Previously on Parinaita
Liam: What do we do now
Arther: We wait and see what is going to happen. You have an investigation on the paints right?
Liam: Yes sir.
Arther: Investigate every lead you have. Start off with the old building that Mia told you about. Go now
Liam: Very well sir. Come on <name>, Let's go!
(Suddenly, out of nowhere, you have a vision)
???: Come to me <name> I need to be set free. I've been waiting thousands of years for this
You: Who are you
???: (Laughter) no time to EXPLAIN
(A hand came for you from a painting and pulled you in and the screen goes dark)
Back to the present
Edward: Are you alright <name>? You seemed to black out there
Edward: Why are you looking at me like that? I don't know what happened to you
Edward: Anyway. Whenever you're ready. The chief wants us to go to the old building at the edge of town
Edward: Agreed, we better go and see what Mia thought was going on there

Chapter 1

Investigate Old building
Edward: How strange, there seems to be nothing here but a name badge, let's dust it and see what is going on.

Examine Name badge
Edward: Wait what, the name badge belongs to Justin Martyn, he's that person who we saw in the last case. We better questi-
Edward: (bang bang) -on him
Edward: Wait. Was that a gunshot from upstair. We need to investigate the upstairs NOW!

Investigate upstairs of building
Edward: What the hell! There's been a murder, that must have been the gun shots we heard
Edward: Wait what! The victim is Justin Martyn, how did he get out of prison. He doesn't seem to have any gunshots on him
Edward: You also found a locked box, we better unlock it at once
Edward: That old picture is ripped. Let's piece it back together
Edward: I just can't believe it. Justin was fine, fine as he could be. a few hours ago and now he's dead. Something's not right here!

Examine Locked box
Edward: You found a picture in the box. It seemed to have been taken in a hospital, The man on the right is our victim...but who's the baby he's holding. I agree, let's scan their face through the database and see who it might be

Examine Baby's face
Edward: So the baby in the picture is Tom's brother, Charlie, you're right. We last saw him when William's girlfriend, Donna, got murdered. We better go and tell him the bad news!

Tell Charlie about his grandfather's death
Charlie: Ah, It's nice to see you again <name>. It's been some time since we last talked, how's my brother doing
Edward: He's doing alright. Your grandfather is a different story however.
Charlie: Oh, you mean Justin don't you. What has he done now?
Edward: We found him murdered at the old building near the edge of town
Charlie: I'm not surprised anymore. I knew this would happen one day. He was an evil man who did evil things. I will never be able to forgive him for that
Edward: Even if he murdered people. He was still your grandfather. Please stay here just in case we need to talk to you once again

Examine Ripped picture
Edward: The ripped picture is that of Justin Martyn with a female, seemingly taking a selfie. I swear we've seen the woman before however.
Edward: Oh my, you're right. That's Emily Oncer, she's that robber that my cousin arrested. If she known our victim. I think it's time we talked to her once again

Ask Emily Oncer about how she known the victim
Edward: Emily, We found the selfie you took with Justin Martyn. How did you know the victim?
Emily: Oh, you mean Justin? I thought you meant some other Justin. We only knew each other because we were cell mates
Emily: But one day he was let out, the guard saying "You've been let out". I remember him saying a name but I can't remember who it was
Edward: Wait, Justin Martyn, a dangerous criminal. Was let out of prison?
Emily: I know right. It seems awfully weird.
Edward: If you don't mind. We would like to have a look around your cell!
Emily: of course you may. Go right ahead

Investigate Prison cell
Edward: You found a released contact. Let's see who signed it at once
Edward: And that faded letter might give us a new suspect. Let's dust it at once

Examine Faded letter
Edward: The letter seems to be from Tom. Let's have a read of it
Edward: "I hope you bloody die in prison. You ruined my life!"
Edward: Well then. I knew Tom had angry issues but this is something to see him about.
Edward: Let's find Tom and ask him about this letter

Ask Tom about the angry letter
Edward: Tom, we're sorry to annoy you while you're busy at this late hour but we needed to ask you about the letter you send to your grandfather
Tom: He wasn't a grandfather. He was a monster. He's the reason my girlfriend turned evil. He's the reason I'm in a wheelchair. He's the reason EVERYTHING is wrong with me
Tom: If you're here to tell me that he's dead. I don't bloody care. I'm just happy that he's gone now. He has finally got a tease of his own medicine!
Edward: But he was still your grandfather
Tom: Maybe so but I wish he wasn't so that I didn't have to live in hell every single day of my life
Edward: I'm sorry you feel that way Tom. Please stay in the station until we need to talk to you again

Examine Released form
Edward: So the form was signed by a miss Raven Smith
Edward: That's Charlie and Tom's sister. What would she be doing releasing her grandfather from jail
Edward: I agree. If she's the one who released Justin from jail. We need answers from her now!

Question Raven about releasing her grandfather from jail
Raven: Oh, it's you two again. I didn't think I would see you so soon after your last visit
Edward: This is no time for jokes. You have been a suspect once before. Is that right?
Raven: Of course. I was a suspect in the murder investigation of that young bishop in Devil's Way
Edward: As we thought. Why did you release your grandfather from prison and where did you get the funds
Raven: I got him out because he didn't need to be in there. He was in his late 70's and needed to be in a retirement home. Not a prison
Raven: As for the funds. My family are rich because of my great-grandfather
Edward: I see. I'm guessing you've heard about his murder then
Raven: Wait. Grandfather's dead! He was fine a few hours ago. Who would have murdered him
Edward: We have no idea, but you better be ready before we question you again!

Analyse Victim's body
Edward: Amy. I bet it's rare you see dangerous criminals on your table
Amy: Yes. It is rare but it's doesn't make it any easier.
Amy: I had a look at the body and found out that your victim was healthy but he was showing the starts of cancer
Edward: Would that have killed him?
Amy: Sadly not. It was a shot to the head, but it wasn't any normal gun that was used to end him
Amy: But something I found is that there was a substance on the victim's jacket. I looked at them and found some tabaco leafs which means our killer smokes
Edward: Our killer smokes? Very interesting indeed. Have you heard from Richard at all?
Amy: Yes. He's still in the hospital. He might be there for the rest of his live after what happened to him
Edward: Ah. I miss him being here.
Amy: Agreed but please get Justin's killer before they get out of the country

Later, in the police station
Edward: After a hard day at the art contest. I come back to this, a murder at the old building.
Edward: Even if I don't shade a tear for the man who destroyed the Parinaita police force. We still need to carry on.
Edward: We have Charlie, who seemed calm about his grandfather's murder
Edward: And Emily was quite happy to have him as a cell mate
Edward: And then Raven released him from prison to put him in an old person's home
Edward: And finally we have Tom who seemed to hated the victim with every inch of his life saying that Justin destroyed his life
Edward: It's looking more and more likely that it could be one of the Smith's siblings.
Edward: I agree. Something isn't right here
Amir: Ehhh....guys. A painting is talking and it's asking to speak with <name>
Edward: That's impossible. Paint doesn't move.
Painting: Well I think you better think again because I saw who murdered Justin Martyn!

Chapter 2

Edward: After a hard day at the art contest. I come back to this, a murder at the old building.
Edward: Even if I don't shade a tear for the man who destroyed the Parinaita police force. We still need to carry on.
Edward: We have the three Smith sibling's and Emily Oncer, the prisoner my cousin arrested.
Edward: It is, to say the less, looking like the killer is ever Tom, Raven or Charlie
Edward: I agree. Something isn't right here
Amir: Ehhh....guys. A painting is talking and it's asking to speak with <name>
Edward: What? That's impossible. Paintings doesn't move.
Painting: Well I think you better think again because I saw who murdered Justin Martyn!
Edward: What do you have to say painting?
Painting: Well I was at the crime scene when I saw Justin and another person coming in yelling
Edward: What were they yelling about
Painting: I'm not sure. I think you might as well have a look for yourself <br / Edward: Thanks for your help. Come on <name>. It looks like we might have missed something when we were last there. Let's see what them things are!

Investigate old bed
Edward: Is it me or has it gotten cold in here. I know the building is about 200 years old but some buildings are warmer then this
Edward: Who that young man on the poster for London mayor, He seems familiar. Maybe putting his face through the database will help us know who it is

Examine face on poster
Edward: So the face on the poster is that of Lawrence Looper Rochester, how interesting. I didn't know he ran for mayor of London.
Edward: I agree, we should talk to him right away
Lawrence: I'm here alright. What's the matter
Edward: We found this poster belonging to you. Care to explain it
Lawrence: Wait, who's the victim now?
Edward: It was Justin Martyn
Lawrence: Oh, old Martyn has finally kicked the bucket and it's lucky for you that I know who would have killed him. It would have bee-
Lawrence: (Blood coming from his head) Oh dear. I seem to be in a pickle
Edward: Lawrence. You've been shot! We need to g-get you to the hospital
Lawrence: It's too late for me.
Lawrence: Howard. Make a space for me. I'm coming up (He then fall down the stairs)
Edward: He rolled down the stairs. Let's go there and fast!

Investigate Stair Cupboard
Edward: Lawrence. Wake up. Please just wake up
Edward: No, he can't be dead. It's impossible. He just....
Edward:... He's dead. So we now have two victims to worry about. What else did you find?
Edward: There was a letter next to the Lawrence's body. We need to find out what it says
Edward: And you also found a shoeprint? Well that's something, we might finally be able to get a profile for the killer
Edward: We need to find Lawrence's and Justin's killer before it's too late!

Examine Letter
Edward: You've decoded the letter that we found near Lawrence's body. It reads "You knew it would lead you to your death Lawrence. You love the dangerous types but this is even too dangerous for you!"
Edward: And it's signed by Charlie. You're right, this sounds more like a tread then anything else.
Edward: We need to talk to him now!

Question Charlie about the tread to Lawrence
Edward: Charlie, we found your thread to the victim. Care to explain why you wrote it
Charlie: Wait, Lawrence is now a victim, What a poor man. I gave him a message as a warning though
Edward: Really? The words you use in the letter seems like a tread!
Charlie: Fine. Maybe it came across as one but I only meant good. My grandfather was a madman
Charlie: Any crime you can name, he's already been there, done that, got the T-shirt
Charlie: But Lawrence cared too much about giving revenge to this Howard person
Charlie: None of them would listen to me...oh man, that rant gave me a headache. Let me just take a smoke
Edward: Very well Charlie but if it turns out that you killed the both of them. You are no better then Justin himself!

Examine Shoe print
Edward: So the shoe print belongs to a type of shoe called a "Nurse Marian". Oh yes, I know about them. They are that shoe company down the road that sells shoes for about £300...a pair
Edward: With the footprint of our killer being here. We can guess that the killer wears Nurse Marian shoes!
Edward: And you have a good point there. those types of shoes are used by the police in their works. That means Tom will wear them, even if he's in a wheelchair. We must look our best!

Later, at the police station
Edward: I just needed a little break after Lawrence died. I knew him for some time. Amy is doing an examination on his body to see what they can find
Amir: Sorry to interrupt you but there's a slight hum coming from the prison cell. I just thought you would like to see what it was
Edward: Excellence idea Amir. Let's go and see
At the prison cell
Edward: Hmmm. There is a slight hum
Amir: See. I told you!
Edward:But there's something still puzzling me
Edward: Now Amir, if the paintings are coming alive and we have two victims, what do we do?
Amir: I don't know. Maybe ask your Danish boyfriend. He's cleaver
Edward: (Grabbing a hammer) Well I already did and he said that you must destory the paintings, but I disagree
Amir: Whoa...Whoa...this isn't a good idea whatever you are thinking
Edward: What if I'm not thinking of anything?
Amir: Ehhhhhh...
(Without any warning, Edward breaks the big mirror)
Amir: What the hell Edward!?
Edward: Ah ha. I known it. Come on, let's investigate the prison cell once again!

Investigate broken mirror
Edward: See. I told you something wasn't right.
Amir: What's that little box <name> is holding and why is it humming
Edward: Well there's no way of knowing without opening it up
Edward: And you're right. Emily didn't seem to notice the strange humming. We should ask her about it

Question Emily about why she didn't hear the strange hum
Emily: A strange hum. No, I didn't hear a strange hum. Justin just told me that it was just my mind
Edward: Well it seems that there was a little box behind the wall
Emily: I knew he was lying. He always did lie to me!
Emily: "Oh Emily, everything will be alright". I can see that was a lie as well
Emily: I know he wanted to keep me safe but lying was not the way to do it. I even wear Nurse Marian and smoke because of him. I'm now glad that he's gone
Edward: Well you're already in prison so we're guessing things might get a bit worse if you chose to murder him

Examine little Box
Edward: Excellence. You unlocked the box. Let's...wait...there's ANOTHER puzzle inside of it. Let's do that one as well then

Examine Puzzle in box
Edward: Is it unlocked yet. Finally and there's a man in the picture. Who is it though
Edward: Oh wait. I know who it is. It's Watson Lam, we last saw him in Life Rivers as well. Let's go and talk to him.

Talk to Watson Lam about the box
Watson: Oh, we meet again do we, how nice to meet you!
Edward: Not really. We found Justin Martyn and Lawrence Looper Rochester murdered in the old building on the edge of town
Watson: Wait. They've been found murdered. How sad.
Edward: Indeed. Did you know the victim's well?
Watson: Oh. I did, they came here to buy some paint from me
Edward: I see, where any of them acting strangely
Watson: The only thing that was strange is that they came on my smoking break
Edward: Nothing else?
Watson: Nothing that I can think of
Edward: Very well. Please stay in touch just in case.

Back at the police station
Edward: Things seem to be getting worse. We found Lawrence murdered right before our own eyes
Edward: We also talked to Watson Lam, who seems to know both the victims
Edward: We are just waiting on Amy for her examination on Lawrence to be finished
Amy: I've just finished. His death is the same as Justin, shot with something strange
Amy: But I can now confirm that your killer knows how to use a gun
Edward: Anything else we should know
Amy: I found this faded piece of paper in the victim's head
Edward: A faded piece of paper. How strange. I agree, we should dust it to see what it is

Examine Faded paper
Edward: What the hell is that. It looks like the killer took a picture of them killing Justin
Edward: And the text at the bottom reads "You want my paintball gun. Come and get it!"
Edward: Wait. Something doesn't seem right. I know that paintball gun
Edward: Oh dear god. I think I know where I've seen it before. A few weeks ago, Me and Tom did a paintballing game at this place and...Well...
Edward: That gun in the picture is Tom's paintball gun!

Chapter 3

Edward: I agree that this is a worrying development. however we can't just go onto Tom's office and demand answers. We must find more clues to find out if it was really him
Edward: We also need to find that paint gun that was used to murder both Lawrence and Justin.
Edward: I think you're right when you say that we could have another look in old house. Of course. Let's go there right away!

Investigate Old Building again
Edward: Oh. You found a locked phone under the table. Let's unlock it and see what is going on
Edward: And that long box might be hiding something important
Edward: And you want to have a look in that cupboard. Go right ahead then, Let's see what's inside
Edward: With a team member as the prime suspect. We need to get to the bottom of this mystery right away!

Examine Locked phone
Edward: You've unlocked the phone and there seems to be a new text messages from the victim to Raven which reads "You don't know half of what the team has planned for this suffering world. Soon enough our plans will go into effect and you won't be able to stop it"
Edward: So Justin was talking about the group we heard about in the last case. We better question Raven about this text message

Talk to Raven about the phone messages
Edward: Raven, We found the messages Justin send to you. Care to explain what he was talking about
Raven: What are you talking about? I have no idea what text messages you are talking about
Edward: Come on Raven. Don't think I don't know when you're lying
Raven: Fine. I knew I should have told you earlier but he was threatening me to get him out of prison or I wouldn't make it into this "Heaven" they had made
Edward: A heaven? Sounds like madness, no one can really create a real heaven and I would hate to think of the bills that would go with it
Raven: Edward. This is NO joke. It's serious. They threatened to kill me because I didn't believe in their god or something.
Raven: I may be able to fire a gun in Nurse Marian shoes while smoking a cigarette but I'm not your killer. Now try and stop this heaven before it's too late
Edward: We're not moving onto this heaven until Justin's and Lawrence's killer is behind bars so you better be ready for a war to come your war if you killed them both!

Examine Cupboard
Edward: So you found some paintball in that cupboard but the paint is moving
Edward: You're right. It seems these paintball belong to Watson Lams judging by the label on the box
Edward: If Watson owns the paintball to the murder weapon. We need to question him right away!

Question Watson about the paintballs
Edward: Watson, we think we found your paintball that were used in the murder. You have some explaining to do!
Watson: What's that. You think them paintballs are MINE. I know they have my name on them but they were taken a few weeks ago
Edward: Sure they were. Do you know how to fire a gun Watson
Watson: Yes. I believe Charlie, Tom and Emily does as well
Edward: And there we go. Things aren't getting any easier again. Why don't you just admit that you murdered Lawrence and Justin?
Watson: Because I did. I swear on my nurse Marian shoes!
Edward: Well if it turns out that you murdered Justin and Lawrence. You'll be making characters from your prison walls!

Examine big box
Edward: You found a piece of paper in the box, What a shame, I was hoping it was the gun
Edward: Wait...
Edward: Oh dear god. This is a promotion sheet for Tom. He wasn't really thinking of leaving the police force was he. We need to ask him about this now!

Ask Tom about the promotion Edward: Tom, your promotion letter. Please tell us you aren't leaving us
Tom: Oh...You found that did you
Edward: You can't leave. Me and Archie are the only ones from the old team left
Tom: Untrue. Amy is also still here
Edward: But why? You said you love it here
Tom: I said I did love it but it hasn't been easy since Matthew, Emily, Adam and Fiona died and dn't forget that I've been here and forced my Brother to wear them Nurse Marian shoes and I know how to fire a gun
Tom: I know you don't want me to leave but times change and we must move on. At least you won't have to worry about me smoking
Edward: But when the Gottingham police leav-
Tom: Don't worry Edward. Arther will get new team mates for you. As I said. times change and they always do
Tom: It's funny. It only took me mad great grandfather and my grandfather to make me choose. Even if I didn't kill him. He sure as hell ruined my life
Tom: But...what's done is done. I need to start packing. See you around Edward
After speaking with Tom Edward: I refuse to believe it's true. Tom can't just leave now. It's only been a month or two since the others died
Edward: (Crying) I guess you're right. we'll talk about it later. I'm just so worried. What do I do

Later in the police station
Edward: I just can't believe it. I never thought that Tom would have the guts to leave so soon after after the others' died and the judge dying last week
Edward: What even is happening in this town anymore, We are completely doomed.
Edward: And yes, the Gottingham police are leaving us soon. It just seems like a waste of time doing anything.
Edward: I know. We have to do this for the people of Parinaita, for their safety, but where do we go next
Edward: You want another look around Justin's prison cell. Let's go then!

Investigate Prison cell
Edward: You're right. I didn't see that big box here before. What is it doing here. We better unlock it and fast
Edward: Wait. Is the box the only thing? Okay then. Means we have less work to worry about.
Edward: Now don't waste anymore time. We need to end this madness NOW

Examine Big box
Edward: That looks like a paintball gun to me. Let's get it to Holly and see what she can tell us!

Analyse Paintball Gun
Edward: Holly, what did you manage to find on the paintball gun
Holly: Well first off. I managed to get a sample of some hairs on the gun. I analysed them and they were brown hair. That means your killer has brown hair
Edward: Anything else that we should know about the gun?
Holly: Well it seems your killer was sweating a lot as I found some sweat on the handle of the gun
Holly: I analysed the sweat and found the chromosomes XY. Which are the male chromosomes, so you're also looking for a killer who is a man
Edward: Well we'll soon see our brown haired male killer very soon!

Before arresting the killer
Edward: So we have everything we need to arrest the killer of both Justin Martyn and Lawrence Looper Rochester
Edward: (Holding his gun) And who ever it is better have answers for this mad act of murder. Come on, let's get them!

Arrest Killer

Edward: (Pointing his gun at Charlie) Charlie Smith, you're under arrest for the murder of your grandfather and Lawrence Looper Rochester
Charlie: What are you talking about Edward. I wouldn't murder Justin and Lawrence
Edward: Don't try and lie to us this time Charlie. I'm sick of it. We found out that you smoke, wear Nurse Marian shoes AND know how to use a gun
Charlie: Are you kidding me. All your other suspects do that and you're pinning this on me, why?
Edward: BECAUSE WE FOUND YOUR DNA ON TOM'S PAINTBALL GUN! Why would you betray us, your family and everyone else like that
Charlie: Oh well. Might as well come out of the shadows now that I have been found out, yes, , I murdered Justin and Lawrence but it was for a very good reason
Edward: And what reason would that be?
Charlie: Isn't it obvious. To get into the group that my grandfather was in, he trusted me to join the group after he was told that he was dying!
Edward: I'm slightly confused. What do you mean by that
Charlie: The group is a very closed to the public kind of group, to get in, you must do things and then your family are in it forever
Edward: And who let the Smith household in?
Charlie: My late great-great grandfather. The best ruler of Concordia!
Charlie: Of course, to get in, you must prove yourself by killing another man and getting his blood!
Edward: And you would have been the only one mad enough to do it!
Charlie: Not madness. Only to see what heaven they are making. All the poor, guilty criminals will die and we will live in our heaven forever!
Edward: You have gone completely mad with power, you're under arrest for the murder of Justin Martyn and Lawrence Looper Rochester

At the trail of Charlie Smith
William: We stand here today for the reason of Charlie Smith baking cookies for his grandfather...that doesn't seen too bad
Edward: Sir, look on the other side.
William: (Turning over the page) Oh yes, I mean for murdering his grandfather and Lawrence
William: And I believe your reasoning is because you wanted to join the group?
Charlie: You fool. I was ALREADY chosen from birth. I just had to murder Justin after him being told he was dying
William: And how did you get the blood from Lawrence's body
Charlie: Oh, that's for me to know and you to find out.
William: Very well, for the murder of Justin Martyn and Lawrence Looper Rochester. I sentence you to life in prison!
Charlie: Just you wait. A new reign is coming and they'll release me for doing the right thing!

After the trail
Edward: I wouldn't have thought that Charlie would be that mad. It's quite terrible
Edward: I also agree about the mystery of how Charlie got the blood.
Edward: It seems our work here isn't done!

Let the Brush Tell the Story (2/6)

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