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Franco Benitez: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, you're back! I glad to see you again
Franco: So, tell me. What did you do in the rest of the summer vacations? I hope not solving crimes without me!
Franco: Ah, you do some tourism! Nice, it's good to see that you get relaxed.
Franco: Me? Well, I spent a week with my family back in Mexico...
Franco: And, I have to say, was witness of the best party in the world!
Franco: Ballons, friends, and my mums tamales! Really, <Name>, that was amazing.
Franco: Besides, two days ago, I spent an entire day with Ninjoy... It's the true, <Name>, that woman makes me crazy
Franco: Oh, look! She is coing right here!... Hi Ninjoy, what's ...
Ninjoy: Franco! <Name>! Thanks God, you're here.
Franco: What's the problem, Ninjoy? You look really stirred.
Ninjoy: Switch on the TV! In the University Campus Channel, a reporter is recording a corspe!
Franco: What the?! <Name>, quickly! There is the remote! The channel is 26!

In Channel 26

Reporter: We're back here, at the University Campus, where the body of one of the students was found hanging from the fountain!
Reporter: We repeat. If you know who was this girl, please, contact us to our phone number!

Franco: Unbelievable! That's true? Is a dead body on the University Campus?
Franco: One think is certain, and it is that we need to go there and see if it's true! Ready <Name>?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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