I Love the Way You Die is the first case of Clearview, as well as the first case of Magnolia Promenade. This case introduces the Magnolia Promenade Police Department and the player's two partners, Michelle Montoya and Frank Zuria. It also introduces the organisation Dark Slayers.

I Love the Way You Die

A dark force has been awakened
Season 1
City Magnolia Promenade
District Clearview
Case Number 1
Date of Release 18th February 2017
Partner(s) Michelle Montoya
Preceded by Succeeded by
N/A When The Clock Strikes Dead


The player arrives at the police HQ, where they are introduced to the chief Mark Wright. He warmly welcomes the player to the department and introduced the player to their first partner, Michelle Montoya and their second partner, Frank Zuria. Frank had something to do, so Michelle kicked things off by showing the player the local spa.

There they found local media magnate, George O'Malley, brutally murdered by a lethal dose of poison. After searching the spa for clues they found a USB stick. Analysis suggested a new suspect, Demelza Gleeson, who was interrogated. She said she was there with George to celebrate their anniversary. When confronted with the fact she may have killed George, she said if she hadn't done it time would've. A substance on the USB stick turned out to be a mixture of tomato sauce and lasagna sheets, proving that the killer eats lasagna. After examining a local gentleman's club, the Golden Horn which the victim frequented, they found a notebook. It belonged to George and had only a message scribbled on the cover 'George, Either way you lose! -Lindsay'. Lindsay was Lindsay De Brills, a local business heiress. She was in a hurry, saying she had a lasagna lunch, when she openly admitted it wasn't just one person who killed George, but an organization. She said George always muttered 'They'll get me. She'll find me'. After the interrogation, it is found that Lindsay enjoys lasagna, and that the killer is female. They go back to the police station, where they hear the shocking news that Lindsay was attacked.

At a local cafe, Lindsay said the person who attacked her was female.

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