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Illuminated Minds
Type Religious Cult
Secret Organization
Headquarters Fario, USA
Formation ???-Present
Leader Kenny Three (formerly)
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Enemies Fario Police Department

Illuminated Minds is now-dissolved religious and secret cult featured in the first season of Criminal Case, appearing as a central figure during the Church Valley and University cases.

Events of Criminal Case

Known members

Name Position Status
Kenny Three Leader Incarcerated
Joshua Payne Leader Incarcerated
Topanga Peel Co-Leader Incarcerated
Standish Curtis Ex-Member Deceased
Karen McDonald Ex-Member Deceased
Novak Yablonsky Member Incarcerated
Sally Leonard Member Deceased
Kyle Gibbs Consultant-Member Deceased
Dave Hernandez Member Incarcerated
Leroy Paul Member Incarcerated
Ruth Clinton Member Incarcerated
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