Hold on the Line
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Hardville Town
Case # 1
Initial release date 30.7.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Cross My Broken Heart
(in Raxelville)
Crystal Clear

Hold on the Line is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the first case of Secrets of Yahatu and the thirty-first case overall. It's also the first case to take place in Hardville Town.


Few days after the player's arrival to Hardville Town, Elena Yellowstone arrived at their apartment, excited to introduce the player to Yahatu Archaeological Association team. After chief Clint Russo told Elena to meet him in the Hardville Town library, Elena and player headed there. On their way to the library, they met up with another archaeologist Parker Colton, who tripped and fell down the stairs as soon as he saw the player. Elena, player and extremely nervous Parker then arrived to the library, only to get approached by panicking chief, who told them that their chemist Logan Neal has been accused of murder by librarian Jay Riorta. Elena, Parker and player then decided to talk with Jay and see what happend since there is no way that Logan could have killed anyone. Knowing about Hardville PD's bad interrogation and investigation skills, Elena managed to convince Jay that they are private investigators and that they will investigate the murder. Rolling his eyes, Jay then lead them inside and showed them a lifeless body of Logan's former teacher Ashton Highmore, who was strangled to death with a telephone cable. After investigating the scene, the team found enough clues to suspect Jay, victim's grandson and songwriter Cole Highmore, and waitress Angelina Soto. The team also investigated the nearby restaurant before returning to the library. There, the team got approached by their tech expert Autumn Crimson. Clutching her fist, Autumn told them that Jay still called the cops on Logan.

Even though Autumn demanded to have a "friendly chat" with Jay herself, Parker and Elena calmed her down and spoke to Jay again, who crossed his arms and said went through Logan's phone and discovered his huge dislike towards Ashton for hell he put him through in high school. Right then, the trio saw Logan being taken out of the library by two police officers. Knowing that Logan will be in serious trouble, Elena, Parker and player investigated nearby caffee and found enough clues to suspect archaeologist Rosa Chapman and young writer Justine Cunningham. Later on, the team discovered that Ashton despised Cole for being an accidental pregnancy and refused to accept him as his grandson. They also discovered that Ashton broke Angelina's hand when she tried to stop a fight in her caffee caused by Ashton himself. After returning back to the library, the team overheard chief Russo arguing with someone.

The trio went to see what's going on, only to see Clint arguing with Rosa about Ashton's murder and Logan's incarceration. After calming down, Clint apologized to her and let Elena, Parker and player investigate the library once again. Later on, the team investigated the library and victim's house before discovering that Ashton made disgusting comments about Justine and that Rosa accused him of stealing her dagger. After this very stressful investigation, Elena, Parker and player found enough evidence to incriminate Justine as the killer.

The team confronted Justine in the library. Nervous Justine then tried to deny their accusations, but eventually cracked and confessed. Gripping her notebook, Justine explained that Ashton's disgusting comments were not the only thing she had to deal with. Justine sighed and explained that Ashton cornered her in the library few days ago. Ashton caressed her cheek, calling her a pretty little thing before attemtping to kiss her. Trying to find a way out, Justine grabbed a book from the shelf and smashed it across Ashton's face before running away from the library. Next day, Ashton refused to talk to Justine and instead only stared at her the entire morning. Justine was worried, but decided to ignore it. However, this morning, Justine was reading a book in the library when Ashton approached her, holding her laptop and smiling. Justine then took her laptop away from him and realized that he deleted her first and only book she was writing as revenge for rejecting his advances. Enraged by her hard work being ruined just like that, Justine lost control and strangled Ashton with a telephone cable. Elena and Parker sympathized with Justine, but told her that anger got the better of her. After reporting Justine to the police, the team reunited with Logan who immediately got hugged by Parker, making Logan blush. When they returned to the library, Chief Russo got approached by Rosa, worried look on her face.

Rosa sighed and demanded to talk with Clint. Clint reluctantly agreed, but demanded to bring the player with him. After getting out of the library, Rosa told them that a big hurricane is approaching Hardville town and that she suspects that it might have some connections to Yahatu's mysterious disappearence. When Clint tried to deny it, Rosa reminded him that Yahatu got erased from existance when a giant hurricane hit United States. Clint rolled his eyes and told Rosa that the upcoming hurricane has nothing to do with Yahatu's disappearence, but Rosa grabbed Clint's arm and told him that she'll connect the dots and prove him. With Clint's approval, Rosa and player searched the library and found her old notes about the last hurricane and Yahatu's disappearence. Rosa and player then approached Clint's son Rudy Russo for help. After going through Rosa's old notes, Rudy told them that last hurricane (that happend over 100 years ago) was caused after a mortal being got on Yahatu Goddess's bad side. Rosa facepalmed, saying how Yahatu Goddess was just a myth and that there is little to no proof that she actually existed. Looking at Rosa's notes, Rudy decided to take another look in the library with the player and see if they could find any more details about the supposed Goddess and human being who angered her. After going through an old drawer, Rudy and player found a book about Yahatu village's ancient artifacts. The trio gave it to Elena, who told them that Yahatu Goddess's most prized artifact was Serpent's Dagger. Excited Elena told them that Serpent's Dagger was stolen by a human who seeked Goddess's powers, but was eventually retrived back. Worried that someone could have stolen the Serpent's Dagger again, Rosa told them that she'll look further into her old notes and inform them if she finds something.

Meanwhile, Jay approached the player and Logan. Rubbing the back of his neck, Jay apologized for freaking out earlier, saying how Ashton was his high school teacher too and seeing him dead just made him panic. Blushing Logan reassured him that it's okay before Jay suggested that he can show them around to make up for causing them troubles. As Jay introduced Logan and player to his favourite book collection, he realized that he forgot his keys in Ashton's house. Logan and player then calmed him down before going to Ashton's house to help him find them. The trio looked through the messy dinning table and finally found Jay's keys. Jay sighed in relief and thanked them before hugging Logan. Embarrassed Jay then backed away and apologized for overreacting before suggesting that he and Logan could go grab dinner later on. Logan nervously denied Jay's offer, saying how he has other plans before going back to others. When Logan and player got back, Elena asked them if they were okay before Logan told her about Jay's dinner invitation. Elena shrugged, telling Logan that Jay is a shy awkward nerd just like him and that she totally sees them hanging out in the future. Logan blushed, but said how he's not into men, making Elena roll her eyes and pat his back.

After all of these events, Rudy and player informed Clint about their discoveries on the hurricane and Serpent's Dagger. Clint sighed and told them how the whole dagger story is just a myth. Right then, Rudy recieved a call from Rosa, who told them that she found out the dagger's location...



  • Ashton Highmore (found dead in the library, strangled with telephone cable)

Murder Weapon:

  • Strangulation




Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks apple leaf tea.
  • The killer writes songs.
  • The killer plays Dragons & Dungeons.
  • The killer has green eyes.
  • The killer is female.

Crime Scenes

Library Computer Desk Library Bonus
Hardville Town Restaurant Reserved Table Hardville Town Restaurant Bonus
Victim's House Victim's Living Room Victim's House Bonus
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