Higher Death
Season 1
City Fario
District Higher House
Case Number 44
Date of Release 20 December 2018
Partner(s) Diego Diaz
Preceded by Succeeded by
Into the Slavic Nest Diamonds Edge
'Higher Death' is a case in Season 1 of Criminal Case in Higher House, district based in Fario.


Chief approached the team and said that someone tried to kill a Mayor with her family. The player and Lena were about to go when Diego interrupted them and said that he will go with the player, giving Lena some free time to be with her wife. They went to the Mayor's office to speak with her, but instead of her, the team found a body of her assistant, Melania Lynn.

The team collected suspects: Mayor Price, Dustin Lynn (victims husband), Solomon Krause (Ex-Con) and Bianca Richard (Waitress).
Later on, Elvin approached the team and said that Mayor's phone is active again at the Town Entrance. Diego and the player went there and found that Mayor's husband, Anthony Price, didn't get along with the victim. Also, the team found that Bianca sent some threats to the victim. When the team asked her why she said that the victim used to go to the same school, where one time the victim didn't report her for one mistake with drugs. 

After everything, while the team recaps the case, Phillip called Diego and said that Dustin threat to shot the mayor. The team rushed to the crime scene and arrested Dustin. When they interrogate him he said that Melania died because of her and that she needs to pay the price. Further investigation proved that Mayor was angry on the victim because she found that the victim had affair with her husband, who confirmed her story. Solomon was angry on the victim too. He said that the victim threated him and said that she will send him back to the prison.
Even all evidence is collected, the team was ready for another arrest. Anthony Price was found guilty for the murder. He said that he needed to do that. When Diego asked him why he replied that it was her or him. He said that after their affair, the victim constantly wanted more and more, making more scandals and eventually to kick off Mayor Price. Judge York sentenced him to 30 years in jail with a change of parole after 20.

Post-trial, Mayor Price wanted to speak with the player about new elections and how bad her reputation will be. Meanwhile, the team approached Solomon Krause about his shady releasing from prison. Again he refused to say anything but he accidentally mentioned lost Briefcase. The team found it and after analyses, Elvin confirmed that Solomon works with Irving. In that time, Howard approached the team and said that Robbery happened inside City Bank.



  • Melania Lynn (Found dead isnide Mayor's office)

Murder Weapon:

  • letter opener


  • Anthony Price

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer speaks Italian.
  • The Kiler uses hand cream.
  • The Killer traveled to Europe.
  • The Killer wears glasses.
  • The Killer has bee sting.
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