Hit Me Up! is the first case of your cases as Alex Kranavoske, aswell as the first case of both Tide Island and the Redwood City district.
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The robot used to throw Hon up and down repeatively.


After starting your own carrier, you, Alex Kranavoske start doing private investigations with authorization from the government. You attend the Robotest Tournament to make sure everything goes right, only to find Hon Hergratho's body after the tournament.

During the investigation, you note five suspects:

- Reanna Reagonoj (Robot Designer)

- Porter Porton (Winning Contestant)

- Kio Kange (Gangster)

- Shermin Astragonalax (Tournament Host)

- Jane Lesou (Victim's Girlfriend)

During the investigation, the winning robots' owners, including Porter Porton, go missing and the featured robots appear to have been "stolen" by someone. You are tempted to find the Killer even faster.

After gathering all the evidence, you incriminate Shermin for the murder. After denying involvement, he confesses, telling you the reason why.

That rascal's great-grandfather executed mine with a pugio back then, and my grandfather found out. After giving birth to my father, he told him the incident, which he told me. Since his great-grandfather slayed mine with a pugio, I got them right back by stabbing Hon with it! He wasn't dead yet, so I gave him a heads up by letting that robot throw him up and down!

Afterwards, You take him to trail, where he was sentenced to 30 years for the brutal murder of Hon Hergratho.

A while after court, you investigate the mysterious disappearances of Porter Porton and the robots, which after a long investigation, you find out Porter Porton pretended to fake being kidnapped and steal the robots to release him from suspicions if he was seen.

Of course I did it! I needed the money! How else would I have made enough money to make more of MY robots than to sell the OTHER ones! This tournament pays so low, so I needed some fast cash quick before my robots went out of popularity!

He was then sentenced to 15 years for attempted theft and faking his kidnapping, letting you continue onto the next case and ending the current.



Hon Hergratho (Stabbed before being repeatively thrown up and down)

Murder Weapon



Shermin Astragonalax

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