Homer Bryar is a character in PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts.


Not much about Homer is known yet, other than the fact that he's Jerry Bryar's father and that they don't talk to each other anymore. He is a retired police officer.

Role in cases

After MAFIA ordered a raid on the gated community Evergreen Paradise, the player and Jerry Bryar found a police badge there. After Hans Rougel ran the officer number through the database, it was shown that it was Homer's badge. Jerry thought at first that Homer was now a member of MAFIA, but Hans said that Homer had left his badge at their HQ when he left the police department since ex-police officers were not allowed to keep their badges. This incident was unrelated to Homer but it was the first mention of him and showed that Jerry did not like his father and that he had once been a police officer working with the team.

While the player and Thomas Ravens investigated the security breach their team was facing, they encountered an old police file that had been handled by Homer. Thomas said that Homer would always solve minor issues as quickly as possible, which resulted in their files having little to no information on those issues.

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