Ina Khanna
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Biographical information
Full name Ina Khanna
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1986
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Affiliation(s) Pinefield Police Department
Pinefield Police Department
Rank Coroner
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #1: Sticks and Stones (s1)
With great skills comes great analysis results... or something like that.
—Ina Khanna

Ina Khanna is a main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case, where she serves as the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Pinefield Police Department.


31 years of age, Ina has long black hair styled in a braid and green eyes. She is also adorned with large gold earrings, a silver nose ring, a tilaka mark, and a gold jhoomer with rubies and pearls on her forehead and braid, and a layer of thick red lipstick. Ina normally sports a dark blue lab coat with a small white biohazard symbol on the left along with a light blue buttoned shirt underneath. Other than that, Ina wears a set of golden charms consisting of prayer beads, the Hindi writing of "Om", a nirvana tree, and an elephant.

Ina is known to be witty, enthusiastic, and not afraid to get her hands dirty when performing her job. She likes ice skating and jewelry making, as well as telling facts about her autopsies. It is also known that Ina loves to snack on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and her favorite animal is a cat—specifically of the Maine Coon breed.


As the Chief Medical Examiner (Coroner) of the Pinefield Police Department, Ina has the responsibility of carefully examining and analyzing each murdered corpse, and to inform the team of such results after a certain amount of time or a speed-up process using Criminal Case Cash. Her task-wait rates will vary depending on the difficulty of the task, but they all cost 1 Criminal Case Cash per 30 minutes. It should be noted that she also conducts physical analyses at times.

Ina often makes jokes and tells interesting facts about the victim's death whenever she finishes autopsying their body. These jokes are either a twist on how they died, or something relating to them.

Below is the list of analyses Ina performs throughout the course of the game:

Case #1: Sticks and Stones

Case #2: A Heart of Gold

  • Colleen's Body (18:00:00)
  • Heart (09:00:00)

Case #3: Aim of the Game

Case #4: Fresh off the Boat

Case #5: Ride or Die

Case #6: Tooth and Nail


The player may choose Ina to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Pinefield case) and provide hint bonuses. She is available as a 3-hint partner.

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