Hold Your Horses
General information
Season 1 (Tales of Olympus)
Location Skiathos, Greece
Region East
Case # 14
Initial release date 13th November 2020
Partner(s) Apollo (All Chapters)
Case chronology
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Wine, Women and Song Pandora's Wrath
There's neigh time for horsing around as the harp - our only hope of stopping the rogue Gods' opening a portal to Tartarus - gets closer and closer to our enemies! In a daring mission to Skiathos, grab the reigns of the investigation and gallop to victory!
—Case Teaser

Hold Your Horses is a case featured in Criminal Case, it appears as the fourteenth case in Tales of Olympus and the fourteenth case overall. It takes place as the fourth case in the East region of Greece.


Travelling across the tempestuous waves of the Aegean Sea, the island of Skiathos slowly appeared on the horizon. Enraged, Phoebe - trapped in an animalistic form - neighed loudly as they docked and disembarked, walking up the steps to the promenade. Chief Massoud then told the team to spread out and search for Circe, believing her and the harp to be on the island. As the sun slowly began to set on the island, they received a call from Dexter who told them to get to Maratha Beach. There, they found a strangled Circe at the entrance to a cave - multiple marks across her neck. The body was soon sent to Nicoletta for autopsy, who concluded multiple thin strings were held together and used to strangle the victim. A mournful Nicoletta admitted she couldn't help but imagine Circe's last moments, shaking as she felt the feeling of her own air leaving her body.

Apollo insisted they solve the murder and fast, otherwise Phoebe would end up destroying their own boat in anger. First suspecting reformed thief Daniel Blackburn, he told them that he had finished his path to redemption in the Dolphin's Cenoborium and decided to holiday around the Greek Isles, planning to meet his now-boyfriend, Julian Adonis Christos, there. The Way was also questioned, though the mysterious oracle simply told them through her long locks that she felt a chilling disturbance on the island. Hoof marks leading from the cave also led them to Zeke and his winged horse, where the young boy excitedly asked if they'd seen Circe as he wanted to ask her to turn his horse into a human friend, forcing them to break the news to him. Back on deck, Aisha gravely divulged that death tolls were rising across the entirety of Greece, from famine, sickness, depression, and more. Dexter then approached with a weary hand on his chin. He confessed that as he was searching the beach, he'd seen a glint buried in the sand, before holding up a broken piece of the harp they needed.

Worried, Dexter admitted many pieces of the broken harp were left strewn across the beach messily, and frantically questioned how they'd summon the evils back to Pandora's box without the harp. Aisha soon stated that priorities were priorities and they needed to solve Circe's murder before they could figure out what to do about the broken harp. After collecting the pieces, Leo also concluded the harp strings matched the wounds on Circe's neck, meaning the killer enchanted the strings and used them to kill Circe poetically. Soon after, they suspected muse of tragedy Melpomene - who was on the island to pay respects to a deceased lover - and the victim's son Lykaon Forrest, angered by the team's treatment of his mother. Circe also discovered The Way to be teenager Iris Rosi, who hid her identity for more credibility, and learned Zeke was her illegitimate son, resentful she left him with mortals when he was baby. Soon after, the pair discussed by the beach, only to see rogue God Persephone on the cliffs.

The pair instinctively ducked behind some large and foreboding rocks, watching the huntress as she searched the surroundings for the harp. Eventually, as the minutes ticked by, her shadowy form disappeared over the hill as they left their hiding spot. Knowing Persephone was searching for the harp, they resolved to finding the killer and returning to the crime scenes, thus discovering Daniel's true identity as a siren. He confessed being a male siren made him an outcast and he turned to crime to fill the hole, but after his redemption, he visited Circe to request being transformed into a human. However, she refused. Melpomene hugely admired the victim and wished to follow in her footsteps, and Lykaon offered to help Circe escape the island, only to find her body minutes later. Eventually, they discovered Melpomene to be the killer.

They confronted the tragic muse, only to be countered by desperate wails crying innocence. Apollo pleaded with Melpomene to be honest, from one child of Zeus to another. She let out a heavy sigh and turned her head to the golden and crisp sand below her, looking at Circe's footsteps from the murder. Melpomene admitted she had always admired Circe, even from her youngest days in Olympus, as she was mesmerized by her abilities - confessing her hope that if she followed in Circe's footsteps, perhaps she'd be able to make the withered flowers of her life bloom. The muse continually attempted to get Circe's attention, but alas, it was no use. Nevertheless, she persisted. After receiving an invite to Ariadne and Dionysus' anniversary bash, the muse told Circe, to which the latter uncharacteristically begged for an invite. Securing one for her idol, they attended together, only for Circe to kill Ariadne and flee with the harp. Melpomene soon realized; Circe had used her to get to the harp. Guilty and grief-stricken by the betrayal, Melpomene began to panic, knowing Circe planned to exchange the harp to Persephone. Believing she had sealed Olympus' fate and inadvertently killed her own father, Melpomene's resolve strengthened as she plotted to make things right, by all means necessary. Shortly after sneaking onto the island, Melpomene threw Circe against the rocks and knocked her out. She then grabbed the harp and began to destroy it until it was nothing but broken pieces in the sand. The muse began to walk away, but took one last glance at her former idol and realized her father would never be safe if Circe was left to help the rogue Gods'. Enchanting the strings, Melpomene then strangled the life out of Circe, watching as the spark left her eyes.

Apollo soon gravely divulged that they needed the harp to stop Persephone and Hephaestus, leaving Melpomene agape and teary. Suddenly, the skies began to crackle as searing lightning danced across the clouds in a weather's tango. Golden and glistening steps then led to a gated kingdom in the sky; Olympus. Melpomene sadly admitted Zeus had called for her and she awaited her punishment. Apologizing profusely for her actions, Melpomene accepted that the guilt and grief would never leave her, before making her way up the long steps to the sky.

Afterwards, an agitated Daniel rushed to the player and Aisha, his fists tightly clenched and fear flashing in his eyes. Aisha asked what troubled the young man, to which he frantically bellowed that his boyfriend - Julian - had been sailing to Skiathos to meet him, only to be caught in the latest of a series of tsunamis ravaging the Aegean Sea. A saddened Aisha looked down and told Daniel not to fret, before the trio hurried to the docks. After searching the nearby medical tent and uncovering a telegraph machine, Olympia communicated with the island’s search and rescue team for Julian’s status. Shortly after, they responded and  confirmed Julian had made it to shore, much to Daniel’s relief. The trio then accompanied Daniel to the beach, where Julian was waiting with a large bouquet of flowers. Daniel ran to him - nearly tripping over the sand - and clutched his face, confessing he had feared the worst. Julian shook his head and lovingly brushed a strand of hair from his boyfriend’s face, smiling gently and telling Daniel that he was his compass; the one who led him to safety. Daniel blushed and jokingly punched Julian's shoulder, causing the other to wrap him in warm embrace and nuzzle into his shoulder. As the happy couple headed off to begin their tour of the islands, Aisha smiled from a distance - glad to have helped them reunite.

Meanwhile, a furious Phoebe stomped her hooves and snorted hot air onto the team, her eyes alight with rage. Agreeing they needed to help Phoebe and fast, they consulted Lykaon. A bitter Lykaon confessed helping the team would be a betrayal of his mother’s memory, but sighed, divulging that he and Zeke had been paying respects to Circe on the beach before a hooded figure snatched Zeke. Alarmed, the team raced back to the beach, and - after multiple hours of searching - found the hood discarded in a coastal cave. Dexter analysed partial skin cells unearthed on the cape, confirming Hephaestus had taken Zeke. Suddenly, Lykaon held up his phone and revealed Hephaestus was on the line. The team listened in on the call, where the rogue God coldly told the Unity he and Persephone had Zeke, letting him talk as confirmation of life. He then promised not to hurt Zeke, as long as the Unity did as they were told. Explaining Zeke as a contingency plan, the voice across the phone ordered them to sit idly as the evils of Pandora’s box decimated the mainland. The coarse voice playfully told them to relax and put their feet up, before shifting suddenly and venomously remarking that if they intervened or tried to stop them in any way, Zeke would pay the ultimate price. The call then went dead silent, before cutting off.

Back on the vessel, Lykaon panicked - tears running down his cheeks as he vowed not to lose his brother so soon after his mother. Aisha then - in a powerful voice - declared they would defeat Persephone and Hephaestus and needed to tackle each of their problems; the broken harp, the released evils, horse Phoebe, and now, kidnapped Zeke. The demigod promised to return Phoebe to her human form, if they saved Zeke first. Agreeing to the deal, they contacted Sammy Duncan, who had set up shop on the mainland. The Unity then desperately asked the engineer if he could repair the harp, to which he awkwardly held his emerald hoodie and expressed his uncertainty. However, wanting to help, he asked them to come to his workshop in Athens, right away. With one clear course of action, the Unity set sail on their perilous mission, knowing only they stood between order and Typhon’s escape...



  • Circe (strangled at the entrance of a beach cave)

Murder Weapon

  • Enchanted Harp


  • Melpomene



Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats waffle pops.
  • The killer writes poetry.
  • The killer is in contact with horses.
  • The killer wears white clothing.
  • The killer has a silver accessory.

Crime Scenes

Maratha Beach Cave Entrance Maratha Beach Bonus
Coastal Bar Coconut Stand Coastal Bar Bonus
Stone Vaults Vault Door Stone Vaults Bonus


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