Hidden Missions is the title of the fan-fiction tenth instalment of the Criminal Case series. It sets in the new city of Acropolis.

It was stated that, in this season, the player was given a holiday trip to Acropolis. Upon the player's arrival, it was actually a secret message sent to the player to join the Acropolis Secret Intelligence.

There are seventy-two cases to be investigated in this season, with twelve districts to explore with six cases each.


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Acropolis is the main setting of this season of Criminal Case, it is a modern city that is divided to twelve districts with seventy-two murder cases to solve. Throughout the journey, the player accompanies the Acropolis Secret Intelligence as a private consultant.


District Case No. Case Name

Uptown Acropolis

1 Back To The Glory Days
2 Unnatural Causes
3 A Murderous Retreat
4 Uptown Kill
5 Murder 2.0
6 Murder Can Be Hazardous

Crown Estates

7 The Unwelcomed Guest
8 Death's Habitat
9 Back To The Dead
10 Noose Ends
11 Problem Dissolved
12 An End To This Madness

Eternity Resort

13 Resorting To Murder
14 A Pre-Meditated Kill
15 A Pinch Of Death
16 A Killer In High Tide
17 Swing For Death
18 Paradise, At Last

Midtown Acropolis

19 Breathless
20 Taking The Bullet
21 Psyched Out
22 Midtown Crisis
23 Licensed To Die
24 Death In Dystopia


25 Destined To Die
26 Death In Theory
27 Diva's Doom
28 In Shades Of Crimson
29 Humble Thyself
30 The iDol's Curse

Main Street

31 Aunt In Agony
32 The Queen Is Dead
33 Fallen Grace
34 Candidate For Murder
35 In Unholy Waters
36 Death With Deception

Kingston University

37 Reunion With Death
38 Passing On
39 Bad Chemistry
40 Crushed Dreams
41 Defying Death
42 Mind Games

Citadel Avenue

43 A Price To Pay
44 The Great Crash
45 Freefall
46 What A Shocker
47 Rush Hour
48 Investment For Murder

Fort Caltrax

49 Death On Parole
50 Breaking Chains
51 Murder In The Madhouse
52 Close To Home
53 Dead Man Walking
54 An Act Of Injustice

Downtown Acropolis

55 Family Matters
56 Death Cruising Along
57 Downtown Affair
58 Democracy Is Dead
59 Negative Degree Murder
60 Truth Silenced

Lunar Fields

61 One Giant Leap For Murder
62 The Rendezvous
63 From Russia...With Blood
64 Blast Off!
65 Star Crossed
66 Unsung Hero

Heart Of Acropolis

67 Casting The First Stone
68 Toxic To Society
69 Vice And Sin
70 Right In The Heart
71 The End Is Nigh
72 The Grand Final

Author's Notes

This section will be continually edited by the author as the series develops. Keep in mind there are spoilers in this section, as it is the "behind the scenes" feature of my series.
  • The original name of this series was Justice Department, but then I was inspired to make an espionage theme on the series, rather than a normal "murder mystery" game. Although, technically Save The World was espionage themed, I wanted to scale down to specifics in this series.
  • There were four districts from the draft that were replaced in the final layout:
    • Memorial Bay - was replaced with Eternity Resort. I just thought that the story arc and the district itself was just bland and unnecessary.
    • Chinatown - replaced with Lunar Fields. I thought I could include space-related mystery into this series. This was a tough sacrifice as Chinatown's story arc was rather hectic.
    • Sycamore Groves - replaced with Main Street. The story arc of this district just doesn't go with the entire plot line.
    • Town Of Wisterias - replaced with Fort Caltrax. Originally a twin district of Sycamore Grove, I decided to make it a prison distric instead. The name was inspired by both Fort Knox and Alcatraz Isle.
  • There were two districts from the draft that were renamed for the final layout:
    • Kingston University - used to be just Kings University. I decided to make it a parody of Princeton University.
    • Citadel Avenue - formerly Prosperity Lane. I thought this name sounded more modern.
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