In for a Shock
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Pharaoh's Den
Case # 30
Initial release date 20.2.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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The Blade of Life The Point of No Contact
(in Yahatu Village)

In for a Shock is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the thirtieth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the sixtieth case overall. It's also the fifth and last one to take place in Pharaoh's Den district.


After Autumn Crimson finally located the person who stole Yahatu Goddess' body from her own tomb, Parker and player headed to the location that Autumn provided. Few minutes later, Parker and player got out of the van and walked through the forest, only to find a weird cave with metal door. After unlocking the door and getting inside, Parker and player saw bones and skeletons in a pool of blood, making them shiver as they realized that this could have been cult's former sacrifical chamber. When they finally reached the bottom, Parker took out his hunting knife in case the person tries to fight them off. However, when they got closer, they found a body of Mayor Jackson Riorta, strapped to the chair and electrocuted. Shocked that Jackson was the person who stole Yahatu Goddess' body, Parker and player sent his body to Caroline and investigated the torture room, along with Jackson's driveway. Later on, the team found enough evidence to suspect antique dagger collector Lynn Wolfe, museum curator Christopher Blackhawk and university student DeShawn Metcalf. When they got back to others, heartbroken Logan approached them, his hands wrapped around crying Jay. Jay then sighed, saying how he saw someone defacing his father's poster.

The duo then quickly investigated the Pharaoh's Den Main Square, where they found enough evidence to suspect businesswoman Viola Fox, tomb raider Salvador Price, and spy Dani Colton. Through the investigation, the team learned that it was Lynn who defaced Mayor's posters after disagreeing with some of his statements, and that Christopher was in the cave for his research about Esme's sibling. The team also discovered that Jackson disappointed DeShawn after not speaking up on racial injustice in Hardville Town. When Parker and player returned back to others, smirking Autumn told them Jackson's killer recorded the murder.

Autumn then showed them a muted recording of the killer torturing and questioning Jackson before finally electrocuting him to death. Rubbing her chin, Autumn said that the killer probably questioned Jackson about Yahatu Goddess's body and that they could be in possession of it. Parker and player then decided to pay another visit to victim's house, along with the torture room. Later on, the team discovered Viola had an affair with Jackson, but Jackson dumped her after the paparazzi got suspicious of them. They also discovered that he publicly insulted Dani Colton and that he infuriated Salvador by having his collection of ancient artifacts taken away from him and stored in his museum. Finally, the team found enough evidence to confront Viola Fox.

When confronted with evidence, Viola smirked and said that she only did what she was told to do. Twirling her hair, Viola revealed that no one other than Rosa Chapman tasked her with stealing the Yahatu Goddess' body from Demigod's followers and giving it to Rosa's cult. Due to being a close friend of the cult and Rosa, Viola decided to help Rosa by seducing Jackson and sleeping with him, eventually getting him to spill out that he's one of Demigod's followers. However, after realizing that their affair could destroy his life, Jackson broke up with Viola and never told her where the Yahatu Goddess' body is. Viola then decided to take the matter into her own hands and hired a private detective to follow Jackson around, eventually discovering that Jackson was the mastermind behind the whole explosives thing and that he was the one who paid Gabriella Merrill to plant the bombs and carry the operation through. After getting enough information, Viola decided to take it a step further and kidnap Jackson to get rest of the information out of him. Viola then tortured Jackson on the electric chair and got him to reveal the location of the body before killing him to make sure that he doesn't escape or call for help. Shaking with rage, Parker told Viola to tell them where the body is, but Viola laughed it off and said that she is going to deliver it to Rosa and that they can't do anything to stop her because of her position. When Parker tried to apprehend her, Viola pulled out a gun and told them that they aren't going anywhere. Parker tried to calm her down, but Viola started shooting at the duo. Panicking, Parker took out his gun and told her to turn herself in before it's too late, but failed to discourage her from shooting Parker in the arm. Wounded and bloodied, Parker ended up pointing his own gun at Viola and shooting at her in self defense, making her fall down into the bloody puddle of bones. Traumatized from the outcome, Parker and player left the torture room and ended up running into Christopher, who told them that he found the Yahatu Goddess' body.

After getting out of the temple, shaken Parker went for a walk to clear his head while Elena and player decided to speak with Christopher. Christopher told them that he was passing by Jackson's house and saw Viola's car parked inside of Jackson's garage, making him suspicious that Viola kept the body hidden somewhere around Jackson's house because her car wasn't there earlier. Sceptical, Elena and player investigated Jackon's house and soon discovered a pile of dirt that wasn't there before. The duo then started digging and soon discovered a golden necklace that they sent to Logan. After analyzing it, excited Logan told them that the necklace has three holes in it that match the crystals they found, confirming that necklace belonged to the Yahatu Goddess. Realizing that they are close and that Viola probably hid the body in Jackson's garden because it's the most obvious place to search, Elena, Logan and player returned to the garden and soon discovered a strange book with a lock on it. After unlocking the book, the duo sent it to Rudy, who analyzed it and revealed that the book contains important information about the history of the Yahatu Village. Scratching his head, Rudy told them that the torture room temple is the place where Yahatu Goddess left Esme Laverne and her sibling after her death, suspecting that it could be the place where Viola burried the body. Logan then looked back at the necklace and the crystals with a smirk, telling the player and Elena to meet him in the torture room in few hours because he has an idea. Later on, Elena and player told everyone that Logan went to the torture room and that they should go and meet him there. Clint sighed, saying how he hopes Logan managed to find something before heading over to the torture room to meet up with him. When the team arrived to the torture room, smiling Logan told them that he and Jay studied the book they've found earlier and decided to piece back together Yahatu Goddess' tombstone and make a new tomb for Yahatu Goddess here. When asked why, Logan explained that her temple has been destroyed and that this place could make up for it, especially because Esme and her sibling temporarily lived here. Logan then nodded at Jay, who showed them a golden casket with Goddess body inside. Logan then opened the casket and told the team to put her crystals in her necklace, proudly saying that they won and that Rosa's cult and Esme's sibling lost the game. Tearful Clint then took the crystals and gave them to Parker, apologizing once again for mistreating him and telling him that he was always a part of their team. With a nod, Parker carefully placed the crystals in Yahatu Goddess' necklace, watching as they slowly turned green. The team then burried the casket and decided to return back home, waiting for some news about the Yahatu Village.

Meanwhile, model Cathy Montreal approached the player and Clint, saying how she has some news for them. Smiling, Cathy told the team that she and her fiancée Leona Lyons are getting married soon and that she would appreciate if the entire team attended their wedding. Clint told Cathy that they will be there, saying how both of them saved their lives few months ago and that this is the least they can do for them. Cathy then also told them that she has to speak with Caroline about something, but failed to contact her because her phone is turned off. Clint and player then decided to help Cathy find Caroline, prompting them to investigate the Pharaoh's Den main square for more clues. Eventually, with Autumn and Dani's help, the trio found Caroline sitting on the city viewpoint. When asked if she's okay, Caroline weakly smiled and told them that she's just feeling a little bit down, but will be okay eventually. Nervous, Cathy then sat down next to Caroline and explained the entire situation to her, asking her to be their bridesmaid on the wedding, making Caroline smile and accept the invitation, telling Cathy that she's the strongest woman she has ever met.

After all of these events, the team celebrated their victory over Esme's sibling and Rosa's cult, happy that they finally put the crystals back in Goddess' casket and uncursed the Yahatu village. Parker then asked Clint if there will be any information about the Yahatu village, but Clint reassured him that it will take a while for it to return to normal. After the party, the team decided to call it a night and finally rest, happy that they will be able to attend Cathy and Leona's wedding. The next day, the team met up in Clint and Rudy's house, discussing everything that happened. Rudy then pointed out that Autumn is missing, only for Autumn to smash the door open and run in, holding her laptop. When they calmed her down, Autumn speechlessly showed them the news headlines about Yahatu Village. The team stared at Autumn's laptop as she explained that the village is fully uncursed and that they finally did it...



Murder Weapon:

  • Electric Chair




Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows electronics.
  • The killer listens to Billie Kelson.
  • The killer drinks caipirinha.
  • The killer has brown eyes.
  • The killer is B+.

Crime Scenes

Torture Room Pile of Bones Torture Room Bonus
Victim's Driveway Garden Victim's Driveway Bonus
Pharaoh's Den Main Square City Founder Statue Pharaoh's Den Main Square Bonus
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