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Independence Slay
Bataille Waterloo 1815 reconstitution 2011 3
Season 1
City Starlight Shores
District La Mirada
Case Number 17
Partner(s) Linda Potters
Preceded by Succeeded by
Screamboat Thorn in the Side

Independence Slay is the seventeenth case in Starlight Shores and the second one situated in the La Mirada district.


Previously, Linda and the player went to a re-enactment of the American War of Independence to find an Omega Labs associate in the crowd. Upon arrival they find Martin Bird's body in a field, with multiple stab wounds in his chest. After autopsy, Malcolm Hia explained Martin had been stabbed repeatedly with a weapon, most likely a bayonet.

The team found three suspects: Lawrence Osborne (land proprietor and owner of the fields Martin was found in), Amelia Darien (the victim's girlfriend) and Callum Constantine (a petty thief in La Mirada) before hearing news that a train had derailed on the outskirts of La Mirada.

After investigating the derailed train, the team suspected two more people: Charlie Newark (a train driver) and Franklin Osborne (the victim's childhood friend). The team then received reports that Callum had broken into the Osborne's estate.

After a traumatic case the team arrested Franklin for the murder. Franklin explained he was the Masked Man, working for Omega Labs to take care of scientists who no longer wanted to work on their project. When asked what this project was, Franklin went silent saying he had said too much. The judge sentenced him to life in prison.

In the Party is Over, the player and Linda hear that Alice Crane was involved in a fight along the boardwalk with infamous mobster Dayiu. When asked why, Alice stated she saw Dayiu in the middle of an illegal deal. After investigating, Dayiu covered her tracks and said it was a meeting about the future of her business, the shop in China Town, Central City. Linda and the player decided more investigation had to be done into Dayiu's recent suspicious actions.

They were interrupted when Alice reported a break in at Omega Labs' research centre and they had to get there quickly.



  • Martin Bird (found dead in a field, his chest stabbed repeatedly)

Murder Weapon

  • Bayonet


  • Franklin Osborne


Calm down, partner. This section is soon to be added.


Calm down, partner. This section is soon to be added.

Killer's Profile

  • The killer plays piano.
  • The killer gambles.
  • The killer eats macaroon.
  • The killer wears a hat.
  • The killer has a cut.

Crime Scenes

Re-enactment Field Cannon Re-enactment Field Bonus
Boardwalk Boat Exterior Boardwalk Bonus
Derailed Train Carriage Seats Derailed Train Carriage Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The Party is Over (2/8)


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