Into the Woods Dialogues
Into the Woods

Into the Woods Dialogues

Opening Leni: What? You found some persons chasing each other, that should be a murder!                                                                                                                                        
Wendy: Yeah, but if i lied, i saw the person handling a stapler, sorry if don't recognize the gender.                                                                                                                            
Leni: Boy or girl, let's go, but where did they go.                                                                                                                                                                    
Wendy: The woods, i saw a sign! The East Woods and...                                                                                                                                                                  
Leni: Thanks Wendy, <name>, let's go and catch them!

Chapter 1

Investigate East Woods

Leni: Ouch, this one is a headache for me, yuck! The smell! It's like a garbage,  it stinks. But you found the victim's body, let's head it for the autopsy!                                                          
Leni: Yeah, and a torn card, looks like a new visitor, <name>. How about you fix it let's see what's inside.                                                                                                          
Leni: Ok, the stapler is defintely our murder weapon, let's head it to Peter if he can found anything stuck inside.                                                                                                    
Leni: Let's solve this investigation, and let's go talk to Wendy. I hope she will hlep in this murder, if she found any outfit.
Talk to Wendy Lopez

Leni: Hi, Wendy, thanks you didn't lie.                           
Wendy: Ok, but i am sick today, uh.                                                                                  
Leni: Oh, it's ok, but do you know the victim, perhaps?                                                                                                                                                                
Wendy: No, but i heard he is an archeologist who found the zlati kamen or should i say "Golden Stone"                                                                                                                  
Leni: Ok thank you, Wendy! An archeologist, huh, zlati kamen?                                                                                                                                                          
Leni: Yeah, by the way, thank you for sharing information

Leni: Whooh, i'm pretty sure Wendy can help us all the time, but maybe, i saw her wearing a badge.                                                                                                                    
Leni: Nevermind, let's write that name down!

Examine Torn Card

Leni: This card must've been ruined by the killer, they torned this beautiful card, let's take a look closer on it, see if we can find a new evidence.

Examine Card

Leni: Pffh, a DNA, really, <name>.
Leni: Oh sorry, but anyway let's send this to Gerry.

Analyze DNA

Leni: Hi, Gerry, nice to meet you!
Gerry: Nice to meet you, too. Anyway, i have analyzed this DNA for sure and i can tell you who torned this card.
Gerry: This will be a suspect named, Reese Lamman.
Leni: Reese Lamman, yeah, i know her. She is a femme fatale.
Leni: Well let's wrap that Reese Lamman right away, and by the way, let's write that down.

Question Reese Lamman about the invitation Card

Leni: Your Reese Lamman, right, why your DNA are on the torn invitation card?
Reese: It's NOTHING! I hate to read it, it jsut about me, about my family, my life!
Leni: But, why did you torn it!
Reese: It's just nothing, about that stupid invitation card!
Leni: Stupid? Huh, its' royalty, the text is glitter and gold! 
Reese: But, it's nothing, but if you make me a prime suspect, i don't know why.
Leni: Pff, ok, but do you know the victim?
Reese: Who victim? Victim of what?
Leni: A murder happened on the woods.
Leni: Reese? 
Reese: Ugh, a murder, so much murder happening!
Leni: Whatever, Reese, but we will talk to you later again, let's talk to Wendy Lopez if she knows now the victim.

Analyze Stapler

Leni: Hi, Peter, what's the news, any evidence found?
Peter: This is your murder weapon! It matches the wounds on the victim, so this is the murder weapon! Ouch! Well, i found pink substances near the stapler and they were chemical compounds on it---
Leni: Peter, what are those chemical compounds?!
Peter: They were makeup, definitely makeup! It means that the killer rubbed her face before the victim was killed! And pink substances were all over!
Peter: Hmm, Wendy Lopez wears pink makeup! Why don't you talk to her?
Leni: Thanks, Peter, let's talk to Wendy if she can say a thing!

Question Wendy Lopez the victim's name

Leni: Hi again, Wendy. We would like to ask you what's the victim's name.
Wendy: I told you. I don't know.
Leni: I thought you know, you have a task, right?
Wendy: Oh, sorry. Nevermind, i'm weird today. Anyway.
Wendy: He's Rodrick Rye, an archeologist. So, better i can help next time.
Leni: Jesus Christ, thanks, Wendy! Hope you can help more soon!
Wendy: Your welcome.

Leni: Alright, beachers. Let's go to the victim's house, or should i say, Mansion.

Investigate Victim's Mansion

Leni: Oh my sparks! Stapler bullets, covered in blood! We better found out whose blood is these!

Examine Stapler Bullets

Leni: Hmmm.. Just what we're looking for, blood and glory! Well, send it right now!
Leni: Sorry for being a boss. Haha..

Analyze Blood

Leni: Peter, what's the news from the blood we found?
Peter: Yeah, the blood, i cannot extract it, but i found the blood type and whose blood it is!
Leni: Really, maybe it is a new suspect?
Peter: You betcha, Rica's blood is here. Rica accidentally staplered her finger, blood came out and the stapler bullets were matched in the murder weapon!
Leni: Woah! Maybe Rica is the killer, but we need consistent evidences to arrest. So, why don't we talk to her?

Confront Rica why her blood is on the stapler bullet Leni: Hi, Rica. We are the cops, GPD. We need serious talking here.
Rica: Why? You'll arrest me?! No! You won't!
Leni: No, your blood is on the stapler bullet.
Rica: And? Is that a problem? People laughed at me because i staplered my finger!
Rica: Ugh, those crazy people. Sorry, i have to leave, i have to makeup my face, i am going somewhere.
Leni: Oh, ok. See ya..

Leni: I thought suspects are nice, but for me, na ah. Nevermind, also half of people wears a purplish badge. A flowery badge.
Leni: But maybe there's a new group of members here in Sunny Seaside. Hmm..

Autopsy Victim's Body Leni: Roxan, what's the news here.
Roxan: The killer left a lot of evidences. First thing, nevrax! The killer takes nevrax because there were nevrax pills on the pockets, but the victim never ever take one of that.
Roxan: Feverishly, the stapler Peter gaved to me matches the wounds, and for me, there were makeup also.
Roxan: He was lifeless! The killer is really angry with the victim! 17 stabs? Incredible!
Leni: Thanks, Roxan! Nevrax huh, makeup also.

Leni: This case is really sick! Ugh.
Gerry: Leni! Leni! I have something to tell you!
Leni: What's the hurry?
Gerry: Adam Rye has something to tell you, he needs a talk!

Chapter 2

Investigate Riverside

Leni: A pile of nails? Don't let yourself be pricked, or screwed!

Examine Pile of Nails

Leni: A faded note, huh. Let's use forensic powder in it, it can reveal something important!

Examine Note

Leni: Oh, Wendy! Wendy gossiped about the victim! She needs a talk now, she can't gossip like that, it's a victim!

Talk to Adam Rye 

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