Hudson Farim
Full name Hudson Farim
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth 1958
Death 2016
Nationality Flag of New Zealand New Zealander
Residence Wellington
Profession Theft Mastermind
Affiliation(s) The Oceanic Gang
Appearance(s) The Maori Revelation

The Volcanic Era, Rised Miracle, The 10th Man

Hudson Farim was the killer of Max Bower in The Maori Revelation (Case #24 of PWT), He managed to appear as a quasi-suspect in The Volcanic Era (Case #25 of PWT) and Rised Miracle (Case #26 of PWT). Hudson was later slain in The 10th Man (Case #27 of PWT)


Hudson is the leader of the delective organization, The Oceanic Gang. Disguised as a Museum Curator has orange and brown robes, he has a gray medium beard and smokes a pipe, he has circular glasses and has tribal face paint.

In his quasi-suspect appearances he wears his prison uniform.

Height 5'8"
Age 58
Weight 161 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B+

Case Appearances

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