In the Forest is the first case in FUNSimmer's Gloomy Forest and the 6th case in Bridgeport.

In the Forest
Season 1
City Bridgeport
District Gloomy Forest
Case Number 6
Date of Release May 1st, 2016
Partner(s) Alice Marcos
Preceded by Succeeded by
Beauty Dies (In Lake Shore) Humans Don't Fly

Case Plot:

Picking up where the last case left off, the police arrives in Gloomy Forest and the Chief warns the player about the dangers of this district. Also, much to everyone's surprise, she assigns herself as a partner to the player and they go to patrol the forest.


Sofia Valencia (Found hanged on a tree branch)

Murder Weapon:

Not Found Yet


Not Known Yet


Gabriella Diamonds
Height 5'6"
Age 39
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+
Suspect's Profile So far no suspect profile has been found
Suspect's Appearance So far no significant suspect appearance found

Crime Scenes:


Chapter 1:

  • Investigate Forest (Clues: Victim's Body; Locket)


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