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Iced to the Core
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Krause Street
Case # 67
Initial release date 30. VII 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz
Case Chronology
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Keeping The Element of Surprise When the Empire Fall...

Iced to the Core is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 159th case of the game and the 67th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Krause Street, a district of Fario.


Following the discovery of the Krause family the team startrd to unfold what they need to do while Esmeralda making the weapon. In that moment, Abbi said how she heard screaming and shouting coming from the manhole near the Krause's mansion. The player and Mia decided to inspect that further. They followed Abbi to the mentioned manhole and opened it. Carefully, they climbed down until they came to the hall that had a massive iron door with the sign "restricted access". They then called Arif on the video chat who successfully broke the code for them with no hesitation. As they entered they saw a massive blue room and a giant ice cube on the middle. As they approached closer the player in shock recognized the body as Otto Krause, astrologist they met back in Europe, as well as the LEGION member.

The team then, somehow, managed to send the body to Matilda as the team started to investigate the scene, eventually discovering that Francisco Krause, a guy the team met back in Greenland. As the team progressed their investigation further they discovered that Otto was in contacts with astrophysics student Martin Taylor before discovering that he and psychology student Dominique Stern were friends. After the autopsy, the team approached Matilda who said that she never saw something similar as she said that the killer used some sort of a magic to forma cube case around the victim before the cage cube froze him inside, leaving him to die from hypothermia and how where no any sings of struggle and anything she concluded that the only one who could've kill is the one who has access to that room.

The team after the autopsy dropped by the station to recap the case where after some time the team was approached by the woman with green hair and a crown on her head, saying to the team to bow to their new queen. The team looked at her, as the woman said to bow, more loudly, saying that she is the new Queen of Fario, Cadence Krause. he team asked her if she is the wife of Solomon Krause on what she said yes and that she wants from the team to find who killed Otto in the next 12 hours or someone's head will fall down. The team, already getting used to threats, rolled eyes and said that it will be finished as they discovered that the victim often spent time in the nearby sauna where the team found reasons to suspect the astronomy enthusiast Beneditto Stones. The team started to dig deeper in this investigation and soon after discovered that the victim had a argument with Martin abut the new sonic weapon that he planned to design to help LEGION before discovering that Otto excluded Francisco from the family tree, saying that he is too soft to be Krause before finding out that Dominique tried t sneak inside the Otto's room and take some classified notes,

Mid-investigating, the team was approached by Abbi who said that Cadence blocked the team to enter a blue room. The team then rushed to Krause's mansion in order to again gain access to the room. The self-proclaimed queen laughed and said that she would never allow the team there again and that it was probably Otto's fault why the team found about it at the first place. Mia tried everything in her power to try to gain access to the room before Veronica entered and in the fake-play said that she will kick the team out, but in reality she gave them access again to the room. The team thanked her as they shortly after that found that Beneditto was the victim's ex who tried his best to discover what secrets Otto had back in Europe.

With last evidence found the team was ready to arrest Cadence. Self-proclaimed queen laughed, saying that she is not the killer and that she can't be the killer. Mia then started to show her all the evidence but she brushed everything off, demanding for them to stop to frame her but the team was more then encouraged to point the justice. Eventually, Cadence confessed her crime with a smirk. She said that they did a good job in finding the killer but that they can't arrest her duo to lack of permission for the police authority stated by her and Solomon. After that she said that Otto became too much of a danger for the world, new world. She said that ever since he returned to USA he started to be reckless, bringing shady and unauthorized people to the mansion and secret rooms of it, showing different weaponry and blueprints. She then stated how her family wasn't stealth all those times for him to destroy it. She then said that she could've tolerate it but then she heard him talking to someone about selling the sensitive documents to the third party. Now totally left with no other choices she told him to meet her in the blue room where she took the ice want and turned his cold heart is to ice heart. Mia then progressed to arrest her but she stepped back as her guard blocked the teams way before using the taser to knock them down. Some times later, the team woke up in the forest back in Woodlands, totally disarmed. Mia then stood up and said that they need to go back to the station and stop Krause's once for all.

Upon their return to the station the team was by concerned Leonidas who asked the team what happened, prompting Mia to explain everything. After hearing everything, Leonidas said that he might have answer to that mystery hidden in the motive and for the team to follow him to his desk. He said that after the recent case he looked over the old cases that the played did in Europe and by now-two years ago in Fario discovering that back in Europe Otto was in contact with some guy but that the contact suddenly cut off after arrest and suggested that he could've search the victim's observatory and see if he left anything there. Mia agreed with that and the tram headed their way to the observatory where underneath the sun statue the team found an old box with German writing on it. After unlocking it the tram had opportunity to see lots of letters that the team send to Jason. After the deep analyzes, Jason said that the letters were exchanged between Germany and a Norwegian one where was a convict named Stefan Wollum, a re-convicted killer of Marina Romanova. Knowing that he is now in Fario's prison the team went there to see what was going on between them. Stefan then confessed that he and Otto exchanged lots of letters related to LEGION's dictator Francisco Leskov and how Otto said that Francisco will freed all LEGION prisoners and unnoticed transferring them to USA and how Otto fears that that might've been true, which seeing by all happening, it was and said how Otto collected lots of sensitive data about LEGION, LUMIA and Krause's projects before saying that he gave them to someone called Beneditto as the safe keeper. The team then talked to Beneditto who nodded, saying that Otto did left him something. He then looked around before handling the team a folder that they gave to Arif afterwards. He manged to analyze the older and says how Krause's plans a gala for FBI agents but that it was canceled last minute. However he said how there was some number strings about one agent who will attend that night but said how he has no idea who it can be before saying that he will make sure to find out.

In the meantime, Mia an the player returned to the blue room in hope that they will find something for anti-neohuman gun and discover more about what Solomon wants to do with the city. During the search the team discovered a broken frame with the Krause Family tree, starting from the first to the last one. They examined it closer, discovering that something was written under Francisco's name. When the team questioned him about the note, he just winged his hand, saying that his family was always obsessed with some science and glory and that he just wants to rock before saying that Solomon often speaks about how he will dominate the world and often goes to sauna with some of his shady buddies. With that details learned the team re-visited sauna where they found a weird battery that the team thought Esmeralda will be of some usage, but as well his shoulder bag with some reports made by Dominique Dominique then said how he often goes to practice for his psychology classes with Solomon as Solomon is very intriguing figure to inspect but as well said that he often speaks about domination with LUMIA and how he and his wife will rule the city after they made the player to disappear before saying that he ave something that is classified but that the team deserves to have it. He then approached the drawer and took out the invitation to some weird night meeting, the same one Leonidas and the player found while investigating Otto's past.

After everything, the team informed Chief Filipovich about what they found on what he said that the team need to go there and stop Solomon and Candice before Arif entered inside, saying that he determinated who of the agents is invited, saying that Dagger King will be secial guest on that night. Knowing that Dagger is a high ranked FBI agent the team couldn't let this to slide and promised chief that they will bring the family to justice as they started to get ready to attend the meeting night.



  • Otto Krause (Turned into the ice cube)

Murder Weapon

  • Ice Wand


  • Cadence Krause



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has a pet alligator.
  • The Killer has access to the restricted area.
  • The Killer is insomniac.
  • The Killer has gold accessories.
  • The Killer has long hair.

Crime Scenes

Blue Room Blue Stand Blue Room Bonus
Victim's Observatory Big Telescope Victim's Observatory Bonus
Local Sauna Strange Locker Local Sauna Bonus


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