In the Act of Nature
General information
Season 8
City Lindordia
District New Fillends
Case # 5
Initial release date 6.12.2018
Partner(s) Katherine Woolf
Case chronology
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You Steal,I Kill Like a Thief in the Night

In the Act of Nature is a case featured in Criminal Case Back to Past.It takes place in New Fillends and it's 5th case of the season,also 5th case of the district.


In previous investigation,team found out that whoever was behind bank and train scandal used the money to buy corn from Irish farmer Colum O'Callaghan.Team went to speak with him at local cattle market,but when they arrived,his friend Marvin Ferrari panickly told them that Colum has been biten by a snake and died.However,Dick analyzed victim's body and found bruising on his wrist,meaning that Colum was tied up and that he has been murdered.

Mid-investigation,baker Albertina Thenard was spotted giving her bread for free to villagers because she wanted to celebrate Colum's death.Later,little girl Adaline Galls ran to police screaming that a big snake is in her basket.The snake revealed to be a murder weapon.The team found enough evidence to arrest Marvin Ferrari for murder.

Upon admitting to murder,Marvin laughed and said that Colum ''knew to much'' and was planning to go to police,so Marvin had to silence him.Katherine and player didn't understood a thing.Before they could sent him on the trial,Chief Baldwin came to player and Katherine saying that someone has broken into their station and stole Rose's guns.Team put Marvin to custody and went to see what happend.They got a note written in Latin,which per Nicholas is a note from mastermind behind this chaos.Mastermind told the team to meet them at midnight at train station tommorow.Since team thought that this was a trap,Rose decided to come with them.

Later on,Minerva found out that Marvin had some conections to the mastermind.Team went to speak with Marvin,who eventually confessed.Marvin said that he has been helping the mastermind to rob a bank and to hijack a train.He didn't know why mastermind wanted this and he only cared about moey that mastermind gave him for his help.Marvin was then sent on trial where Judge Takakura sentenced him to 40 years in prison without any chance for parole.

When midnight time came,Rose,Maddie and player went to train station,but right when they arrived,they heard a loud explosion....



Murder Weapon:

  • Snake




Crime Scenes

Cattle Market-Benches

Big Farm-Garden

Victim's House-Kitchen

Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats mushrooms.
  • The killer sings.
  • The killer wears Wellington boots.
  • The killer has sunburn.
  • The killer has a mole.
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