Ivonne Ouleaunge is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. She was one of the suspects in Bake My Body (Case #12).


Ivonne is a French baker who used to have her bakehouse in Nice, where she got married and had a daughter. Later on, her family decided to leave their homeland to start a new life in Townville, where she got another shop in the city's Commercial Area and made a good reputation thanks to her "Gazettes".

Profiles known from cases:

  • She uses flour and speaks French.
  • She doesn't have knowledge in surgery.

Role in cases

Ivonne called the police after she found a human liver in her bakery and thus a new murder investigation began. She was no more than a first discoverer until it was revealed that the victim was Stephen Xaint, a man who lived by the zone. Ivonne said that Stephen would usually go to her bakery and act like "a ladykiller", and even mentioned that he was lovely (which could mean that she was developing romantic feelings for Stephen at the time of his death). Later, she even told the team that the Gazettes, her bakery's most important product, were in fact Stephen's idea. When the case reached its final moments, Ivonne was found innocent but her husband -Clèment Ouleaunge- was arrested instead.

The next day, Evan Day went to her bakery to buy some Gazettes but Ivonne hadn't made any recently out of sadness because of Stephen's demise. Even though he didn't get any food from her at that time, he got many of Stephen's recipes to try anytime he wanted.

In this case the victim was Yale Williams, the president of Green Year Parade's jury. Since Ivonne was one of the other members of the jury, she became one of the candidates to be the new president. Gino Reina read about it in a newspaper article and said it to the team. Ivonne would lose these elections to the botanist, Carlton Klovan.

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Ivonne Ouleaunge
Biographical information
Full name Ivonne Ouleaunge nee Courvoisier
Gender Female
Status Free
Nationality Flag of France.png French (Nice)
Occupation Baker
Family Lèa Ouleaunge (daughter)
Partner(s) Clèment Ouleaunge (husband)
Game information
First appearance Bake My Body
Suspect appearance(s) Bake My Body
Rewards given Bake My Body - Baker apron, baker hat
Game stats
Height 6'1"
Age 36
Weight 178 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood AB+
Hair Blonde
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