it on the right side. It is known that Jack has a How To Break In book, is right-handed and plays Candy Connect.

Age 18
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood A+
Height 5'5"
Hair Brown


The House of Murder

Jack become a suspect after the team found his cap inside a box. After knowing that Jack was the victim's son, the team gave his cap back to him and asked him about his father. Answering about this, Jack told them that he liked his dad and the last thing he did before his father's murder was leaving his house while his dad was home alone.

Jack was spoken again after the team found a mugshot of himself inside a locked chest. He revealed that he was arrested for robbery and saying it was his father's fault. Asking why it was the victim's fault, he said that his father told him to rob a jewelry store across the street. After he did that, the cops got to him and arrested him for the robbery. Angry at him, Jack argued with him and put his mugshot into a small chest.

Jack was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Tyler Armstrong for John's murder. Jack was spoken one more time about the artifacts hidden in the district mines. He revealed that artifacts were made in the ancient times. Answering about this, Jack wanted to buy some of the artifacts and give them for an auction. After the conversation, the team (per Leonard) found out that Jack was trying to get inside the district mines without anybody noticing him in his diary. When the team tried to arrest him, he threw a smoke bomb at them and got away. The team went to the meth labs to go arrest him.

Breaking Bad

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Never Gets Old

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Murder Details

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Relationship with suspects

According to his teachers, Jack was quiet before, now he is a troublemaker. When Jason saw him at the movie theater, Jack made rude gestures at him before he told the team. Jack and Heydi have been dating for 3 years, but Heydi cried when he wanted to break up with her. His mother Stacy would abuse him if he did something wrong. While Jack was in high school, Bucky would bully him from 9th to 10th grade. When Bucky got a job as a newsagent, he started to feel bad about bullying Jack, when he came to Jack to apologize, Jack called him a quitter and pushed him. Perry was furious when Jack told him to take his police badge off.

Killer and motives

The killer turn out to be Heydi.

Heydi cried and admitted that he didn't love her anymore. When Jack told her to wait outside the tunnel, she want to go with him instead of waiting. Jack refused, saying that he doesn't love her. Angry at him not loving her anymore, she grabbed a gun off his pants and shot him. Judge Peterson sentenced her to life in prison.

Case Appearances


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