Silvano: It’s hard to believe that Vito was a hitman working for the one behind all the bloodshed of the original department that preceded us.
Silvano: But we still have a mastermind out there who has committed murder of a team of loyal law enforcing cops.
Lydia: But with Vito not saying anything, we’re on our own.
Victoria: Even If Vito isn’t talking, I found a map of PANDORA’s hidden warehouse at the edge of the district, I hope it’ll help you!
Silvano: Good work Victoria! <Name>, you should go with Lydia-
FBI Officer: No need, Mr Ashton. Freeze, hands up in the air!
FBI Officer: Miss Ashworth, you have been summoned by Her Majesty, the Queen of England! Please come with us!
Victoria: B-but why?! I’m needed here!
FBI Officer (arresting Victoria): We have our orders, ma’am!
Silvano: What is going on here?
FBI Officer: Chief Ashton, we’re just escorting Miss Ashworth to England at the summons of the Queen.
Silvano: But that’s impossible! Why now?
Victoria (now tearing up): Don’t worry, Chief Ashton, I’ll be fine.
FBI Officer: Let’s go, Miss Ashworth!

Shortly after Victoria leaves...
Lydia: Why did that feel a bit off to me?
Silvano: I’m not sure, but you and <Name> will need to stop PANDORA before they place any plans to destroy us for good!
Lydia: That’s true. Despite Victoria’s sudden departure, she gave us the lead that could finally help us take down the leader of PANDORA once and for all.
Silvano: You go on ahead to the warehouse, I’ll have a task force set up to rescue you in case it’s a trap. Your safe word will be “Eagle”!
Lydia: Alright. <Name>, let’s go to this warehouse!

Chapter 1 - Let the Tears Fall

Investigate Abandoned Warehouse.
Lydia: She’s in that vat of hardened concrete… what’s the safe word…? Eagle!
Lydia: Oh god… She’s really dead, isn’t she, <Name>?
Lydia: The so-called FBI officers must have summoned her so they could take her to this warehouse and end her life!
Lydia: That means this was murder… and that concrete mixer is the murder weapon!
Lydia: Let’s get Dominic, Thomas and Fiona to come and retrieve Victoria’s body and the concrete mixer. They can examine it while we search for clues and suspects!
Lydia: You also found a broken badge? Well I’ll grab the tape!
Lydia: PANDORA may have decided to kill Victoria, but the organization will pay for everything they’ve done!

Examine Broken Badge.
Lydia: What does that badge reveal?
Lydia: Wait, does that badge belong to Jason?!
Lydia: We had his assistance in Jax’s murder when we revealed Vito as the killer…
Lydia: But did he kill Victoria? Let’s go and talk to him!

Talk to Jason Ashton about his badge being in a PANDORA warehouse.
Jason: Hey <Name>, Lydia, what’s happening?
Lydia: Well, we found Victoria murdered in a vat of concrete inside an abandoned warehouse owned by a criminal organization and that YOUR badge was on the crime scene!
Jason: Wait, my badge? How would it end up in that abandoned building? I swear I would never dream of being involved with criminals!
Jason: I know that I’ve gotten in trouble several times but I do truly care about Silvano and his sense of true justice. I would never change that.
Lydia: I believe you, but how would your badge just get stolen?
Jason: I… don’t have an answer for that, I’m sorry.
Lydia: Well, we’ll have to take you into custody for now. I hope we can trust you as a suspect and not as Victoria’s killer!
Jason: I… I understand. Please let me get Katrina River and her baby care kit so I can take her to my husband.

Back at the station...
Silvano (holding Katrina River): Is what Jason told me true? That you found his security badge in the PANDORA warehouse?
Lydia: We did, Chief! I can trust him as much as I can but where would we go next?
Silvano: Well, maybe you can find out more about Victoria’s personal life in her study. I’ll go and take care of my daughter in the meantime. Don’t hesitate to ask for anything.
Lydia: Of course Chief, we’ll solve this case and avenge our teammate!

Investigate Victoria’s Study.
Lydia: It’s so sad how Victoria will never be able to read another tale here again…
Lydia: But you’re right, we have to solve her murder to end PANDORA for good! Did you find anything?
Lydia: You’re right, that locked antique box could provide a suspect.
Lydia: If you think that faded photo will help, then I’ll get the dusting kit!
Lydia: You’re right, maybe that box of jewelry will provide a clue!
Lydia: Victoria met an untimely death in the line of duty but she’ll be avenged!

Examine Locked Box.
Lydia: Great work on unlocking that antique box!
Lydia: Let’s see, this is an antique heirloom necklace…
Lydia: Gifted to Victoria from Trevor Aleiso?!
Lydia: How well did Trevor know Victoria to gift her this heirloom necklace?
Lydia: Victoria’s gone, so we’ll have to ask Trevor ourselves!

Ask Trevor Aleiso about giving the antique to Victoria.
Lydia: Mr Aleiso, sorry to bother you but we found this heirloom necklace you gifted to Victoria.
Trevor: Ah yes, this family heirloom necklace is a treasured necklace in the Aleiso family. I knew Miss Ashworth loved antiques so I gifted it to her for her birthday.
Trevor: She’s part of a very good law enforcement agency, you guys really look for true justice!
Lydia: Well, we have bad news…
Lydia: Victoria was murdered.
Trevor: What? Victoria was killed?
Trevor: H-how? No…
Florence: Trevor, please calm down, we don’t want you to have a panic attack.
Florence: I’m sorry, <Name>, but Trevor needs time. You mind coming back later?
Lydia: Certainly Florence, we’ll be on our way then.

Examine Faded Photo.
Lydia: Congratulations on recovering the photo, <Name>!
Lydia: You’re right, this photo features two women, one of them being Victoria…
Lydia: And the other features Judge Evelyn Rodriguez?!
Lydia: You’re right, we better see Judge Rodriguez and ask her how she knew the victim!

Interrogate Evelyn Rodriguez about how she knew Victoria.
Lydia: Hello, Judge Rodriguez, can we talk to you?
Evelyn: Certainly, no need for formalities, just call me Evelyn.
Lydia: Well we wanted to talk to you about our colleague, Victoria Ashworth.
Evelyn: Ah, Victoria, she’s a lovely woman. We’re closely tight as best friends.
Evelyn: We often see each other and talk over crumpets and chamomile tea, go to the local art gallery…
Lydia: Well I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Victoria has been found murdered!
Evelyn: Murdered?! Oh no, what happened to her?
Lydia: She was found in a vat of hardened concrete in a criminal organization’s warehouse.
Evelyn: That’s such a horrible way to die! Oh no, Victoria…
Lydia: I’m sorry, Evelyn, we’ll leave you to be.

Examine Box of Jewelry.
Lydia: Interesting, you found a strange ring that I haven’t seen Victoria wear…
Lydia: Wait you’re right, that ring’s crest looks familiar. That belongs to Salvador De Angelis!
Lydia: We last saw Mr De Angelis in that heartbreaking finale when Alessandra Ferrari asked for herself to be killed!
Lydia: We better find Salvador and find out why Victoria had his ring.

Ask Salvador De Angelis why Victoria had his ring.
Lydia: Hello Salvador, we’re here to talk to you.
Salvador: Long time no see, <Name>. What are you pulling me into now?
Lydia: We’re here about the murder of Victoria Ashworth, our colleague. We found your ring among her possessions.
Salvador: Ah, that old family ring of mine. I gave it to Miss Ashworth when I bumped into her after one of your interrogations back in Amore Square.
Salvador: You could say it was a parting gift from me to your team.
Lydia: Parting gift or not, that ring has placed you in suspicion in her murder! Stay around.

Analyze Concrete Mixer.
Fiona (in Thomas’s arms): I can’t believe that Victoria is truly gone…
Thomas (comforting Fiona): I know, Fiona, but <Name> and Lydia are here. We got to report the analysis so they can find Victoria’s killer!
Lydia: Take your time, but remember that the longer we take, the longer the killer will get away!
Fiona: You’re right Lydia, we’ll do what we can to avenge Victoria!
Thomas: And we can confirm that the concrete mixer was indeed the murder weapon!
Fiona: The traces of concrete inside the mixer matches the same composition of the hardened concrete Dominic extracted from her body.
Thomas: But as always, every killer messes up in some way.
Fiona: We found traces of tetrahydrozoline on the handle of the concrete mixer, which presumably came from the killer’s hands!
Thomas: The specific type of tetrahydrozoline comes from an active ingredient in eye drops.
Thomas: So we can confirm that the killer uses eye drops!
Lydia: So the killer uses eye drops? Well they won’t see <Name> coming for them when we expose them for cold blooded murder!

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Dominic: It’s such a tragedy that Victoria lost her life to a merciless monster…
Dominic: Even if I don’t show my sadness, it was very tough having to chisel all the hardened concrete off her body. Autopsying it was worse!
Lydia: I know it must’ve been a tough task but we got to find Victoria’s killer! Did you find anything during her autopsy?
Dominic: Well the killer must’ve wanted Victoria to die, but still be recognized on display as concrete suffocated her throat while her mouth was open.
Dominic: The hardened concrete also crushed her body because she was known to have weak bones.
Dominic: Although the hardened concrete erased evidence of her death, I found traces of beef and sour cream, both components of the Russian dish, beef stroganoff!
Dominic: As Victoria didn’t have any beef stroganoff in her stomach, it must mean your killer enjoys this Russian beef stew!
Lydia: So Victoria’s killer enjoys beef stroganoff? Well we’ll soon have a beef with them for killing our fellow colleague in cold concrete murder!

Later in the offices…
Lydia: This must be one of the darkest days since the death of the previous police department!
Lydia: We found our beloved colleague Victoria Ashworth murdered in the very PANDORA warehouse she led us to.
Lydia: In order to solve Victoria’s death, we’ll need to find her killer, and in turn, reveal the one who led the heinous criminal organization known as PANDORA, once and for all!
Lydia: So far, we have Chief Ashton’s husband Jason Ashton, whose badge we found in the warehouse…
Lydia: Then we have Trevor Aleiso, who gifted her his family’s heirloom necklace and Evelyn Rodriguez, who was best friends with Victoria.
Lydia: The one I’m most suspicious about is Salvador… why would he gift his ring to Victoria after meeting her?
Lydia: Where else we can go escapes me-
Jonathan: Miss Striker, <Name>, I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to talk to you.
Lydia: What is it, Mayor Vansickle?
Jonathan: I knew Victoria, and her death is a tragedy…
Jonathan: But I do know one of the many secrets she kept!

Chapter 2 - Mourning the One Gone

Lydia: This must be one of the darkest days since the death of the previous police department!
Lydia: We found our beloved colleague Victoria Ashworth murdered by the leader of the heinous criminal organization known as PANDORA in the very PANDORA warehouse she led us to. We’ll need to solve her death to end this once and for all!
Lydia: So far, we have four suspects on the roster but I dunno where else we can go-
Jonathan: Miss Striker, <Name>, I’m glad you’re here. I wanted to talk to you.
Lydia: What is it, Mayor Vansickle?
Jonathan: I knew Victoria, and her death is a tragedy…
Jonathan: But I do know one of the many secrets she kept!
Lydia: Wait what? Mayor Vansickle, we’ll need a conversation with you now!

Ask Jonathan Vansickle about his collaboration with Victoria.
Jonathan: I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner, but-
Lydia: What do you mean you knew a secret about her?
Jonathan: I mean that she and I were investigating PANDORA’s reason for killing the police department murders over a decade ago!
Lydia: If she was, then why didn’t you or her tell us! Now it cost Victoria her life!
Jonathan: I’m sorry that we didn’t come forward, but I can tell you that we kept our notes and investigation hidden away in an old bunker in the district. I can give you a map to guide you there.
Lydia: You better! We have no time to waste to find Victoria’s killer!
Jonathan: Once again, I’m sorry. I even lost my appetite over my beef stroganoff!
Lydia: Guilty or innocent, you’re still in the suspect roster! Sit tight, Jonathan, you’re not going anywhere away from this city soon!

Investigate Secret Bunker.
Lydia: Good god, this bunker is ominous!
Lydia: Let’s see what clues we got so we can get out of this creepy bunker… did you find anything?
Lydia: You found a satchel? Someone must’ve been here recently… go on and have a quick search!
Lydia: If you think those shredded pieces are worth restoring, I’ll get you the tape!
Lydia: Oh my god! Is that a creepy clock featuring a dead body?
Lydia: Wait, you’re right, the dead body is Victoria… encased in concrete!
Lydia: This must’ve been the work of Victoria’s killer! Let’s send this clock to Ruth and Callum to analyze.
Lydia: It seems Victoria had her secrets, let’s see which of the suspects made her carry them to the grave!

Examine Satchel.
Lydia: What did you find inside that satchel, <Name>?
Lydia: Hey, these charms, we’ve seen them before!
Lydia: These charms, we saw them on the attire of Axel Cobrabacker during the investigations in Misty Isle!
Lydia: That must mean this satchel belongs to our ever appearing hunter!
Lydia: Let’s find out why he was in the bunker!

Ask Axel Cobrabacker about his satchel in the bunker.
Axel: You mind giving me a second, Detectives? The cold air is drying out my eyes and I need to apply some eye drops!
Axel: What’s happening now? Another murder?
Lydia: In fact, yes that’s why we’re here. Victoria Ashworth was murdered and we found your satchel in the bunker she kept her personal secrets in.
Axel: Oh that bunker? I found it recently and thought nothing of it believing it was abandoned and all…
Axel: I’m sorry about your friend though, I can’t help out much though as I never knew her.
Lydia: Well you’re still a suspect, so don’t go anywhere!
Axel: Course not. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to the market and pick up some beef stroganoff for tonight’s dinner!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Lydia: What did you find from the torn pieces you found?
Lydia: You restored a card that shows a declaration of love…
Lydia: The recipient was to Victoria Ashworth? She didn’t tell us that someone sent her this!
Lydia: Let’s see, the sender was…
Lydia: Judge Evelyn Rodriguez?!
Lydia: So Victoria and Evelyn had a bigger relationship than just friends…
Lydia: Victoria’s dead, but we can interrogate Evelyn about if their relationship went south!

Ask Evelyn about her love for the victim.
Lydia: Evelyn, you told us that the victim was a friend of yours, but the torn card we found of you declaring your love for her says otherwise!
Evelyn: Oh no… Please <Name>, just let me explain.
Evelyn: I did love Victoria, and she loved me just as equally!
Evelyn: Every week, we would meet up and have a nice dinner! She would bring some special dish from Europe and I would make my special recipe for beef stroganoff!
Evelyn: We did love each other, and now I can’t stop crying that I had to apply eye drops several times!
Evelyn: Now please, <Name>! Find her killer so we can all breathe easy again!
Lydia: I’m sorry that you lost your lifetime partner, but I hope that you didn’t kill her!

Analyze Strange Clock.
Lydia: Callum, Ruth, did you find anything on the clock featuring the victim?
Callum: Well, I checked for fingerprints on it, but I found none.
Ruth: But I did notice that there was a secret message hidden in the ticking of the clock! It was Morse code!
Callum: The message said, “Prepare to face your end! It’s concrete in the plan!”
Lydia: Concrete? That must’ve meant this message was written by Victoria’s killer!
Callum: Indeed! For the clock to be able to deliver this heinous message, they must have an excellent experience in working with clocks!
Lydia: So the killer knows clockworks? Well, this threat may be the one that’ll help us make the killer tick!
Lydia: You’re right <Name>, let’s have another look in Victoria’s study!

Investigate Victoria’s Desk.
Lydia: Did you find anything in the second scouring of the study, <Name>?
Lydia: Huh, you’re right, this picture frame is broken! Let’s get the glue and restore this!
Lydia: And you’re right, this dirty newspaper has that strange yellow dust on it.
Lydia: We should collect the yellow dust so we can examine the newspaper headline!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Lydia: That picture frame looks like a royal photo, we do know Victoria descended from royalty…
Lydia: You’re right! That red haired young girl must be Victoria! She even has roses on her hairband!
Lydia: But who’s that man in the photo, sitting across from him?
Lydia: His face may be partially seen, but perhaps a scan in the database will identify him!

Examine Photo of Man.
Lydia: So who was that man in the photo?
Lydia: The database says that the man was Trevor Aleiso?!
Lydia: According to the database, Trevor tutored Victoria when she was a teenager!
Lydia: How did Mr Aleiso not tell us before?
Lydia: Well, we know that Trevor knew more about Victoria! Let’s go talk to him again!

Ask Trevor Aleiso about knowing the victim when she was younger.
Trevor: I’m sorry about earlier <Name>! Florence insisted that I apply some eye drops after I stopped crying...
Lydia: Trevor, why didn’t you tell us about how you tutored Victoria when you two were younger?
Trevor: Oh… I forgot.
Trevor: Yeah, I did tutor her twenty years ago, I taught her the essential subjects and side hobbies, like clockworks, a passion of mine.
Trevor: For someone born under royalty, she was a well mannered kind young woman with a bright future!
Lydia: Did anything sour between the two of you?
Trevor: Not much. She did often have her teenage quarrels with her mother and father, leaving me to deal with a grumpy teenager to tutor.
Trevor: But that was in the past, and she has grown to be a wonderful law enforcer in your team!
Trevor: I’m sorry I didn’t say before, <Name>! Now, I’m going to go and eat some of my wife’s beef stroganoff for lunch!
Lydia: Stay in town in case we need to talk again, Trevor! Just because you told your story doesn’t mean you’re innocent!

Examine Dirty Newspaper.
Lydia: Great work on collecting the yellow dust off that newspaper clipping!
Lydia: Hey, this article is about the police department murders, and you’re right! Someone scribbled a message on it!
Lydia: “Did you know about the murders, Miss Ashworth? Tell me!”
Lydia: That’s strange, maybe we can get this yellow dust to Thomas!

Analyze Yellow Dust.
Lydia: Hey Thomas, what did you find on that yellow dust <Name> collected from the newspaper clipping?
Thomas: The yellow dust was a bit tough to figure out, but it was a surprise to me!
Thomas: You see, the dust was pulverized hardened pasta!
Lydia: Pasta?! Why would there be pasta on the newspaper clipping?
Thomas: Well, I also found traces of DNA from Salvador De Angelis, so I would presume that you’ll have to ask him about it!
Lydia: That’s what we have to do! Let’s go talk to Salvador, <Name>!

Ask Salvador De Angelis why he confronted the victim.
Lydia: Salvador! You lied to us! Care to explain this newspaper?
Salvador: Mamma mia! Give me a second to apply my eye drops!
Lydia: Why were you threatening Victoria?!
Salvador: Fine, fine, you got me. Si, I did send that newspaper.
Salvador: You see, my dear father, Giovanni, used to work on your team.
Salvador: He was killed like a pig! All these years, no evidence, no arrests...
Salvador: ...I just wanted justice! I first invited Vicky over for a dish of beef stroganoff but she caught my lies, saw through me.
Salvador: That's when I sent the newspaper! To apply pressure, to make her tick like a clock.
Salvador: But, alas, I didn't find anything. My father's murderer stays unavenged!
Lydia: I'm sorry about what happened to your father, we're doing everything we can to find who killed them!
Lydia: But if we find out you killed Victoria, that'll be the least of your worries!

Later at the offices…
Lydia: This murder investigation might be one of the toughest I’ve ever had in my career!
Lydia: We already know that Judge Rodriguez was romantically interested in Victoria, and that they shared a relationship…
Lydia: ….Salvador had met her to confront her about the police department murders in secret because he believed that she knew about them…
Lydia: ...and that Trevor was a royal tutor to Victoria when she was a teenager!
Lydia: Everything is just getting really puzzling… What else will we find out next?
Lydia: Maybe we can-
(A siren goes off.)
Lydia: What the? Someone must’ve set off the alarm!

Chapter 3 - Don't Forget to Cry

Lydia: This murder investigation might be one of the toughest I’ve ever had in my career!
Lydia: We already know that Judge Rodriguez was romantically interested in Victoria…
Lydia: ….Salvador had met her to confront her about the police department murders in secret…
Lydia: ...and that Trevor was a royal tutor to Victoria when she was younger!
Lydia: Everything is just getting really puzzling… What else will we find out next?
Lydia: Maybe we can-
(A siren goes off.)
Lydia: What the?
Lydia: That came from the cells! Did someone break out?
Lydia: You’re right, no time to question it! Let’s see what happened!

In the police holding cells…
Silvano (hugging Jason): I know you’re innocent, Jason. Please tell me you are!
Lydia: Silvano?!
Jason (holding Silvano): I’m sorry, <Name>, Lydia… but it seems Silvano couldn’t stay away… He broke into the cell!
Lydia: So you’re saying Silvano broke into the cell?
Silvano: I know he’s innocent, <Name>! Innocent regardless of what we did for Victoria before!
Lydia: Well, Chief, please leave for a moment so we can interrogate Jason again.
Silvano: What?! But-
Lydia: You can return to his side after, Silvano. Just please let us talk to him please.

Ask Jason Ashton about what he didn’t tell the detectives before.
Lydia: Alright, Jason, you better talk quickly! What did you and Silvano not tell us before about Victoria?
Jason: I know I’m cornered, but please let me explain!
Jason: You see, we had invited her for a dinner of beef stroganoff and then gifted her a handmade clock I made myself. We then asked Vicky to be the godmother for Katrina River!
Lydia: So you did have a connection to Victoria more than we knew! Why didn’t you tell us before?
Jason: The shock of her death engulfed me in tears! I had to apply some eye drops to hydrate my dry eyes!
Jason: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but I want to tell you that I didn’t kill her! I would never dream of doing that to my husband and my daughter!
Lydia: I hope you’re not hiding anything more than you’ve confessed, Jason! You better not hurt Silvano either by being the one who killed Victoria in cold blood!

Silvano: I’m sorry that Jason and I didn’t tell you about our arrangements with Vicky, <Name>!
Lydia: It doesn’t matter, Chief. What he did is over and in the past! Right now, we have to keep investigating our colleague’s heinous murder!
Lydia: You’re right, <Name>! There could be more clues in the bunker where she spent a good part of her life in! Let’s go search it!

Investigate Bunk Beds.
Lydia: I still can’t believe Victoria knew about this bunker here…
Lydia: No, you’re right, <Name>, no time to wander. Did you find anything?
Lydia: Hey, you’re right, that’s the necklace Victoria wore all the time! The clasp is snapped in half!
Lydia: You’re right, that sweat on the necklace could tell us who took it!
Lydia: That cellphone could be handy too! Let’s unlock it so we can see who owns it!
Lydia: We’re nearing the end! Let’s do this!

Examine Victoria’s Necklace.
Lydia: Nice work on collecting a sample of the sweat you found!
Lydia: Thomas and Fiona are busy trying to help the others take care of the Ashton family, let’s have a look under the microscope!

Examine Sweat.
Lydia: So what did you find out about the sweat from Victoria’s necklace?
Lydia: The results says that the sweat’s DNA came from Jonathan Vansickle?
Lydia: So Jonathan had Victoria’s necklace…
Lydia: But why is the answer we need to get from Jonathan!

Confront Jonathan about his sweat on the victim’s necklace.
Jonathan: Oh hello, <Name>... I’ve grieved Victoria so long I had to apply some more eye drops!
Jonathan: If there’s anything I can do before I go for a clockwork class with Evelyn, please ask.
Lydia: Well, can you explain your DNA on Victoria’s necklace?
Jonathan: ……
Jonathan: Darn it, I hoped you wouldn’t figure it out!
Jonathan: You see, Victoria and I had a fight over whether she should trust her colleagues in the police or not!
Jonathan: And look at what happened! Your weapons expert turned out to be a murderer and a member of a murderous organization!
Jonathan: You see, I was right! Victoria couldn’t trust any of you! We argued and fought, that’s when I tore the necklace off her neck!
Jonathan: She then fled the bunker and went back to your precinct, probably to help you guys investigate.
Lydia: It wasn’t our fault! It was her choice to stay with us and enforce justice!
Lydia: We’re taking you into custody for assault, you better hope that it wasn’t your fault that Victoria’s dead!

Examine Cellphone.
Lydia: Great work on unlocking that phone, <Name>!
Lydia: But no luck… the phone shows nothing helpful!
Lydia: You’re right, Callum’s tech expertise will uncover anything important!

Analyze Cellphone.
Callum: This cellphone just tells more of haunting secrets about our profiler!
Lydia: What do you mean, Callum?
Callum: Well I found a camera recording software on this phone!
Lydia: A camera software?! Did you find anything on the recordings?
Callum: Well I watched the recordings, and I noticed that Victoria was in almost EVERY recording!
Callum: I then noticed that the background was in fact Victoria’s study…
Callum: So I took the phone to her study and activated the camera, and found a camera lens in a painting of Victoria in a Misty Isle forest!
Lydia: How do you know she was painted into a Misty Isle forest?
Callum: Because it said so on the back of the frame! Axel painted the painting for her back when we were hunting for the treasure on Misty Isle!
Lydia: So Axel must have installed the camera lens after he did the painting before giving it to her!
Callum: I’m certain of it, the camerawork must be his work!
Lydia: What made Axel do this to Victoria? We better find out by talking to him now!

Confront Axel about spying on the victim.
Lydia: Mr Cobrabacker! You’re in troubled water now! Why did you install a camera into a painting you painted of her?
Axel: Oh… I can explain.
Axel: You see, <Name>. Victoria was a sweet person!
Axel: Miss Ashworth was a curious person and despite my warnings, she kept going out to explore the Misty Isle forests!
Axel: Her piqued curiosity led me to wanting to keep an eye on her, to ensure her safety!
Axel: She was a sweet, kindred spirit and I didn’t want her to perish!
Axel: So when you were going to wrap up things in Misty Isle, I asked her to allow me to paint her likeness in a Misty Isle forest, and promised to deliver it personally when I was done! I only did so after I installed the camera.
Axel: I kept watching her, over the months as time ticked. The gears of a clock, rotating in my head as I watched her come and go, doing her work as a law enforcer.
Lydia: ….Honestly, that sounds creepy.
Axel: It wasn’t! I was just keeping an eye out for my friend!
Axel: If I only hadn’t lost my phone, I could’ve saved her…
Axel: And now, I’ll only remember the bare empty study, her footsteps to never wander again…
Lydia: Whether you’re telling the truth or not, you better have not been the one to stop her clock!

Later, at the offices...
Lydia: What a case we’re now looking at in the murder of our colleague, Victoria Ashworth…
Lydia: We found out that Axel Cobrabacker and Mayor Jonathan Vansickle had gone to extreme attempts to protect her from death…
Lydia: That Salvador De Angelis blamed her for not willing to help him find peace in his deceased father and that Trevor Aleiso was a royal tutor for her when she was a young and reckless teenager.
Lydia: We also discovered that Jason and Silvano Ashton had intended her to be the godmother for their child and that Judge Evelyn Rodriguez had forged a strong relationship for life!
Lydia: But now all of these motives has caused it all tumble like dominos and now Victoria Ashworth will never wander the earth again!
Callum: Lydia, <Name>!
Lydia: What’s going on, Cal?
Callum: I caught someone snooping around the PANDORA warehouse on footage, I raised the alarm and the figure escaped!
Lydia: What?! We better get back to that warehouse and collect any evidence the killer may have tried to steal!

Investigate Hardened Concrete Vat.
Lydia: What did you find on our second scouring of the crime scene?
Lydia: Aha, That must be the bag of concrete that the killer used to make the concrete in the mixer that killed Victoria!
Lydia: Maybe if you can collect a sample of that substance on the bag, it can prove a clue!
Lydia: If you think those torn pieces you found will prove a clue, then go for it!
Lydia: Victoria’s life may have ended, but we can start a new era of peace by catching her killer!

Examine Bag of Concrete.
Lydia: Great work on collecting a sample of that red substance on that bag of concrete! You’re right, it looks like blood...
Lydia: We’ll have to get Thomas to examine this sample quick!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Lydia: Hey Thomas, what did you find out about that sample of blood we collected from the killer’s concrete bag?
Thomas: Well I couldn’t tell any difference in the blood that would tell me if it belonged to Victoria or her killer!
Thomas: The blood was highly contaminated with the concrete mix and eye drops, something we know the killer uses!
Lydia: So we know this was the bag of concrete used by the killer, but we can’t get any viable clues from it?
Thomas: Did you expect me to give up easily?
Thomas: I do know from my construction experience in iPineapple that handling bags of concrete, especially open ones, can be very messy.
Thomas: If your killer used the bag of concrete to make the mixture that killed Victoria, it’s an one hundred percent chance they didn’t escape staining their clothes!
Thomas: So I’m positive that your killer will have a stain of concrete dust on their clothing!
Lydia: So the killer has a concrete stain? Well their plans to make a concrete murder will crumple now! We’re getting closer to the end!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Lydia: Hey, I recognize this! It’s Victoria’s flower crown!
Lydia: We didn’t find it at all on her corpse, so she must’ve tried to fight against her murderers!
Lydia: You’re right! Let’s have Fiona examine this for clues!

Analyze Flower Crown.
Lydia: Fiona, we’re on the home stretch! What did you find on Victoria’s flower crown?
Fiona: Well, you were right to assume. Victoria did fight against her attackers with her flower crown.
Fiona: Her last will to fight will be remembered… because I found some clues on her flower crown!
Fiona: I found some torn white threads tangled in Victoria’s flower crown, which at first I assumed came from a white piece of clothing.
Fiona: But further examination proved that it was actually threads torn from a seam that holds a piece of clothing together.
Fiona: So I can confirm that Victoria’s killer, whoever they are, will be wearing a torn piece of clothing!
Lydia: That just seems so suitable, <Name>! They had Vito betray us and Victoria killed to tear us apart…
Lydia: But now that we know that they’re wearing torn clothing, their plans will be torn down piece by piece!

Lydia: This is it, <Name>! We’re here at the final showdown against PANDORA’s malicious leader!
Lydia: They killed Victoria Ashworth in cold blood, but we have enough clues. Let’s arrest the mastermind once and for all!

Take care of the killer now!
Florence: What’s going on, <Name>?
Trevor: Yes, what’s going on now?
Lydia: Trevor Aleiso, your reign of terror is ending here now! You are under arrest for the murder of Victoria Ashworth and being the mastermind of a criminal organization!
Trevor: Wait what? Why are you accusing me of something I didn’t do?!
Lydia: Well we know that you had a bowl of beef stroganoff before coming to our precinct and arresting Victoria under the means of taking her to the Queen!
Trevor: Why are you accusing me of eating beef stew?! I didn’t even kill her!
Lydia: Well we know you made that dastardly clock that gave us a taunting message to Victoria in Morse code!
Trevor: Just because I’m skilled in clockworks doesn’t mean that I did make that clock as a warning that I would've killed her!
Lydia: Well, we know that you couldn’t escape getting yourself dirty with concrete stains on your clothing! What about the torn threads Victoria got on her flower crown when she attempted to give us the final clue to finish you off?!
Lydia: We have all the clues, your plans have been exposed! It’s better to confess now!
Trevor: Confess?! CONFESS WHAT?!
Trevor: Confess that I believe that the justice run by your worthless agency is fraught with crime and bloodshed?!
(Trevor is silent, his expression hardened.)
Trevor: …
Trevor: Very well, I said it, because that’s what it is! The Agency had to crumble so PANDORA could take its rightful place as the law enforcement agency of the city!
Trevor: You see, my dear father Henry Aleiso was a hardened criminal. He was ruling one of the gangs that overflowed into Grim Harbour.
Florence: So that’s WHY YOU DECIDED HE HAD TO DIE?!
Trevor: You see Florence, since my father died, I believed that justice was an illusion, that the city was fraught with bloodshed and crime and that the agency did little to achieve the true justice that should be set in stone!
Trevor: That's why I founded PANDORA, had some loyal vigilantes sewn into the shadows and then attacked the agency in the dead of night, murdering them all!
Trevor: The sight of the blood that splattered the floor, it was bittersweet justice for what they did to my father!
Florence: But… you killed my brother!
Trevor: I knew that your brother had to die, but I knew that it would cast suspicions if I just divorced you. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer, as the saying goes.
Florence: I can’t believe I even loved you! I never knew what you really were...
Lydia: So you knew that justice was corrupt, but why did you put Vito on us and then murder Victoria?
Trevor: Well thanks to Vito, I knew what would’ve made you tick...
Trevor: I believe that your police force is like a house of cards, all it takes is for one card to fall and you all fall down. You see, that's why I placed Vito on your precious team, so he could strike when and how I wanted him to.
Trevor: When he was caught, I knew he was loyal to the end when he said nothing about PANDORA.
Trevor: I also knew that Victoria was desperately trying to find out about PANDORA, so when she found my warehouse map, she snatched it away to show you guys!
Trevor: So I had my lackey help me arrest her, it was so easy as she submitted to her fate right away!
Trevor: I then took her to the warehouse, filled the mixer and then tied her up tight and put her into the vat…
Trevor: Where I would watch her scream and fall into the hands of Death!
Florence: Trevor Austin Aleiso, I thought I did know you…
Florence: But I didn’t, and I don’t want to see you again. Lydia and <Name>, take him away!
Lydia: Trevor Aleiso, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be held against you…

Evelyn: As this is a very important day for Aurelia, I will be presiding over this trial despite my involvement in the case.
Evelyn: Trevor Aleiso, you’re standing trial for the murder of many law enforcers of the Agency and the conspiracy in a criminal organization, how do you plead?
Trevor: I plead guilty in your system of justice, but in the eyes of PANDORA, I’m innocent of all crimes.
Evelyn: So you think that you’re innocent in the eyes of your own vigilante justice, but that won’t stand in our own justice system!
Evelyn: Thanks to <Name> and the true Aurelian Law Enforcement Agency, PANDORA shall crumble!
Trevor: That’s what you think, but the snake will continue to slither!
Evelyn: You’ve clearly gone mad with power and your beliefs in “true justice”, Mr Aleiso.
Evelyn: That’s why I hereby sentence you to a prison sentence in solitary confinement for the rest of your life!
Trevor: You think you’ve won the war, <Name>, but PANDORA will live on!

Florence: This was a sorrowful day, <Name>, but I would like to thank you for uncovering the truth.
Silvano: No worries, Florence. You did help us in the end.
Silvano: But I would like to ask you something else. As Victoria has passed on, Jason and I would like you to be Katrina River’s godmother.
Florence: That would be lovely, thank you very much, Silvano.
(Silvano and Florence leave.)
Lydia: Well that was one of the hardest cases we had in our careers.
Lydia: But I know it’s not over! There was an accomplice in Victoria’s murder, but Trevor didn’t say anything about it!
Callum: Well you’re in luck, I looked over the trial’s footage in Victoria’s eyes, and I think I may have a clue in who helped Trevor kill Victoria!

Carry Secrets to the Grave (6/6) - Farewell Aurelia...

Lydia: Well that was one of the hardest cases we had in our careers.
Lydia: But it’s not over, there was an accomplice in Victoria’s murder, but Trevor didn’t say anything about it!
Callum: Well you’re in luck, I looked over the trial’s footage in Victoria’s eyes, and I think I may have a clue in who helped Trevor kill Victoria!
Lydia: Really? Then do tell us!
Callum: Well you know how Victoria analyses the trial footage and see how the murderers act and say.
Callum: Well, I’ve concluded that when Trevor said that the “snake would continue to slither…”
Lydia: He was meaning someone else!
Callum: Exactly! We all know who in the suspect roster has a certain snake in their name… Axel Cobrabacker!
Lydia: You’re right! He did claim that he spied on Victoria to keep her safe…
Lydia: But what if the camera was actually to keep an eye on us and to keep us on our toes?
Lydia: You’re right <Name>! It’s time to confront Axel about the truth!

Go arrest Axel for being an accomplice in murder.
Lydia: Axel Cobrabacker, you’re under arrest for assisting Trevor Aleiso in the murder of Victoria Ashworth!
Axel: What do you mean?! I didn’t do anything to her!
Lydia: Well Trevor mentioned that you would keep PANDORA running! So if you did care about Victoria to stalk her, then you should confess!
Axel: …………
(Axel is briefly at a loss for words.)
Axel: Very well, I’ll confess to my involvement in the murder, as long I can have a couple conditions served!
Lydia: We’ll let the Judge decide! Let’s go, Mr Cobrabacker!

Evelyn: Axel Cobrabacker, you’re standing trial for your involvement in the murder of Victoria Ashworth and your involvement with a criminal organization! How do you plead?
Axel: Guilty of all crimes, Your Honor! I only did the camera to make sure she was safe!
Axel: I truly never wanted her dead, but her curious mind had led her to her death!
Evelyn: I see. Detective Lydia Striker tells me you have a couple conditions on your consequences if you’re willing to confess more about your crimes.
Axel: I most certainly do!
Axel: I would like to be put in a minimum security prison, and I would like the records be written, so Trevor will never know of my betrayal in PANDORA’S beliefs!
Axel: I may have blood stained on my hands, but Trevor would’ve killed me if I didn’t help him!
Axel: So I can tell you that Trevor left plans at the murder scene for the remaining vigilantes of PANDORA, including myself! They’ll tell everything you need to end this vigilante justice for good!
Axel: Now, I wish to not end up like Jax Morell, so please sentence me and keep my secrets sealed!
Evelyn: Considering your crimes, your requested conditions and willing to support the police in the downfall of PANDORA…
Evelyn: I have reached my verdict. You shall spend eight years of your life in the Regina Coeli minimum security prison in Rome. Your trial records will be recorded that you refused to say anything about PANDORA’s plans!
Axel: Thank you very much, Your Honor! I shall accept willingly.

Lydia: Well, that went well. Axel surrendered some information about PANDORA at the abandoned warehouse.
Lydia: We should get to the warehouse and recover that cryptex before the other members of PANDORA take it from under our noses!

Investigate Abandoned Warehouse.
Lydia: Ugh, this warehouse is kinda getting chilly now that someone we knew had died here...
Lydia: Did you find it yet, <Name>?
Lydia: Perfect, you found it!
Lydia: But it’s locked… like every hidden thing we find…
Lydia: You’re right, we can’t give up, we must unlock this tube so we can end the criminal organization once and for all!

Examine Locked Cryptex.
Lydia: Great work on unlocking that cryptex, <Name>!
Lydia: You’re right, this is a lot of information, let’s give this to Callum to look through!

Analyze PANDORA’s Plans.
Callum: This cryptex is a goldmine, literally!
Lydia: Oh really? Do tell us about the contents of the cryptex <Name> found stashed away in their warehouse!
Callum: Well, the files put in the cryptex basically revealed all of PANDORA’s plans!
Callum: It detailed how PANDORA hired all the people into their organization, how they gathered everything for the ultimate goal: assassinating the original police department!
Callum: After, when Florence took over the police department, they decided to put Vito, the traitor, into the police and let him gain our trust.
Callum: PANDORA then assassinated Blanchette Wilbur after she had found out about PANDORA, and tried to put the finger of accusation on Ruth, in hopes that it would be the thread to slowly pull our trust apart!
Callum: However, when that failed, they schemed more, killing Travis, Quinn and Lorenzo in the process.
Callum: But I could see that their plans wavered when Jax threatened to spill the beans, which led Vito to kill him and step out of the light!
Callum: They planned to disappear from existence and try again later, but Victoria’s brave soul had taken one of their warehouse maps, which forced the leader of PANDORA, known as Trevor Aleiso, to kill her.
Callum: I also found a list of PANDORA members, which I had the force, led by Florence, to go throughout the city and arrest them all!
Lydia: So, It all now ends here. Victoria did truly give up her life to save Aurelia for the better!
Lydia: And thanks to her honorary sacrifice, PANDORA is taken down for good!
Lydia: You’re right, <Name>. We should tell Mr Aleiso of the downfall of his dreams! Let’s go see him!

Inform Trevor of the end of PANDORA’s reign of terror.
Lydia: Hello, Mr Aleiso.
Trevor: Hello, <Name>. Come to beg for information on PANDORA? Because you’ll get nothing from me!
Lydia: Actually, we do have information! We caught your lackey, found your hidden cryptex and now your wife is leading the arrest of all of your heinous vigilantes!
Trevor: WHAT?!
Trevor: How…. DARE YOU?!
Trevor: You ruined everything, <Rank> <Name>! PANDORA could’ve won if you never stepped foot into this city!
Lydia: That’s right, Trevor! <Name> crushed all your hopes and dreams! PANDORA is finished! Trevor: THIS ISN’T OVER, not over….
Lydia: It is! And we’ll be confiscating all of PANDORA’s funds for the police department’s funds. An eye for an eye, am I right, <Name>?

Silvano: Congratulations on ending PANDORA and Trevor’s hold on the city, <Name>!
Silvano: But it came at a couple losses, Vito betrayed us and Victoria lost her life…
Silvano: But we can rebuild, I know it.
Silvano: In fact, would you come with me, <Name>? I would like to talk to my husband.

Inform Jason of his promotion into the police.
Silvano: Jason, could <Name> and I talk to you?
Jason (holding Katrina River): Of course, my love. What do you need?
Silvano: Seeing the recent events of betrayal and murder, I would like to give you a better job than being a security guard.
Silvano: I want you to be Vito’s replacement and be a better weapons expert than he ever was.
Jason: W-wait, really?! Me, a weapon expert for the agency?
Silvano: Yes, Jason! Do you accept?
Jason: For you, Silvano Novelli Ashton? Yes, I’ll accept!
Silvano: Oh, Jason…
(The two kiss.)
Jason: Considering Victoria’s passing, Mayor Vansickle has decided to host a funeral for her.
Jason: But I want her to wear something special of hers, she showed me this beautiful diadem once… but I can’t find it in her study!
Jason: Do you think we can find it in the bunker, <Name>?
Jason: Well, I’ll give Katrina River over to Florence and Silvano and you and I can look there, <Name>!

Investigate Secret Bunker.
Jason: This bunker is kinda creepy, <Name>.
Jason: If you think that her diadem could be buried in that box of supplies, then have a look!

Examine Box of Supplies.
Jason: Your instincts were right, <Name>! There’s the diadem Victoria showed me!
Jason: But you’re right, it’s dirty and a bit rusted…
Jason: I’ll salvage it! I’ll clean it so Victoria can wear it at her funeral!
Jason: I’ll take this to the laboratory, Thomas, Silvano and Florence are there anyway preparing the funeral arrangements.
Jason: Come and see us in a few hours when you’re done your paperwork and prepped to attend the funeral!

Analyze Funeral Preparations.
(Everyone is now wearing black attire.)
Jason: Welcome, <Name>! We’re done with the funeral preparations.
Thomas: Jason did a marvellous job cleaning Victoria’s diadem.
Jason: And now it lies on the head of it's owner.
Silvano: We got red and white flowers for her funeral.
Florence: And I booked the venue at her favourite spot in Aurelia, the lookout point of Aurelia in Viola Gardens!
Thomas: It’s better there than in the Arctic Forest anyway.
Silvano: Indeed it is, we should go now to not be late for Victoria’s funeral!

Go to the funeral and listen to Mayor Vansickle’s speech.
(Everyone is wearing black attire.)
Jonathan: We’re here to bury and remember a brave member of the police, Victoria Ashworth, who fought till the end.
Jonathan: She was raised as a member of royalty, served as a law enforcing member of justice and now will be remembered as a hero in Aurelia’s darkest hour.
Silvano (with Jason): She gave us the piece to complete our team, to make us feel safe and cared for.
Thomas (with Fiona): Her love for literature made her a smart woman, who knew a lot about the people that lived before us.
Ruth (with Dominic): Her kindness and care for her colleagues allowed her guests to enjoy a cup of tea whenever anyone visited her.
Lydia (with Callum): Her daring intelligence allowed us to find us more leads when there was none to scour…
Florence (holding Katrina River): She did everything to ensure that crime would never rise above the hands of justice.
Jonathan: She did everything to make sure that her family and friends would be safe and happy, under the rule of true justice.
Jonathan: That’s why we’ll remember her as a brave soul who will rest in peace, her death not unavenged.
Evelyn: Rest in peace, Victoria. You’ll be remembered for many years after.
Silvano: Thank you for being here, <Name>. In fact, I have something that I think Victoria would want you to have.
Silvano: It’s… Victoria’s flower crown. I fixed it up and made it much better. I want you to have it.
Silvano: And as always, I’m thankful to have you in my team!

A few days after the funeral…
Evelyn: Thank you for being here, <Name>. I’m just still thinking about my memories with Victoria and they still hurt a bit…
Evelyn: But I want to venture into Victoria’s study and see if I can find anything to remember her…
Evelyn: You mind joining me, <Name>?

Investigate Victoria’s Study.
Evelyn: Wow, it feels empty now that Victoria won’t wander this study again… Hopefully she is in spirit.
Evelyn: I see you got some torn pieces! I wonder what those pieces were.
Evelyn: Good idea! Let’s restore it and quickly!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Evelyn: Surprise, <Name>! It’s a farewell card!
Evelyn: I learned about your planned resignation and departure for a new city, so I had Chief Ashton and the crew organize a farewell party for you!
Evelyn: We just couldn’t let you go without a proper farewell!
Evelyn: Well, everyone else is gathered at Florence’s house! We should go and join them!

Attend the goodbye party with Evelyn Rodriguez.
The Team: Surprise!
Evelyn: See, we couldn’t let you go without a goodbye!
Silvano: Definitely not! Come on and have a seat with us!
Evelyn: We will miss you, but we’ll still cherish the memories you brought us throughout Aurelia.
Ruth: Like how you figured out my innocence in that cold case and taking down a criminal organization. I could never thank you enough for helping me rest those demons away.
Fiona: Or when we ended up finding my brother’s dog in a trash can in Cascade Cove!
Lydia: What about Silvano facing all of those male strippers in that whip strangulation case?
Lydia: But despite Laura’s death, you really taught me how to be a great detective, <Name>.
Callum: The dangers of my home Island was terrifying, but you really helped me face my fears and stand up against my so-called “friend” and my mother. You also showed me that…
Callum (holding Lydia’s hand): That I can still find pure souls in those I know and can love for many years after.
Dominic: You really showed your skill from the start, especially taking down the Scorpions in Grim Harbour! Even if my sister remains in prison, I know that you did the right thing.
Thomas: I may have fled the Agency once, but you taught me how I shouldn’t have kept secrets and trusted my colleagues in order to let justice take down crime. I thank you for giving me a life lesson I’ll keep to my heart.
Jason (holding Katrina River): If It wasn’t for you, Silvano and I could’ve never forged a family with dear Katrina River…
Jason (with Silvano and Katrina River): Our love for each other is true as the pure snow.
Florence: You showed admiring work in the last year and more, especially dealing with a creepy cult executing people, mafia gangs going into a war, and unmasking my own husband as a murderer. I’ll never forget that.
Evelyn: You taught us everything we needed to learn, and Victoria’s bravery is proof of that. She’ll be there for all of us, I just know it.
Ruth: The drinks and food are welcoming. Have a bite if you like.
Silvano: Yes, enjoy the food and drinks, you have a lot of time before you go!

A couple hours later...
Silvano: You know, we should get you going. I’ll drive you to the airport.
Silvano: It’ll give me a chance to say some last words to you before I bade you farewell anyway, so let’s go!

Go to the airport with Silvano Macerno before the flight to Stonemoor.
Silvano: I have to say, you taught us all something. Even you taught me something too.
Silvano: You taught me that I can still love, trust and care for those around me despite my little sister getting killed at my own mother’s hands.
Silvano: I may not forgive what PANDORA and my mother did to Victoria and Katrina... but I know they can finally rest at peace.
Silvano: I just want to thank you for everything you've done for Aurelia and I wish you all the best in Stonemoor!
Silvano: Farewell, <Name>…

Moments later, on the plane...
Spencer: <Rank> <Name>, am I right?
Spencer: It's nice to make your acquittance!
Spencer: I'm here to ensure you have a safe journey to Stonemoor, and so we can get to know each other and more about our nice city huddled in the mountains and the police force that protects it from the hidden demons...
Spencer: But anyway, you're here! So we should get into our seats!
Spencer: Here's to another adventure!
TO BE CONTINUED... in Stonemoor, a city lost in the past!

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