Into the Slavic Nest
Season 1
City Fario
District Immigrant's Square
Case Number 43
Date of Release 18 December 2018
Partner(s) Lena Lovato
Preceded by Succeeded by
Under My Katana Higher Death
(in Higher House)

Into the Slavic Nest is a case in Season 1 of Criminal Case in Immigrant's Square, district based in Fario.


Lena and the player went to the Easter Brick HQ to stop and arrest all members, but instead of arrest, the team found the body of Andrea Bor, Serbo-Croatian community leader on the table.

Quick after the investigation started, the team already had Satoshi Kyoto, Robert Savenski, Ling Yin and  Alberto Ferrari as suspects.
After the autopsy, Phillip approached the team and said that Solomon Krause was released from prison. Lena and the player rushed to the Cafe to find Solomon. He said that the player should be careful how they will call him since he is Deputy Mayor now. The team later found that Ling had affair with the victim and that Satoshi had a big disagreement with her. During interrogation, he mentioned that the victim was the leader of Eastern Brick and him second-in-command, which led to his arrest. 

Later on, Mia approached the team and said that Robert was about to give a public speech. He gave a speech about the victim and how weak she is when she tried to cancel plans of Eastern Brick, like she started to act well on the end. That was enough evidence for the team to arrest Robert for being part of Eastern Brick. In the later investigation, the team found that Alberto was paid by the unknown person to kill the victim, but he claimed that he would never harm his own girlfriend.

Later, the team arrested Robert for the murder of Andrea Bor. He denied but later he confessed everything. He said that he killed her because she was ready to tell everything to the police. He continued and said that he was ready to kill Satoshi too and then take control of Eastern Brick and destroy the whole district. Judge York sentenced him and Satoshi to life imprisonment for the murder and involvement with the terrorist group.

Post-trial, Chief wanted from the player and Lena to search about Solomon's release from prison and how he become deputy mayor that quick. The team spoke with him, but he refused to tell anything. Then the team went to speak with Mayor Price. She said that Solomon never became a deputy mayor and that she will see what exactly happened. Later, in HQ, Chief approached the team and tell the team to go quickly in Higher House since someone tried to kill the Mayor and her family. 



  • Andrea Bor (found shot inside Eastern Brick HQ)

Murder Weapon:

  • Gun


  • Robert Savenski

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer knows to handle guns.
  • The Killer knows binary.
  • The Kille plays domino.
  • The Killer wears green.
  • The Killer wears brooch.
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