Richard Emerson: Hello, <player>. We have to meet a certain Dave SImmons.

Richard: Dave is a contract dealer and apparently, he may be in contact with the Rheans and The Vipers.

Cheryl Turner: At least that is what it seemed like from the chat I overheard.

Chief Jason Frezier: Remember that The Vipers are producing some kind of drug that can be very dangerous.

Jason: You know what you need to do: Convince Dave not to side with the Vipers.

Tim Hale: Guys, I have tracked Dave!

Tim: He is in an abandoned house on the edge of the city.

Richard: Then we know where we are heading!

Chapter 1

Investigate Abandoned House.

Richard: What luck! Out of all the things that can happen, Dave is dead!

Richard: Dave was our only lead on the Vipers and with his death, we are at a dead end.

Richard: I am not volunteering myself to get this to Cheryl. I cannot touch all these snakes!

Richard: What matters is the clues, now. We must solve this murder to gain leads on The Vipers!

Richard: You've picked up a candle beneath the victim. Can you match it to from where it was?

Richard: There is also a card with the blood.

Richard: Unfortunately, it is covered in binary codes with a small part faded. Can you reveal it?

Autopsy the Victim's Body.

Richard: So, Cheryl, what can you tell us about this horrific murder?

Cheryl: Well, your killer is very venomous, for a start. But hiss gonna pay for him!

Cheryl: The snakes were indeed your murder weapon.

Cheryl: The poison seeped into the victim's wound and he died a slow and painful death.

Richard: ...Spare us the details, please?

Cheryl: As you wish. But the snakes that killed Dave seemed quite tame.

Cheryl: Then I figured it out: You killer breeds snakes.

Richard: What kind of sicko pets snakes? Nevertheless, they'll be without their snakes soon!

Examine Faded Card.

Richard: Now that you have recovered the faded part, Tim can look on it!

Analyse Binary Card.

Tim: I have done working on this card. Turns out it is of a swimming pool.

Richard: That's quite a digital swimming pool!

Tim: Indeed it is. They did it for security.

Tim: The big news is that the blood was a match to the victim, per Dallas.

Richard: Then the killer uses that swimming pool! Give us the coordinates, we need to go there!

Tim: The pool was closed half a year ago.

Richard: So another dead end? smh...

Tim: Not really. The pool issued the card only to good swimmers. Now let me have a nap... *yawn*

Richard: So our killer swims! They can't swim away from you, <player>!

Examine Candle.

Richard: This candle is a property of a nearby church.

Richard: But it was on our crime scene, so we need to go to that church!

Investigate Church.

Richard: No time to waste, <player>. I see you have found a torn contract!

Richard: That's not all. You also picked up a photo of the victim with someone... can you make out her face?

Richard: There is also this book... There is something on the first page but can you decipher it?

Examine Torn Contract.

Richard: This contract was on buying some land through Dave by One-Tooth Sam? Let's go ask him about it!

Ask One-Tooth Sam about his contract with the victim.

Sam: Long time no see, <player>!

Richard: Sam, we would like to chat but we are on a murder investigation now.

Sam: Murder...? Yes, of course. Who is it this time?

Richard: A contract dealer Dave Simmons. You wanted to buy some land?

Sam: Yes, I did. I wanted to buy the land to build homes on it for the homeless.

Sam: Dave liked my intentions and wanted to sell me the land at the best possible prices... for me.

Sam: Sad to see him gone. I hope he rests in peace.

Examine Victim's Photo.

Richard: the person with the victim was... Maria Sanchez?

Richard: You say she is a maid and you met her with Michael? Well, you'll visit her today with me!

Ask Maria Sanchez about her ties to the victim.

Richard: Maria Sanchez, we've found a photo of you with Dave Simmons an-

Maria: Yup, that's right! Me and Dave are dating.

Maria: He is so elegant and nice, he is so rich, so kind, and so rich!

Maria: I won't be a maid anymore!

Richard: Well, sorry to crush your dreams but your darling was poisoned by snakes.

Maria: What? That- that can't be true! I was supposed to get rich!

Examine Book.

Richard: Congrats on deciphering, it saves "to Dave".

Richard: No signature... Perhaps Mrs. Nash would have an answer.

Analyse Book for Victim.

Vanessa: Hello, Richard. hello, <player>. This is such a nice book you sent my way!

Vanessa: You know what this book is it? It is A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. Marvelous!

Vanessa: Dickens' beauty and depth of the text-

Richard: Erm, can you just give us the sender's identity?

Vanessa: Yes... of course. This edition was specifically produced like this, for a renowned actor.

Vanessa: I am talking about Samantha Warner!

Richard: Looks like we need to pay her a visit!

Ask Samantha Warner about the book she gave to the victim.

Richard: Samantha Warner, do you know a certain Dave Simmons?

Samantha: Of course! Isn't that the dead guy who was killed by snakes?

Richard: You know about his murder?

Samantha: Yes! I know that you are here for his murder investigation, aren't you?

Richard: All knowing, aren't you? Or just Captain Obvious...

Samantha: Well, I thought he looked good, so I tried to flirt him by gifting him a book. That's all.


Richard: The Vipers have killed Dave... quite literally.

Richard: Maria Sanchez is sad on her boyfriend's death. But can we really trust her?

Richard: One-Tooth Sam seems honest, but evil can come from unlikely places...

Richard: And Samantha... well, no comments.

Tim: <player>, go and catch the Vipers? What are you doing here?

Richard: *yawns* A few days more in the Industrial Area and Tim might as well become a new chief...

Tim: Be serious, Richard! The Vipers are said to be looting a nearby shop!

Chapter 2

Tim: <player>, go and catch the Vipers? What are you doing here?

Richard: *yawns* A few days more in the Industrial Area and Tim might as well become a new chief...

Tim: Be serious, Richard! The Vipers are said to be looting a nearby shop!

Richard: Okay, Chief! We're on it!

[In the shop...]

Richard: Well, the Vipers surely left...

Richard: But I bet they left some clues! Let's get searchin'!

Investigate Nearby Shop.

Richard: This bank check looks promising! Just recover the info, dude...

Richard: And why don't you try on this bandanna with a skull? We need to know whose it is.

Richard: You think this flute is a clue? Well, if you can collect something from it...

Examine Bank Check.

Richard: Wow, a 1000 dollars check? To Maria Sanchez?

Richard: That's quite generous. Let's ask Maria about it!

Ask Maria Sanchez about the victim's hefty check.

Richard: Maria, I don't give my girlfriend hefty checks. She's a psychologist anyways, she would sense something was wrong...

Maria: W-What are you implying?

Maria: Oh, the check. Davvie gave it to me because he loved me! And I loved her too!

Maria: He taught me swimming...he loved me so much...

Maria: He was afraid of the vipers, but let me breed them...

Maria: Oh, by his death I have lost a lot... of his love!

Richard: If you also killed him, you'll loose your freedom too!

Examine Skulls' Bandanna.

Richard: That bandanna's wet... I hope it is just sweat.

Richard: Anyways, let's send it to Dallas!

Analyse Wet Bandanna.

Dallas: Uhhh... disgusting! A wet bandanna!

Richard: Uh... Please tell me that it's... just sweat?

Dallas: JUST sweat? Are you serious, Richard?

Dallas: This gross, dirty bandanna belongs to Troy Cassidy. However, some DNA belonged to the victim.

Richard: ...Troy? OK, thanks, bye, see you soon!

Ask Troy Cassidy about his bandanna that was in the victim's possession.

Troy: Ahh, <player>, old friend. Incriminated Ash Bison yet?

Richard: Uh, not yet.

Richard: We are here to ask you about this bandanna of yours.

Troy: Which one? lemme see... Oh, I gave it to Dave.

Troy: I met him at a swimming club, He was nice and friendly. I gifted him this bandanna.

Richard: Gifting someone a used bandanna? You do have some nerve, Troy.

Examine Flute.

Richard: Well, now that you collected green fibers,let's send them to Kenny!

Analyse Green Fibers.

Kenny: The fibers were cleaner than your Pretty Magic copy, Richard.

Kenny: That is to say, I found absolutely nothing.

Richard: C'mon, Kenny! We need to solve this case!

Kenny: Well, they were coarse wool fibers, just like the ones used to coat a ball of tennis.

Kenny: And the flute was one that is used to control snakes.

Kenny: My hypothesis is that the killer used this flute to make sure the snakes did their bidding.

Richard: So the killer plays tennis! They'are at a match with you and their score is love! And they're not loving it!

[after some time]

Richard: So far we are at a deuce with the killer, so you better have an advantage!

Richard: You want to go to the church again? Okay...

Investigate Altar.

Richard: I am not sure what clues can be in the church... but we do need prayers...

Richard: Alright, this voice recorder is a clue. Let me play it...

Richard: "Dave, you shouldn't have done fraud with me."

Richard: It is about the victim! Can you match the sound?

Richard: Here's a broken badge too. If you want to restore it, then you may...

Examine Broken Badge.

Richard: This badge is a skull badge... You think we can pinpoint it's owner by comparing it to database?

Examine Skull Badge.

Richard: This badge belongs to a police informant Bart Williams... Let's hope he has news for us!

See if Bart Williams has any valuable information.

Bart: Hello... My God, you're <player>! But didn't you go to Pacific Bay?

Richard: They have returned. By the way, A murder just happened.

Bart: Murder? Whose murder?

Richard: Of a certain Dave Simmons.

Bart: Dave Simmons? Oh yeah, I met him at a swimming pool.

Bart: I heard he was involved with the Vipers... you may want to check the gang for this murder.

Examine Voice Recorder.

Richard: The voice was of Sam? Well, I'll be...

Richard: Sam's naive, but he needs to tell us about that fraud.

Ask One-Tooth Sam about Dave's fraud with him.

Sam: Hello, <player>. Hello, Richard. I have been breeding snakes. Snakes, go say hi!

Richard: ...

Richard: Get em' of me!

Jones: They're harmless!

Richard: They can be poisonous for all I care, But Dave certainly wasn't harmless, am I right, Sam?

Sam: Oh yes... That guy told me he would sell me cheap lands... but he was actually fooling me!

Sam: I gave him the money... He didn't gave me the lands. Then one day, he said that I had no proof that I gave him any money!

Richard: Well, we can find plenty of proof if you killed him, Sam!

[Later, at the station...]

Richard: I'ts been a long day, and I hate snakes!

Richard: I do not wish for any more snakes, I have had a lifetime expe-

Jason: Richard! <player>! Someone broke in the nearby shop you investigated earlier!

Jason: And they released snakes!

Chapter 3

Jason: Richard! <player>! Someone broke in the nearby shop you investigated earlier!

Jason: And they released snakes!

Richard: Snakes? S-snakes?

Jason: You're scared of them?

Richard: No, not at all! I'll go to the shop and p-prove it!

Jason: Remember: it could be The Vipers!

Investigate Counter.

Richard: So no sign of snakes either nor of a break-in... Seriously, Chief?

Richard: Assuming that Frezier is right, which he isn't, these Broken Glasses could be from the culprit.

Richard: You think this note is a clue? Then you'll have to recover the faded info...

Richard: And of course, you'll have to restore torn paper... every time...

Examine Broken Glasses.

Richard: Good job, homie, now let's send it to the chemist!

Analyse Glasses.

Kenny: Hello, dears... thanks for sending me the glasses. You do need them.

Richard: I have perfect eyesight!

Kenny: Yeah> You haven't noticed that lipstick stain, how come?

Kenny: Analysis shows that Samantha Warner loves to kiss these glasses.

Richard: Samantha broke in the shop? But why?

Richard: Only she'll tell us!

Ask Samantha about her break-in in the shop.

Samatha: Hello, officers! Not in the mood of giving autographs!

Richard: No, we're not about the damn autographs!

Richard: We're here about your break-in in a shop!

Samantha: Oh, Dave's shop? right!

Samantha: I wanted him to notice me. To swim with me! To play tennis with me!

Samantha: I gifted him my bred snakes, but he refused it! So I wanted to show that I won!

Richard: So you released snakes in... DAVE's shop? Well, let's hope you aren't lying, or you'll sign autographs in prison!

Examine Note.

Richard: That note reads: Troy, stop opposing Vipers, and I'll give you a lot of cash. Dave.

Richard: Dave was a Viper? And Troy opposed it? Let's grill the peaceful gang leader!

Ask Troy about Dave's offer.

Richard: You didn't meet Dave at a swimming club only, Troy... You knew he was a viper?

Troy: Well, I did know it. He showed up to my tennis matches. I figured something was wrong.

Troy: Then he send me this note... The Vipers scum are spying on us!

Troy: And you haven't arrested him yet!

Richard: We don't arrest people without evidence, which if points at you, we'll arrest you!

Examine Torn Paper.

Richard: The paper reads, "Bart, Keep an eye on the police. $100 for a day. -Dave."

Richard: The nerve of Dave! Asking a police informant to spy at us! We need to make sure that he rejected this!

Make sure that Bart has rejected spying for The Rheans.

Bart: Hello, Richard. Hello, <player>. Solved the murder?

Richard: Not, but apparently, Dave contacted you a while before the death.

Bart: Oh yeah. He wanted me to spy you guys for the Vipers.

Bart: But I am innocent! The most dangerous thing I do is to keep snakes!

Bart: I don't even cheat at tennis!

Richard: Well, you better be true, or you'll only spy the prison!


Richard: We've investigated plenty. But we still need more evidence!

Richard: I agree: When all else fails, revisit the crime scene!

Investigate House Yard.

Richard: Faded Paper is always suspicious! Let me see you restore it!

Richard: And you know what I always say? the camera could have filmed the murder! Let's get crackin'!

Examine Faded Note.

Richard: Alright, this is just a smiley. With a snake. What does this mean, the killer uses Friendnet?

Richard: Well, this is just an excuse for visiting Elana!

Analyse Smiley.

Richard: Hey sweetheart! Ready for the date we planned for tomorrow?

Elana (Blushing): Err... I've got plans for that TMS castle, but you better arrest the killer before!

Richard: Yup, that's why we're here?

Elana: So the smiley was drawn by the killer! They tried to express their happiness by this. Your killer reacts to emotions!

Elana: Doing so, they also drew that bandage they're wearing on the smiley!

Richard: Well, the bandage wearing killer has to wound up their belongings and go to prison!

Examine Surveillance Camera.

Richard: This is stuck on the photo of murder! Let's get it to Tim asap!

Analyse Photo of Murder.

Richard: We're on clock, Tim, so be brief please.!

Tim: As you say... I have to sleep too...

Tim: Your killer was manipulating the vipers to kill Dave.

Tim: They were standing besides a cupboard, and that was their downfall.

Tim: I compared the heights and it shows that your killer is 5'5".

Richard: A 5'5" killer? They'll feel short behind the bars!

[after all tasks are done]

Richard: Bravo, <player>! We have everything to arrest the venomous killer!

Take Care of The Killer Now!

Richard: Maria, you're under arrest for Dave's murder. Of all suspects, I least expected you to be the culprit.

Richard: Dave was a jerk to others, but at least he loved you.. he gave you all that money and you killed him?

Maria: No, I didn't! That's not true!

Richard: You breed snakes, and Dave was killed by snakes...

Maria: You cannot arrest me for this!

Richard: Then how come you explain that you swim and that you drew that smiley?

Maria: Woah, woah? Arresting me for drawing?

Richard: We know that you touched the flute that was used to stimulate the snakes into killing Dave! You play tennis!

Richard: Worst of all, the camera caught you murdering Dave!

Maria: Alright, I admit it! But I only did it for money!

Maria: Since my childhood, I've dreamed of a luxury life. And I become a maid! Do you think that I wanted that?

Maria: So when The Rheans wanted me to kill Dave, I didn't hesitate. They offered me a lot of money! I could fulfill my dreams!

Maria: Dave gave me luxury life too, but it simply wan't enough!

Maria: I lured Dave into an empty house and set my snakes on them. Then I drew a smiley to express my happiness.

Richard: Enough! Maria, you will be presented to the court for the cold blooded murder of Dave Simmons!

[In the court]

Judge Dante: So... Maria, you breed snakes? Alright then!


Maria: Huh? You fool, I don't understand you!

Dante: You do not understand snake language? Well, sorry... what a pity...

Dante:Well, I do not either understand your love for money.

Dante: So Ms Sanchez, for Dave's murder, you are sentenced to 4 years in prison. All rise!

[At the station]

Elana: That was a classic case of hoarding. I can't believe how people are crazy over money!

Richard: See, hun, that's why I chose you. Because I know you're not a money worshiping freak!

Elana: *Bluses* Oh...

*Richard and Elana kiss*


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