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Isabella Roux
Full name Isabella Roux
Other name(s) Ceres (SSS Codename)
Prodigy-Kitty (by Murphy)
Nationality WE06 France
Residence Oxford, England
Family Reuss Stein (Adoptive Father)
Thalia Stein (Adotive Mother)
Mark Stein (Adoptive Brother; Love Interest)
Profession Junior Biologist/Analyst for the SSS
Affiliation(s) SSS
Appearance(s) All cases regarding Project Stein
Personal Info
Gender ♀ Female
Status Alive (As of 15 June 2007)
Birthday 4 June 1988
Death N/A
Height 149 cm (4'11)
Weight 42 kg (93 lbs)
Blood Type AB+
Eye Color Blue
Hair color Blond
Do not judge Isabella by her look!
—Isabella Roux
Isabella Roux is a young genius who works as a Junior Analyst in Stein's Scientists Squadron. She was the adoptive daughter of Reuss and Thalia Stein.


Isabella is the 17-year old junior analyst of SSS. Isabella has the traits of a stereotypical cute girl: petite build, youthful face, and a somewhat childish attitude. She has long blond hair that reaches up to her waist. Isabella has blue eyes and wears a badge with 'Ceres' engraved on it. She also dons a white lab coat over a long, turquoise dress.


Altough Isabella is a genius prodigy, she acts somewhat childish. Isabella seems to have a typical innocent and naive attitude, and boosted by her cute look and petite build, had led many peoples to be mistaken of her age. Isabella oftens refer herself in third-person.

She is also clumsy, and tends to trips or bumps on tables or chairs. Due to Isabella's childish attitude, she is somehow afraid of the dark and insects, an unusual phobia for girls her age. And last but not least, Isabella harbored a deep feeling for her adoptive brother Mark Stein, who had a crush on Flo.

Personal Life

Isabelle is born in Cannes, France, at 7 June 1988.

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Case Appearances

As one of the main characters of Project Stein, Isabella appeared in all cases.

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