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In the Interest of Justice
General information
Season 8
City Lindordia
District Rochester Regions
Case # 8
Initial release date 19.12.2018
Partner(s) Maddie O'Malley
Case chronology
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Strut One's Stuff An Act of God

In the Interest of Justice is a case featured in Criminal Case Back to Past.It takes place in Rochester Regions and it's 8th case of the season,also 2nd one to take place in Rochester Regions.


After last investigation,team decided to discover more secrets of Rochester family.Earlier today,Chief Baldwin informed the team about a murder right before trial.Team went to courtroom and saw dead body of convict Vinnie Costa.He was stabbed multiple times.

Mid-investigation,mobster's daughter Giulietta Capecchi ,who was revealed to be victim's girlfriend,got drunk and was found lying in Judge's car.Later,convict Gibby Hayes,who was supposed to go on trial along with Vinnie,escaped.Thankfully team found him hiding on his farm.

The team then found enough evidence to arrest Gibby for a murder.

After denying involovment in a crime,he confessed,saying that it's all over anyways.Vinnie and Gibby willingly helped Archie and Marvin in their sick schemes.They were the ones who helped Marvin put hallucinating drugs in corns.After Justice Corps found out their secret,they were brought on trial.However,Vinnie wanted to take a plea deal that would give him a shorter sentence,meaning that he will reveal ''other plans''.Gibby wanted to shut him up,so he grabbed a knife and killed him while they were alone in a courtroom.Judge Takakura sentenced Gibby to 40 years in prison.

Post-trial,Mayor Knight came to talk with player about ''other plans''' Gibby mentioned.Gibby refused to say anything.Team searched their farm and found pile of bones,that was revealed to be body parts of Monty Rochester.Team believed that Gibby and Vinnie have something to do with it.Team spoke to Gibby who said that he can't say anything or slayer will come after him.Team was confused.

Later,Minnie Starr came to station,saying that she has taken over Madam Xiang's brothel.She wanted to make sure that nobody ruins her business because of Archie's plans.She wanted to have a proper security guards so she asked for help.After a while,team found proper people to make sure nobody harms brothel girls anymore.

After both events,Chief told the team to find out who ''slayer'' is and what they have to do with Archie's plans.Maddie was sure that slayer is the one who killed Monty and is responsible for dissapearence of other 3 members of Rochester family.Katherine then came to station,saying that she discovered that every dissapeared member (including Monty) left paper with 3 drops of blood on their pillow.There is no doubt...we are dealing with a serial killer...



  • Vinnie Costa (stabbed multiple times in courtroom)

Murder Weapons:

  • Knife


  • Gibby Hayes



Crime Scenes

Courtroom-Scales of Justice

Judge's car-Trunk


Killer's Profile

  • The killer reads Pistols and Petticoats.
  • The killer suffers from headaches.
  • The killer smokes cigarettes.
  • The killer wears a hat.
  • The killer has facial hair.