Chapter 1

Jean: <name> I have a feeling we're in the home stretch. Not much longer now and we'll have Jacob, Jackson, and Patricia Sanders behind bars!

Delaney: I agree and we know Jacob is Jackson's personal hitman or at least we can suspect as much.

George: then what are we waiting for let's question Jacob!

Jean: I agree. Delaney, <name> Jacob's last known location was the sidewalk a block away from the Blue Lobster

New Crime Scene!: sidewalk

Delaney: Are kidding me! we found Jacob, but he's dead! ugh just our luck I hope digging through that pile of metal will give a lead. this torn newspaper will definitely be something! let's get to it.

Examine: torn newspaper

Delaney: so the people on this newspaper are the victim and Eugene. the last time we saw Eugene was after we arrested Sebastian's killer. I agree we should talk to Eugene about his relationship with the victim

New Suspect!: Eugene Merz

Examine: pile of metal

Delaney: this is a engagement ring with our victim's name on it. You're right we know that Saundra Sanders is Jacob's fiancée I agree we need to have a word with her

New suspect!: Saundra sanders

Question Eugene about his relationship with the victim

Eugene: hello officers.

Delaney: Mr. Merz we have Found Jacob murdered and-

Eugene: He's dead? well I guess now he can't harm my brother. Y'know <rank><name> I thought we were friends

Delaney: you two were friends

Eugene: that's right. We met a while ago back when I was still in school and we became friends. He seemed cool enough, But then I learn that he was a hitman for Jackson! I hate his guts now.

Question Saundra about her relationship with the victim

Saundra: Please tell me you've arrested my grandma.

Delaney: we are getting close to it. However, that's not why we're here your fiancée was murdered

Saundra: was he? my condolences to those who cared about him.

Delaney: that's not the reaction I was expecting

Saundra: Jacob was a fine man, but I never loved him Patricia was the one who organized our marriage and without my consent! I never wanted to marry the man!

Saundra: it was because of our forced engagement that I stopped caring about him. I know it sounds harsh, but I can't lie and say I valued his time. I can only say that he liked eating at the blue Lobster.

Delaney: that's a lead if I ever saw one! let's go <name>!

New Crime Scene!: Blue Lobster

Delaney: the second time I've been here is in a murder investigation. This place is cursed. you're right though that trash can will be hiding a clue and that faded lunch menu may give us food, and a lead

Examine: Lunch menu

Delaney: well, what do you know on this menu it says that butcher Ryan Martin sent in a lot of meat here. I agree there may be a chance he knew the victim let's talk to him

New Suspect!: Ryan Martin

Examine: Trash can

Delaney: what in the world? why is there a AK47 in this trash can let's send it to George he'll find out why.

Talk to Ryan Martin to see if he knew the Victim

Delaney: Mr. Martin?

Ryan: ah, <rank><name>! how are you?

Delaney: never better. Jacob, on the other hand has been murdered.

Ryan: Jacob who? sorry if this sounds harsh, but I don't know any Jacob's

Delaney: you knew his brother

Ryan: just because I knew James doesn't mean I knew Jacob. I apologize I can't be more of a help. I hope you arrest the killer though. Justice must be served

George: I told you Devin, you can't get Ak47's in north korea!

Devin: I disagree George as long as you can teleport.

George: <name>, help

Delaney: perhaps once we've arrest this killer.

George: well that's gonna be a while. Anyway this AK47 belongs to Jacob.

Delaney: it's the victim's?

Devin: that it is and on closer inspection there were fibers in the smallest crevice of this gun

George: I got Sally to help and she identified them as fibers for gloves

Devin: however, your victim didn't wear gloves meaning your killer wears a pair

Delaney: they may wear gloves, but that won't be for much longer now won't it?

The killer wears gloves

Grayson: sis, I often wonder what it's like being dead.

Delaney: why do you wonder that?

Grayson: well, I autopsy so many that I can't help it!

Delaney: wow.

Grayson: anyway I cn tell you your killer had a lot of rage for your victim.

Delaney: why do you say that

Grayson: well, Jacob's head was nearly cut off. and I can tell you you're looking for a fairly bloody pocketknife

Delaney: that's a gruesome image.

Grayson: that's good though. Because your killer wound have to get their hand at least partially in the wound and that's were I saw a single noodle from chicken noodle soup

Delaney: that means our killer eats Chicken Noodle soup!

The killer eats Chicken noodle soup

Delaney: well, this case is driving me bonkers. We find Jacob Cockran murdered and we don't know too much about anything else Eugene has just got a newfound grudge for the victim, Saundra never really loved the victim, and Ryan has no idea who he is!

Franklin: yeah, well maybe you'd be farther along if I was the Detective on the case!

Chapter 2

Delaney: Franklin. What do you mean?

Franklin: I mean that I deserve to be the one investigating this case! not you!

Jean: Franklin Delano Reed! stop that this instant!

Franklin: Chief Richardson! I, uh, deserve to be the detective on this case

Jean: not if that's your attitude

Delaney: now that that's settled perhaps we should look around the victim's house. we may have a lead

New crime Scene!: victim's house

Delaney: I will never get used to all this gold. anyway what'd you find? a camera? can you unlock it and a faded note? alright and a pile of clothes? can you dig through that? Y'know to spare me the mental pain.

Examine: Pile of clothes

Delaney: Woah! that a bloody ticket. let's send it to Sally.

Examine: Camera

Delaney: alright let's send that to Govis maybe he'll find something of note

Examine: faded note

Delaney: it says 'Jacob, I'm done the marriage is over. I'm not marrying someone I'm related to!' it's signed by Saundra Sanders you're right Saundra's mother was the product of Patricia and James and Jacob is James's brother, So yeah they're related it turns out Saundra got the will to revolt against her grandma by calling the marriage off let's question her

Question Saundra about calling the marriage off

Saundra: <rank><name> do you happen to have and Chicken noodle soup on hand?

Delaney: no, because we're here to question why you called the marriage off.

Saundra: because Jacob was family even if it meant getting disowned from the will I'm not marrying a member of my family! it's just wrong! being friends with Jacob I'm okay with, but I'm not going to marry him!

Delaney: well if we find out you killed him to prevent your marriage you'll be in prison

Saundra Sanders eats Chicken noodle soup

Govis: hello <name> and Delaney. I really hope Franklin gets fired.

Delaney: there's no reason to fire him, Govis maybe suspension, but not getting sacked

Govis: Bummer. Anyway, I found a conversation that you'll find interesting on this recording

Start of recording

Jackson: Jacob, c'mon lets rob the bank like ol' times!

Jacob: but the police are investigating crimes now

JAckson: so what? they're just a whole bunch of idiots besides we never got caught before!

Delaney: well, well Jackson finally made a mistake. <name> are you ready to arrest that punk?

New suspect!: Jackson O'Neil

Arrest Jackson O'Niel

Jackson<name> can you leave me alone? I'm trying to make a honest living for myself. I'm running out of Chicken noodle soup as we speak

Delaney: well, Jackson. You're under arrest for the robbery of the St Ronde bank!

Jackson: how'd you find out about that?! Jacob was supposed to remove the footage!

Delaney: well, he got murdered earlier, so maybe that's the reason

Jackson: No! with one of us dead, and the other in prison. Our plans will fall apart!

Delaney: that's the point. Jackson you're under arrest

Delaney: Sally, I admit I'm getting exhausted of so many murders.

Sally: well, it's how St Ronde is thanks to Jacob, Jackson, And Senator Sanders

Sally: speaking of which the blood on this is your victim's however, the destination shows that the destination is Japan a place in which Jacob never went.

Delaney: So why's his blood on the passport to japan?

Sally: because your killer has been to Japan before!

Delaney; well that's another piece of evidence against our killer!

The killer has been to Japan

Delaney: we're doing great in this investigation so far. we should return to the blue lobster though

New Crime Scene!: Blue Lobster Tables

Delaney: okay what have you found? a stack of papers? the labels gone perhaps you can reveal it? and that's a ripped up ticket let's repair it!

Examine: faded label

Delaney: it's a psychiatric report? but why is it here you're right we should send it to Simon

Examine: ticket

Delaney: so this ticket belongs to Patricia. I agree we need to talk to her. you got the cuffs?

New Suspect: Patricia Sanders

Arrest Patricia Sanders

Delaney: senator Sanders you're under arrest.

Patricia: on what grounds?

Delaney: Criminal conspiracy

PAtricia: what?! Jacob was supposed to clean up all the evidence while I force Saundra to got to Japan again.

Delaney: and you're never going there again!

Patricia: can I at least get some Chicken noodle soup in prison?

Delaney: nope!

Patricia Sanders eats Chicken noodle soup and has been to Japan

Saundra Sanders has been to Japan

Simon: The story detailed in this psychiatric report is a sad one.

Delaney: sad in what way

Simon that the patient, Eugene Merz, claims that the person who killed his high school girlfriend was Jacob Cockran.

Delaney: wait what?

Simon: according to this report. Eugene's girlfriend, Nala yume was shot to death the police arrested Eugene who claimed that Jacob Cockran killed Nala.

Delaney: that's certainly a motive for murder let's grill Eugene about this

Question Eugene about the psychiatric report

Eugene: Do you happen to have any Chicken noodle soup? I'm not buying any until I have enough money to go back to Japan

Delaney: Eugene, we found the psychiatric report

Eugene: you believe me right? the one who murdered my high school love was Jacob! I know it was! I was wrongly imprisoned and they doctors treated me like I was crazy, but I'm not! I never killed anyone and it's thanks to Jacob that everyone looks at me like I'm a criminal!

Delaney: well, if we find out you killed Jacob you'll be a criminal

Eugene Merz eats Chicken noodle soup and has been to Japan

Delaney:<name> I don't know what to say a lot of things are coming to the surface like how Eugene claims Jacob killed his School love, and we put Jackson and Patricia behind bars. we still have a lot of investigation to do before we can close this case

Chapter 3

Delaney: you're right <name> we need to go to the victim's hou-

Jean: <name> we got a situation!

Delaney: what's the situation?

Jackson O'Neil has escaped! witnesses say he ran to your victim's house

Delaney: was he? we need to go there ASAP

New Crime Scene!: golden bed

Delaney: Jackson! hands up!

Jackson: how'd you find me so quick?

Delaney: word of the wise, if you're escaping from custody don't head to a crime scene

Jackson darned!

Delaney: we'll have a conversation with him soon. after we look at that message on that table 'it's your fault I lost my job!'

Delaney: who could've written that? I agree let's check the handwriting in the database! and there's a phone. can you unlock it?

Examine: handwriting

Delaney: so the handwriting belongs to Ryan Martin? he told us he didn't know Jacob let's ask him why he lied!

Examine: phone

Delaney: good job unlocking it! let's send it to Govis

Grill Jackson on his escape

Delaney: so Jackson how did freedom taste? you won't feel it much longer

Jackson: no judge will find me guilty I tell you

Delaney: really? I highly doubt that Jackson!

Ask Ryan about his message

Ryan: <rank><name> do you happen to find my chicken noodle soup? I want to eat the last of it before I go to Japan.

Delaney: before that. Why did you write that message to Jacob

Ryan: I should really stop lying, but yeah I wrote that y'know the reason why I'm working here it's because Jacob ruined my business! after James died Jacob claimed that my meat was cursed! And the mayor ordered me to shut my business down and it's all Jacob's fault!

Delaney: I really hope you didn't kill Jacob to get revenge for him ending your business

Ryan Martin eat Chicken noodle soup and has been to Japan

Delaney: Govis, have you found anything on the phone

Govis; in fact I have. It turns out Patricia wanted to kill Jacob, because he was making a mess of their plans

Delaney: well, in that case we need to question Patricia

Question Patricia about her threat to the victim

Delaney: Patricia we have evidence that you threatened to kill Jacob

Patricia: doesn't mean I did, but yes I wanted him gone in fact I'm the one who hired the killer to kill him

Delaney: the killer is a hired gun?

Patricia: duh, our plans are too important to get our own hands dirty!

Delaney: well if you did get your hands dirty <rank><name> will know

Delaney: I'm so tired of this. you're right we need to go the crime scene we might find something we missed

New Crime Scene!: fire hydrant

Delaney: tell me you found Something. you did? yes you found a single cloth with blood. that's it? well let's send it to sally at any rate

Sally: Never have I ever analyzed something that gave us two clues, Delaney

Delaney: this gives us two clues? that means we can arrest the killer

Sally: yes, that's right these Skin cells may not have told us who exactly the killer is, but they told me they are male and have green eyes

Delaney: that'll do in a pinch

The killer has green eyes and is male

Delaney; alright<name> we're about to arrest this killer! they're not far now!

Take care of the killer now!

Delaney: Ryan Martin you're under arrest for the murder of Jacob Cockran

Ryan: what? I told you I didn't kill Jacob!

Delaney: then tell us why we found some of your fibers from your glove in the victim's gun

Ryan: I'm not the only one with Gloves

Delaney: we also found a noodle from your Chicken noodle soup in the victim's neck wound

Ryan(sweating): I'm not the only one who eats Chicken noodle soup either!

Delaney: give it up, Ryan! we found your skin cells on the handkerchief you wiped you bloody hands on! what I don't understand is why you killed him because he ended your business

Ryan: not just any business! my food poisoning business!

Delaney: food poisoning business?

Ryan: why, yes my friends in other parts of St Ronde use these poisoned foods to kill their enemies and they never got caught thanks to Jackson, Patricia, and Jacob

Ryan: at least so I thought, but then Jacob ratted me out and my business ended my friends in high places need that to kill their enemies! so when Patricia asked me to kill Jacob I didn't hesitate!

Delaney: you're a psycho! Ryan Martin you're under arrest for murder and who knows how many more attempted murders and murders

Kane: Ryan Martin you're accused of the murder of Jacob Cockran

Ryan: guilty your honor. And I'd do it again if I could

Kane: your a sick man Ryan! you're the third life sentence I'm giving out today.

jean: good job <name> and Delaney!

Delaney: we put Jackson and Patricia in prison. Along with putting a butcher in prison

Jean: there are still loose ends like who were these friends Ryan mentioned and where is the murder weapon now?

Corruption in the police department (6/6)

Delaney: how did we miss the murder weapon <name>? we almost always find it! you're right to the crime scene we go!

Zoe: uh <rank><name> I need help. I think someone has stolen my life savings!

Delaney: crap that is serious.

Delaney: name which one will you do first? finding our missing murder weapon or helping Zoe find her life savings?

Ask Zoe about her missing life savings

Franklin: finally, something to do. Alright lady what do you need?

Zoe: I can already tell that you're going to be a as*****. Anyway, When I was eating at the Blue Lobster I had 75% of My money. Which is about half a billion dollars

Franklin: You must be complete idiot for losing half a billion dollars!

Zoe: that's not true! I had the highest IQ out of all of my classmates.

Franklin: Women can't have the highest IQ out of everyone in a classroom. That's the men's job! You're right name we need to go to the Blue Lobster

Investigate: Blue Lobster

Franklin: hey look there's a fairly large bag it has Zoe's initials. Someone didn't steal I. You want to check for fingerprints? Go ahead, but you'll only find Zoe's

Examine: Bag of money

Franklin: you got prints I guess analyze them in the database

Examine: prints

Franklin: What?! the prints belong to Harvey Hendrik? I guess we should question him about this

Question Harvey about the theft

Harvey: hello officers! what do you need?

Franklin: how about some respect. You stole from a women. I must say you picked a good gender to steal from

Harvey: about that... you see it's a big misunderstanding I just saw a bag on the ground and picked it up. when I grabbed it I realized it had a lot of money and just threw it someplace

Franklin: well, guess what? you're paying a fine!

Franklin: Don't worry <name> I'm not that sexist it's true I consider men to be superior, but I don't force it down people's throats.

Investigate: sidewalk

Delaney: aha! a bloody newspaper!

Delaney: wait it's just that a bloody newspaper. Are you serious!

Delaney: You're right we should send this to Sally

Delaney: Sally We're in a need to find the murder weapon!

Sally: don't worry I easily found the blood to be Jacob's

Delaney: so this held the murder weapon?

Sally; oh, yes it did and I found Ryan's prints, but I found a second pair of prints

Delaney: really?

Sally: oh, yes it matched a previous suspect of yours. Zachary Miller.

Delaney: That 18 year old kid from glen's murder?

Sally: yes, apparently glen was really rich I mean filthy rich because Zachary went from having 30 dollars to having 900 billion dollars! I got this from the internet if you must know

Delaney: that means glen was insanely rich!

Sally: and we don't know where our rich man is.

Delaney: are you kidding?

Sally: no, but we know where his brother is.

Delaney: well, I guess we'll have a conversation with his brother then

Ask Connor Miller about his brother's location

Connor: oh, the police. I know it's been a bit after my father's death, but thanks for arresting that maniac

Delaney: it's what we do. That's kinda why we're asking you where Zachary is.

Connor: he went to influential mile. Apparently that was the first place our ancestor, William Ronde built in this city.

Delaney: he's in influential mile? that's a shock, but thank you for your help Connor

Connor: No problem. it's good someone is chasing after him.

Delaney: What do you mean?

Connor: I mean he had a pocketknife covered in blood earlier!

Delaney: that's what we're looking for! thanks Connor

Govis: is what I heard true? Franklin is sexist

Franklin: shut your mouth or I snap you in two!

Jean: meanwhile we know Zachary miller has the murder weapon and is in influential mile. which means we follow him

Delaney: we're off to my home district!

Jean: influential mile is your home district?

Delaney: yes, yes it is.

Jean: I apologize we had to go to your home under such dire circumstances

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